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  1. Should be in for this!
  2. lol remind me before the next track day and I'll look for the thing
  3. may have a budget GPS timer laying around that you could use
  4. That is one beautiful bike! Welcome to the fourm
  5. hose clamp FTW, really easy to reuse and get great pre-tension every time agree about not using the nut to tighten or wire the filter. Always found it easier to throw a strap wrench over the filter to loosen/snug the new filter. would really like to see how these have failed....quick google search brought up failures around the nut and sliced o-ring
  6. I doubt it is doubling up, because only an asshole/idiot would blame the filter if it was doubled up. I've literally heard about K&N oil filter issues just about every trackday for the past 6 months, didn't really put any thought into it, then this happened. IDK, I'm fine w switching brands, no real loss. Post up on youtube and question the dude.
  7. I've mostly used OEM, zuki's but picked up a few K&N's awhile back....may have even been before the issues arose. In any case, after everything I've heard + this, I'm not using them. IDK what exactly caused the guys issue...for all I know it could have been not safety wired and backed off because it was only finger tight or some other stupid human error, but it just isn't worth the risk if there is a miniscule chance it is a faulty oring design on the filter Think if it was doubled up it wouldn't have made it 75% of the way through the twilight, can't say for sure because
  8. don't think "all down the back straight" applies here, but there was definetly something that caused this:
  9. I have a couple that are going in the trash....this one wasn't on my bike(and not my video), but it still nearly caused me to lose the front end through T7. I've been hearing about these things failing more and more. Don't risk it, don't ride with a K&N filter, on the track or on the street.
  10. Didn't really think about the view of T1... make it a few steps up from the paddock (so it is overhead & out of the line of sight when in the paddock) and it would be like Road Atlanta's pedestrian bridge. It would be a good climb down into the infield. Some pretty good advertising space
  11. I wouldn't put the bridge or spectator area anywhere in the run off of T1.....think we have all ended up out there at one point or another lol
  12. Something like this would add a ton of field of view of the track...pretty much all of the north track besides the carousel, and a good portion of the south, because it is a high elevation.
  13. When they were coming around to do surveys during a trackday, we said about a bridge to the infield for more spectator spots. There isn't a terrible amount of room on the infield and there is a lot of elevation change, but a bridge across the front straight to get into the old T5-8 region would be sweet. Now you have done it....
  14. I'll bring my laptop if you want to check the stuff out at the track....would need to pre-load whatever software to get it ready before.
  15. Another idea......party at Jester's place since he lives 20 minutes away!
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