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  1. NinjaDad

    wrecked bike

    Anyone wanna ride with Exarch's "fucking" dad Monday it is supposed to be nice
  2. NinjaDad

    wrecked bike

    Wow, didnt think you would react like this.
  3. NinjaDad


    I ride with anyone I have sport bikes but usually run with the slow go sigbtseeres. I always ride safe when I am on the road . riding all day today. doing solo since I couldn't fin. d any riders. tomorrow I am going on ride 15e others from a meet up. . Ilike thi s site but not having much luck on rides. this its my last weekend of f for the rest of the year. maybe it is just me or maybe it is..because my son has that pink 2013 vespa scooter that he wants tricked out in hello kitty style
  4. NinjaDad


    riding this weekend
  5. NinjaDad


    rode the cbr 600f4i today and yesterday
  6. NinjaDad


    I am still riding the 600 f4i. it is a little cold but that is what , old weather gear is for
  7. bent only yhe brake lever. Next time I will not step on a rock when I stop
  8. I can now change stations by voice with the update. I set up our g9's it was easy and I like the click link too.
  9. NinjaDad

    New Toy

    it was easy to cut with a cut off wheel
  10. What do you mean riding season is not over. I rode to your house I think it was last night. Btw that means you can get your own insuraance, title and registration.
  11. I just bought a scala rider g9 by cardo. This headset is amazing. it comes with a charger and data cable. I am using the boom mic for modular helmets and my son is using the internal helmet mounted mic. Set up after mounting the base to your helmet and the 2 speakers and mic. I logged into website and fregistered unit then I updated firmware and set fm radio presets and options. This workd flawlessly. Using the unit took some time to learn the vox commands, the new update makes this work much better with the new commands. . I can turn on the radio use the intercom and talk to other riders without touching anything. I can even answer a call withe the radio on. This unit can connect with up to 8 riders. I like the fact that the audio volume can auto adjust based on noise conditions. Audio quality is great and the volume is more than enough. I tested this with my Bell Revolver EVO which I rated in another review as a load helmet. I figured out that the click connect works. This allows you to add more G9's just by pressing a button and CLICKING the 2 units together. This is not a cheap unit 289.00 or 500.00 for a pair list price. Rider discount had the the pair cheaper than the rest and they were here in a few days. If you get one of theese let me know. On the site they are even setting up tours and the g9 has buddy list.
  12. so you do alot of deco dives. mix gas? surface decompression?
  13. Someon eis not gone to be riding if I get a ticket and you don't pay it. If I get a 100.00 ticket for you riding the bike I will sell the bike for the cost o the unpaid tickets. I think I might have some OR whe wouldnt mind a 2011 ninja for a few hundred dollars. quote=Exarch;891656]35 was crazy thismorning (around 9:30am) cuz of a lil bit of construction in the left hand lane(just past the smithvill onramp headed to 75) so my normal commute of maybe seeing 5-10 cars from the smithville onramp all the way to the 75 onramp there were probably 100+ cars i saw. I was running late to work(as usual) and couldn't pass anyone, we were all doing about 60-65 though(which is the normal flow of traffic on 35) and I noticed there was a clearing in the right lane about a good quarter mile long and no one was touching their breaks, so I go over to the far right lane and crank down on her.... I didn't even see the cop untill it was all the way up on him(cuz I never ever see a cop on 35 on the way to work) So ya, I ended up flying by the cop at about 90mph, but when I got a good look at him he was on the phone just watching traffic, not even caring about his radar lol. I didn't bother slowing down(till I was forced to by cars infront of me) after I passed him either. I wonder how well radar detectors pinpoint bikes though? I've never been pulled over on my bike(although every single day the speedcam on smithville right before airway snaps my picture, I only do 40 past that cam, if they ever decide to send tickets to me I'll probably have a couple hundred or so lol)
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