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  1. Lol, thanks. It just wasn't my day... We still road 150 miles so other then that it was a good day.
  2. Every time it slapped back I hit throdle. I couldn't help it.
  3. I speed up to keep the other rider in fram, after I passed him I started slowing back down and started to lose it as I started in the turn and tried chasing it. I think setting it down at 80mph in a corner was a bad idea. Lol
  4. I don't have one, maybe soon. That's the first time I've ever got them and hope it's the last.
  5. I'm good, I road the rest of the day. Bikes not bad slides did there job. After that corner I normally ride it out about 1 1/2 miles more. Lol not this time.
  6. Lol, it was like a bull ride.
  7. I had an awesome time! Thanks again guys.
  8. Thanks guys! We had perfect weather and over 30 bikes in are group this year. All the cool locals showed up to make some passes with us. Moody, sue, leatherwood and wheeler all good people. Wheeler saved my ass again, I needed a cluch cable and he found one that would work.
  9. Long time no see guys! You can see what I've been up to. 1100 miles in 7 days on the supermoto. And I made photo of the week again. : ) http://us129photos.com/wp-content/gallery/2015week11/26.jpg
  10. It was at PIRC, black and white 450 number 777. I'm just glad to see your bike back with the team. I'm hoping my new 150r ready for next season.
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