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  1. ScubaCinci

    Check Ya Nuts

    Damn dude, just saw this...glad you caught it and everything is good.
  2. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    Sounds good, I'll update the post if I sell them.
  3. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    I can meet around N. Columbus some time, I can always use a trip to the Pony. My schedule is pretty flexible.
  4. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    I still have these...
  5. ScubaCinci

    Best time for a late season gap trip ?????

    as Tonik said late September/early Oct seems to be almost ideal because it's the end of riding season for many and the leaf peepers aren't out in force yet. I'd be interested also depending on the timing.
  6. ScubaCinci

    I'm back...

    Thanks guys. Bill, I do the annual car trip with the wife and friends down there that weekend. My wife has a new BMW M2 convertible this year ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the invite though...I miss the ride every year. I usually run into Greg B who lives down the block and he usually mentions it.
  7. ScubaCinci

    I'm back...

    Back from my 2 week trip to the UK but as we were leaving town, my dad passed. ๐Ÿ˜ช Fortunately, he wanted to be cremated and I have a lot of family from out of town, mostly NY, so my family scheduled the memorial service for this weekend when we were back which also gives family time to make it here. Also, for those I was friends with on FB, I deleted my FB account. Between all of the religious and political crap, the ever increasing ads, and the fact that they are whoring out our personal data with reckless abandon (watch the Great Hack on Netflix), I had enough. So, I didn't block or unfriend you (I've had some friend ask). Between the weather, the knee surgery, vacation and other commitments, I've gotten the bike out all of 2 times this year which is pretty fucking pathetic - especially since I am currently voluntarily unemployed (one of the reasons was to help care for my parents). I may need to do a fall trip somewhere this year.
  8. ScubaCinci

    Earplugs for rididng

    Laser Lite plugs... @Tonik introduced me to them and I had used a variety of other before. These never get uncomfortable and expand relatively quickly. I've shared them with some friends at concerts and they have all really liked them. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007XJOLG
  9. So how is the wife enjoying it? My wife and I have a goal of getting a wing and touring.
  10. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    To be clear, nothing wrong with the tires, he just couldn't make it down. I might be up to IP during the week next week if anyone is interested in meeting me there to pick them up.
  11. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    @Uncle Punk these fit your bike
  12. ScubaCinci

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    Nope, standard.
  13. I bought these a month or so after I got my S1000XR when Bridgestone was having that rebate fiasco where some were getting double rebates thinking I might get a deal. These are the same tires that came stock on my bike. Iโ€™ve decided to try some other tires and donโ€™t want these to sit around for another season or two. The tires perform really well, plenty sticky...I buzzed around the gap with them in the rain and dry with @Tonik with no issues. I've gotten about 4500 miles on them and are now getting a little thin so I'm going to re-shoe before taking any trips this year. I've had them in the shrink wrap stored in my cool, dry climate controlled basement. Brand new, still in the wrap (I pulled the front out for the side wall pic). Sizes: 120/70 ZR 17 58W 190/55 ZR 17 75W Date code says 1515 (15th week, 2015). You can expect to pay retail well over $300 for the pair. I'm asking $150 with local pickup (or I can meet partway). Priced to sell, I don't feel like having a long, drawn out sale.
  14. ScubaCinci

    Hello from Loveland, Ohio

    Welcome, from your neighbor in Montgomery. I saw a UFO once many years ago...moved and changed direction too quickly for a terrestrial aircraft but I couldn't see detail, just the lights. After about 30 seconds it was gone. I managed to avoid an alien anal probe.