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  1. Considering Android

    Contacted Sygic - can't xfer my purchases from one platform to another which is a big pile of suck since I've spent $50+ (I paid for three upgrades so likely more than that). Seems like I get a LOT more notifications from apps on Android. You can fine tune them a bit better on iOS...though I read somewhere that on Oreo, notifications get an overhaul.
  2. 2018 Goldwing

    FJ-09 is a great sport touring choice.
  3. Considering Android

    I'm liking it so far...migration has been a bit of a pain in some areas. None of my music playlists will be recognized (I tried 50 different things) so I'll have to manually re-create them.
  4. Considering Android

    I'll have to look at the glass ones, not sure if they make them for the curved screen. I bet they cost a mint I don't like thick cases as a rule, I generally go minimized to avoid scratches. Knock on wood, I haven't dropped my phone in years. I've had it slide off my lap onto the carpet a few times but never on hard surface or from a significant height.
  5. Considering Android

    Are you using a screen protector on yours? If not, any issues with scratches? I haven't used one on my iPhones for years and nary a scratch. I've read a number of stories that the S8+ screen scratches fairly easily? That said, I've heard that about iPhones too. I had the chick at Verizon put a Zagg one on but it sucks ass. It gets smeary in no time. I might just go naked on the front like I have with the iPhones...I'm generally very gentle on my devices (unlike Timmy). My iP7+ still looks like brand new.
  6. Considering Android

    This Tech21 case sucks...can't hardly push the buttons Different one on order.
  7. Considering Android

    Oh Jesus...
  8. Considering Android

    Awwwww yeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhh
  9. 2018 Goldwing

    In all seriousness, the wife and I may be doing the same next year. We've talked about buying a used one but I really like the changes on the newest model (maybe not carplay so much).
  10. 2018 Goldwing

    Good feedback! I have yet to see one in person..
  11. 2018 Goldwing

    What led them to that conclusion - anything specific? I'm curious to know, it seems to have gotten good reviews overall.
  12. 2018 Goldwing

    They look nice...I actually like Yamaha's Star Ventures as well
  13. Considering Android

    Kewl...pretty sure I'm going with the S8+ but kinda waiting to see what happens with Pixel burn-gate
  14. Considering Android

    OK, so noob question for a techie guy because I've never dealt much with SIM cards... I know both 7+ and S8+ use a nano-SIM, so that's all good. Assuming I shut off iMessage & Facetime prior to the fact (from what I read, a critical step in the migration), can I just pop the iPhone SIM card into the S8+ and have the S8+ ready to go with my former iPhone phone #? (I realize I'll still have to migrate photos, contacts, etc.) Then can I just go to Verizon, add a line, get a new SIM card and put in the iPhone and it's all good with a new #?
  15. New Goldwing Leaked Images

    I like the new GW! Finally, the base tourer gets ABS and Nav included.