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  1. http://omrlmoto.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/317652788389075/ Good overview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUjXPyei1J4 2017 Schedule Round 1 CRP (CCW) 04/22/17 Round 2 CRP (CW) 05/06/17 – 05/07/17 Round 3 CRP (CCW) 06/03/17 Round 4 PIRC Wilson Circuit (CCW) 06/17/17 – 06/18/17 OMRL @ VMD (Non-Points) 07/07/17 – 07/09/17 Round 5 G & J 07/22/17 – 07/23/17 Round 6 CRP (CW) 08/12/17 OMRL @ PIRC for MotoAmerica (Non-Points) 08/25/17 – 08/27/17 Round 7 CRP (CCW) 09/10/17 Round 8 G & J 09/24/17 Round 9 CRP (CW) 10/07/17 We will be at Vintage Days again this year. It was a complete blast. Parking lot racing around barrels. Amazing time. We had a nice big area that was fenced in for our racing and camping. Camping was at no extra charge. A huge saving if you have a motor home or RV. It was just above the paddock so very central location. Our stock XR/CRF100 class is still the most popular drawing 10-20 riders per event for both novice and expert classes. The Groms are showing up more and more and should get their own class soon. We will be keeping the CC limit stock but other mods allowed. Any Grom owners should show up and race or just hang out. I'll be taking a break this year to let some others pull the #2 plates. I'll be doing some rider coaching and helping the program run smoothly. For those who haven't been with us for a year or so, we have started paying corner workers. An easy way to make $50 cash for the partial day. It also helps the races progress much more quickly. You can now focus on your race instead of working. Any questions should be directed to ohiominiroadracingleague@gmail.com. Thanks! Chris "Biggie" Wallace
  2. Sorry. I was likely high on life when I did that.
  3. Weekend was awesome. 53 riders. Lots of action. Great weather. A bunch of spectators. Let's keep this going and see everyone in less than 2 weeks.
  4. My apologies. I've struck a nerve with a few here who have misinterpreted my statements. I said I've seen and heard of enough for me, I should have added at my age and life situation. I also said lower risk of major injuries. Not injuries all together . I don't mean to imply that life flights are the normal. I know I'd rather crash a 175lb bike at 30 mph than a 400 lb one at double or triple that. This is how I feel. Please keep racing whatever you like. If anyone wants to try minis, which is growing nationally, we have a cheap and fun way to do so here in Ohio. Well be having fun for under $100 all day tomorrow. To recap, I'm a fan of all forms of racing especially two wheel racing.
  5. I guess you missed the good things I said about big bikes. However, I strongly disagree with you if you think the risks of MAJOR injury are the same. I consider it one benefit to lower speeds is lower risk of major injury. You are entitled to your incorrect opinion. I'm not in the business of maintaining your erection. I wouldn't discourage anyone from going big bike racing. To each their own. But I can and will make comparison to other forms of entertainment and Motorsports. Should I not be able to say its cheaper, because that's a comparison that might be looked as a negative?
  6. Hope people come out and we see you there. I'm the new VP of OMRL and we are working with the AMA to put the mini race on at vintage days. It should help with exposure.
  7. The little track has so much to offer like radically lower costs. Less stressful environment. Lower risk of major injuries. Much closer racing and a lot more sliding. Bikes crash extremely well if you race a dirt bike chassis. Big bikes are awesome and so are big tracks too. I've seen and heard enough stories of air lifted riders due to others mistakes to keep me on the little tracks. OMRL Dream Team just got back from a 12 hour endurance race at NJ Motorsports Park Liberator Course. We came in first in class by over 30 laps and 3rd overall despite being on stock XR100's as compared to most on 150F's with slicks.
  8. Come on out and enjoy the beautiful weather and racing. Expecting sun and 70's plus a lot of folks have already registered. http://ohiominiroadracingleague.com/ Preregister on the website, print and bring with you to the track to speed up registration. We have a new kids 50 cc class this year to help grow the sport. Bring yo' kids! Special thanks to TWOO for the awesome website. Hope to see everyone Sunday to race, or at least to spectate. Message me or email the club with questions. ohiominiroadracingleague@gmail.com
  9. Great idea. Tons of info all over the web. OMRL is the best place to roadrace a 100. Some flat tracking options around the state as well. Hope to see you on track. Biggie
  10. The 150r has custom bodywork and parts all over it. The XR100 has a red tubing for the catch can.
  11. One example of why are you one kick ass friend! It's by 'B' backup bike. I was doing some experimenting that I was hoping to try out tomorrow. I don't think that's gonna happen now.
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