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  1. Holy! I might make a run up there tomorrow morning. Don't see 'zuki demos very often though there aren't many bikes in their lineup I'd be that interested in.
  2. bike VFR1200 with hard bags, Helibars, ABS.

    Sweet ride!
  3. Major software upgrade

    Just like my old QA days...finding bugs, uhhmmm, I mean features
  4. Major software upgrade

    Ah, I had to change the theme to OR 4.2 - the OR one was what was elected on mine (said it was default). Much better.
  5. Major software upgrade

    Gray background is too dark..hard to read some of the content in that area. It's been a few weeks since I've been on so obviously I just showed up to bitch
  6. Wish I could go but my 2 wheel adventures go on hold for awhile on 9/21 when I have Achilles surgey...this has been a great trip the past few years.
  7. This...I just remember it being a big deal but not exactly where I was when I heard it. The next would be the Challenger disaster. I was getting off the school bus and the bus driver told us which was a weird way to find out. I ran in the house and watched the coverage.
  8. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    9:49 min/mi today on a different route (more elevation changes). It was damn hot too.
  9. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    This is what I'm afraid of when I have my Achilles surgery in Sept...6-8 weeks no weight bearing at all So, I've been busting ass...not necessarily trying to lose weight but just get in the best shape possible so it's not so tough to bounce back. I've decided to run 5k's (on my own, not organized) and keep doing them to see how fast I can finish them. The first one I did I averaged about 12 min/mi and the last one I did (5th one) I was just barely over 10 min/mi though I think I could've done better on that one as I started out slow, trying to pace myself and ended up finishing hard so I guess I could've pushed a little harder early on. My goal is to get to 9 min or below by mid Sept. which I think is realistic and what I would consider to be a very good time for my gender/age which (according to the web) is a 10.5 min/mi avg.
  10. Shoei probably won't be getting any more of my money...

    I have a silver and white one and neither have leaked on me. That said, I try to avoid riding in the rain so I don't do a lot of it but have definitely been in heavy rain in both and not had leaks. That's a bummer man. For the price of these, they shouldn't leak and if they aren't designed to not leak, it should be disclosed up front "not designed to be used in the rain" or some such shit.
  11. Cbus Lunch Meetup 7/15?

    Well, I guess I won't be heading up that way on Saturday...I got "volunteered" for some bullshit hassle in the AM. I don't mind helping people but a little notice would be nice and maybe some reciprocity? Maybe Sunday but I had ear marked that day for some other things I needed to get done.
  12. Shoei probably won't be getting any more of my money...

    I've used my Neotec in the rain several times, even very heavy rain and it never leaked a drop so the guy you talked to was full of shit or giving you the run around which is a shame. Seems to be SOP for most companies anymore. They have the "we got your money now fuck off" attitude.
  13. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    I know, I chowed on bacon and ribs (no sauce) when I was doing low carb and the weight came off. It's crazy. In the 80's it was FAT MAKES YOU FAT!!! STOP EATING FAT!!! So they took out the fat and replaced it with sugar and everyone got fat
  14. Cbus Lunch Meetup 7/15?

    Supposed to be nice this weekend! I actually don't need anything from IP but I like to look...sometimes I find something I can't live without.
  15. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Keto/low carb diet worked great for me before. When I tried it last year, I just couldn't do it anymore. I would eat a big steak, some salad, veggies - a good amount of food and walk away with my stomach growling. It just wasn't satisfying anymore. That said, I've recently cut the number of carbs I'm eating but nothing like before. Last time I was eating <40g of carbs per day (subtracting out the fiber).