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  1. If not for this damn Achilles surgery...I'd so be there. The weather has been great this fall. Right now, I'd be happy to be doing anything out of the house.
  2. Considering Android

    Not really...I'd like to change things but up I need more of a reason than I just want something different. If it were $50 and 10 minutes of time to migrate over sure... I honestly hadn't taken an in-depth look at Android stuff in several years. The more I look into it, the less attractive changing becomes. For all of the gripes Apple haters have about the iPhones/iOS, they sure do also have a lot of gripes about the Android phones and the OS...lack of ongoing support/updates, buggy BlueTooth, boot loops, proprietary software hate (i.e. Samsung Touchwiz), etc. At the end of the day, they all have their positives and shortcomings. Pick your poison. I'm not going to spend a lot of time and money to switch to not really gain anything worthwhile. the iPhone/iOS is offering a lot of the features that I used to think were cool and could only be found on Android or a jailbroke iPhone. Now that disparity has whittled away to very little which was surprising for me...
  3. Considering Android

    So far, there isn't much compelling me to go through the "pain" of switching. Pain being gettig used to a new OS and all the buances, as well as migrating my data and finding equivalent apps for ones that are platform agnostic (there are just a few). In general the hardware isn't much different from device to device and they all essentially do the most of the same things on the software side, albeit a little differently. Android is more open with their OS which allows for much more customization but hand in hand with that it can be less secure and phone makers generally quit giving legacy devices updates (even for security holes) after a few short years. Outside of the Google made devices, OS updates are slow to come out, if at all. This is the reason the Pixel 2 appeals to me because I know I'll get timely OS updates and no brand specific software/bloatware (as comes with LG, Samsung, etc phone) that I'll probably need to root the phone to ditch. The LG V30 and Samsung S8+ are alternative options though. Not crazy about the fingerprint sensor placement on the Samsung but probably has the best display on the market where the LG display is the same that's in the Pixel 2 XL which is decent. Their camera's are all pretty good...meet my needs at least. If I was doing "real" photography, I'd break out my DSLR anyway. What I find kind of funny is the Pixel 2 is supposed to be one of the best Android phones to come out on probably the most expensive. Android users always made fun of Apple for being late with hardware changes or lack of options with the hardware. Pixel 2 - no expandable storage, no user replaceable battery, no wireless charging, and no headphone jack (the very thing Google poked fun at Apple for not having). WTF?
  4. Considering Android

    Decently written review on the Pixel 2- https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/pixel-2-and-2-xl-review-the-best-android-phone-you-can-buy/
  5. Considering Android

    Honestly, customization of the home screen doesn't do anything for me. I can show a lot of those things on my watch if I want as a complication but I don't have it display anything but the date and time. Occasionally when I travel, I'll add another time zone clock to show but that's about it. iOS does have something similar but it requires a swipe to see it (phone can still be locked) so not quite as handy.
  6. Considering Android

    That's good to know. One of the reasons I'm looking at the Pixel 2 is for the better camera. The camera quality is a big factor for me.
  7. Considering Android

    Just to change things up...same reason I lease cars - because I like to get something different every few years. I'm a gadget/techie so the openness of the Android platform appeals to me but the practical side of me says the same thing, if it ain't broke don't fix it. There's nothing particularly compelling for switching.
  8. Considering Android

    Yeah, I thought of that...I would just lose some continuity in apps that don't carry over. The biggest of which is a financial account ledger app. Losing Apple watch funcitonality is pretty big because I use it to track my steps which syncs to my phone and is reported to a company called RedBrick my health insurance is tied to. If I do enough activity daily, I earn credits towards my healthcare premiums which saves me $500 annually. I'm probably do the same with a Samsung watch but I'd have to buy one...
  9. Considering Android

    I've been using an iPhone since their second version and I'm considering maybe switching up to Android I'm on the fence about it. I'd just kind of like to just to change things up. In my mind, only a handful of downsides... - I'll have to re-buy some apps. There are a few that I use regularly that aren't on Android but there are alternatives. - won't work with my Apple watch as well (i.e. I lose a lot of functionality) - Most of my friends/family have iPhones so I lose some functionality with them with iMessage, find my friends (I use this a lot with my wife to see if she's left work yet or not because she works late a lot), etc. - I like that I can back up my phone to iTunes and if something happens I can restore it like nothing happened - I have an Apple store close by that I can go to if I have issues. - I have an iPad, Apple TV, MacBook Pro but that doesn't really impact the phone I use other than data synching across the devices. I also have a Surface Pro and a PC so I'm not 100% Apple. Maybe there are alternatives/solutions/mitigations to the above downsides and if I'm ever going to switch, I have to start sometime to extricate myself from their ecosystem. I'm not unhappy with my 7+ at all, I just like to change things up sometimes. I had an android burner phone briefly when I drowned my iPhone and wasn't thrilled with it but it was an older model phone (even at that time) and I literally used it for 3 weeks. Any other considerations and/or phone model recommendations? At this point I'd likely go with the Pixel 2 XL or the Samsung Galaxy S8+ or Note. The new Samsung's are nice but I like the fact that the Google phones are an unmodified OS where Samsung et al use customized flavors of the OS. Though it's disappointing that the Pixel 2 doesn't support memory cards which is the biggest feature iPhone's lack.
  10. 3 Days and counting...

    If you make the trip to Cinci...I know you love Cinci
  11. 3 Days and counting...

    I started back to work this week (from home). Got a cast put on last week that I’ll be in for the rest of the month. Then I going to a boot with minimal weight-bearing and progress from there until finally I can walk without assistance. For now rolling around on the scooter and mainly staying home. If I had known how nice the weather was going to be this fall, I would've put the surgery off until later so I could ride more 😒
  12. Nuviz HUD for helmets

    It finally made it to market https://www.ridenuviz.com/products/nuviz-head-up-display
  13. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    I haven't kept up with this thread but have you had your RMR measured? That will give you an idea of how many calories your body will burn a day if you did nothing and you can base your calorie count on that. 1200 calories is the bare minimum anyone should eat and sometimes eating too little has a counterproductive impact as your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto all the fat it can.
  14. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    You might go see a doctor...that's very close to being dangerously low.
  15. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Oh no Dan! Prayers for you buddy