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  1. ScubaCinci

    Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

    Unless you have a parasitic draw, which many bikes do.
  2. ScubaCinci

    Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

    There are tenders specifically made for these types of batteries
  3. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    well, we can agree that we have a large number of idiots in this country and it's only getting worse. Smartphones are making the younger generation morons. A lady at work was telling me the other day that her 19yo daughter can't even get to the local grocery store without using her GPS.
  4. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    OK, but how do you go from that to punitive actions for a crime not being committed? If by punitive action you mean denying them legal access to firearms, that is as a result of their conviction of commission of a crime so the punitive action is a result of their previous actions, regardless of their future firearm usage intent.
  5. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    Where is the crime not committed? Felon = crime committed. Felon having possession of firearm = crime committed.
  6. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    By that logic, why have speed limits...many people ignore them anyway. Just because something isn't 100% effective, it doesn't mean it shouldn't be in place.
  7. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    IMO, you forfeit some of those rights when you commit the crime. It's not like they were taken arbitrarily.
  8. ScubaCinci

    Honest question.

    Right to vote? Yes, they did their time/service/fines. Own a gun? I think it could be contingent on the crime. Violent crimes - hell no. For things like tax evasion or many other "white collar" crimes, I don't have an issue with that.
  9. ScubaCinci

    2019 Gap Trip.

    It was more his opinion on the insurance situation. It's a moot point now...I extended my employment to June 3 which means I'm covered by insurance the entire month of June so surgery is back on for 6/5. Looks like another fall trip @Tonik Oh, someone better post pics of the sparks coming of his new wing in the twisties.
  10. ScubaCinci

    Shorai Motorcycle Batteries

    I don't have this brand but I love my LI battery. It's very strong and cuts down on weight that is carries relatively high on the bike, keeping the COG lower. If you need to replace a battery, it's a nice upgrade.
  11. ScubaCinci

    2019 Gap Trip.

    You are what you eat I might delay my surgery since my insurance will be moving over to COBRA for awhile and I likely will not have the paperwork and have it in place in time for an early June surgery. I'm waiting to hear from the doc for his advice.
  12. ScubaCinci

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Well, I’m out...torn meniscus in my knee and I’ll be having surgery on June 5th. 😞
  13. ScubaCinci

    It took the French....

  14. ScubaCinci

    It took the French....

    They'd have plenty of digital images to go from to recreate the interior if they would have allowed photography inside (I'm not bitter). Sad to see it survive so long through so much and then burn by accident. I hope they don't find out it was some idiot careless with a cigarette.
  15. ScubaCinci

    Anyone invest in precious metals?

    Sorry, the hoarder comment wasn't directed at you...just a general commentary. Certainly if you can beat the bank interest rate (not hard these days) without compromising your liquidity, it's worth pursuing. I've not done so myself so I can't give any recommendations on doing so. I generally buy tech stocks after they or the market in general take a hit and make a little bit here and there. Far above any interest I would get with it sitting in cash.