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  1. gear Like NEW Joe Rocket 3.0 motorcycle jacket size L

  2. Robbinsville, NC 9/6 to 9/9

    I can give more info if need be it's my bad thought the link would work dang it LOL
  3. Robbinsville, NC 9/6 to 9/9

    Looking for a few more people to go. $150 per person all in for VRBO rental. More info on fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1918415455094253/?ti=cl
  4. gear Sena 20S dual pack $250

    Just do it man, it's a great headset! I dont have a vested interest in this sale or anything you can trust me :-D. People always say that it's a waste of money until they have a pair, I'll never go without now :-)
  5. gear Sena 20S dual pack $250

    Like new condition, comes with boxes and extra mounts, again this is a 2 pack. $250 no trades, cash only!
  6. This jacket is about 1 year old and is in new condition. It is all black, size L, comes with liner, & is waterproof. It was worn 1 season and cleaned regularly, so no bug guys etc. No rips or tears, never went down in (knock on wood). A very good jacket for warm and cold weather riding that looks almost new. $125 forum member price! not letting me upload pix? Will do from laptop later today
  7. LE edition G26 gen4. Roughly 1,000 rounds have been through the gun. Gun has NOT been altered in any way, and is so clean you won't find any residue exterior or inside of gun. 3 mags, Black Hawk CQC holster, Galco leather ankle holster, Galco IWB holster, and belly holster, grip extension on 1 mag, comes with 3 interchangeable grip extenders (not pictured), & case (not pictured). Asking $500 located in central Ohio.
  8. Midohio

    Anyone here an instructor there? Met a guy on here once (can't remember his damn name) said he could get OR riders somewhat of a discount. I don't mind paying $195 but if I can save some green i wouldn't mind that either.
  9. Vinyl lettering

    Sorry Russian not German
  10. Vinyl lettering

    It's for my friends gsxr 600 he wants "Suzuki" in German letting on the side fairings. He wants it to look oem or as close to as possible.

    https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2016-Harley-Davidson-SPORTSTER-883-SUPERLOW-121909987?zmc=stf friend is trying to sell his bike he won at bike night last year, any questions please refer to add. Thanks!
  12. Vinyl lettering

    Vinyl lettering lol