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  1. I'm ready for the dentist tomorrow!

    Holy shit...what'd you do, tell your doctor you have a huge fear of the dentist. You're a rabid anti-dentite!!! I'm that way with my eyes. When I had my LASIK done, they gave me 2 valium and it didn't do shit for me. I don't know how I made it through that. I can't even put drops in my eyes.
  2. The Deals You Find Thread

    Hearos ear plugs on sale at Amazon today via their lightning deal so it won't last long. These work great for riding..
  3. Ear Plugs, What are you using?

    I used the sparkplugz too when I got them free from the production area at work but they aren't available there anymore so I switched to hearos...on sale at Amazon.
  4. Yamaha Demo Springfield 6-16-17

    I'm flying home today...might try to make it up there tomorrow
  5. Wayah Road (Robbinsville to Franklin)

    Nice...that one of my wife's favorite roads.
  6. Babe Ride Out

    Ouch, fractured pelvis is pretty serious depending on where it is. My wife broke her pelvis in a bike accident, it was a long recovery which included an extended stay at a rehab facility, time in a wheelchair, and a metal plate to hold things together. The pelvic specialist that treated her said a broken pelvis is often fatal because the edge of the broken bones can cut the major arteries running through there and the victim dies from internal bleeding. After I heard that I felt like an ass being on the phone with the insurance company while she was laying on the pavement with the EMT's rather than being right there with her.
  7. I wonder if it comes in white.

    I like it...surprised it doesn't offer ESA. I wonder how loud it is as well...IMO for long touring, quieter is better.
  8. RENT for a week

    This thread went from highly suspicious, to feel good, to epic and then brutal
  9. My big ass Cummins for sale

    'ass' and 'cummins' should never share a thread title. Nice truck
  10. Cool piece of gear

    If it's got a pretty large battery capacity and you'll be off the grid for a good length of time where charging for several days is not an issue then it would be a good tool. I'd rather have it as a emergency backup than not have it. For $20, it's pretty much a no-brainer. You can barely buy a standalone battery backup for that much, much less a solar powered one.
  11. Cool piece of gear

    You'd think so...I've had several solar charger things like that and not one of them has been worth a crap at charging from the sun. Takes forever. I don't think solar cells have improved much recently...especially the lower cost ones that are in gadgets like these. Would love to see one that was worthwhile!
  12. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    Only if he gets me liquored up on apple pie shine
  13. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    Blasphemy!!! That's it, we can't be friends.
  14. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    Except hugs...Dan hugs are good