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  1. RIP

    you will be missed

  2. This is on my lower half back... 13 hours total and about 800... 4 sittings. Artist Jay Blevins High Street Tattoo Columbus Ohio.
  3. are you all riding thisSunay. I plan to ride this weekend. you both keep the rubber side. down

  4. we ordered a race clutch so that it does just that. It will not break again...lol and the blade fuse... hmm did it work??..lol
  5. Yes, He is pretty bad ass... I agree.
  6. Thank you to my FANTASTIC boyfriend and his OH so clever brain to coming up with my bakyard shifter... Im pretty sure it was easier for him to figure how to make the bike shift as appose to finding out how we were going to get a bike trailer, a car with a hitch, ON A SUNDAY, IN ANOTHER STATE.... oh what a day.
  7. Thanks, I walked right out of it actually, didnt even go down. I was more pissed than anything and my ego slightly bruised. but it is what it is... lol put her back up and put on another 140 miles after the fact... must have left that ego on the ground in Richmond
  8. Well peeps, here is a great way to make shift a Shift lever in a pinch... By pinch I mean.. Oh being 60 miles from home and dropping your bike in a parking lot (thank you very little Speedway in Richmond for NOT filling in that pot hole my foot found) Yes I dropped it, and the dang Shift lever snapped right off and my clutch handle busted too... GRRrrrRRRrrr Take a U bolt and two square flat washers... some lock tite, a few cheep wrenches, a piece of buble gum, a tooth pick, a beer can, and a skittle (last 4 items were just tossed in for the McGyver effect didnt really use them) Here is wh
  9. Hey peeps, we are setting up a ride Tomorrow from noonish till 7ish starting in Troy. (sitter is to arrive at noon) We are riding up to Indian lake to the Tilton Hilton for some burgers. We are meeting at Ryan and I house. right around the corner from the covered bridge. Open to anyone who wants to come. Address 2805 Piqua Troy Rd Hope to see yall there LOVES, Caryn
  10. It looks pretty sweet as long as you keep up with the silicone spray. But DANG is it a messy job. As far as looks it really just depends on your bike and what you like. I am planning on wrapping mine toward the end of the season. We picked up some for my boyfriends Triumph from Joe's in Dayton it ran about 120 for enough to wrap both pipes. Looks pretty sweet in my opinion.
  11. Thanks Guys. It looks WAY cleaner now. Im happy with it, just wish as this point I would have painted it, but thought different of it at the time since it would probably get chipped from rocks. Maybe this winter when I pull the forks and get them all polished. We shall see.
  12. WOw.. thanks for all the welcomes. It seems there were a crap ton more people than I remember at the bridge...lol we will all have to get together and tear up some roads...
  13. Lord, you add me and Ryan to the mix and we are all going to look like a swarm of bees gone wild.
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