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  1. Do the Ton bike of the month!

    Ha! I think I choose those tires for the sole purpose of keeping me mellow! The tires aren't that bad surprisingly. It just steers heavier for the most part.
  2. Do the Ton bike of the month!

    This is what it looked like when we bought it. Between this and another parts bike, we were able to put together a nice bike.
  3. Do the Ton bike of the month!

    Thank you. It's a lot fun. Needed something calmer for tooling around town. The 1098 is great on back roads, sucks hard around town.
  4. Do the Ton bike of the month!

    My bike was nominated for Bike of the Month on Do the Ton. I'd greatly appreciate any votes that you guys would be willing to give. You will have to register to vote though. Thanks in advance! http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=74968.0
  5. Clay Mini Bike

    I'm a huge stalker....... I mean fan of Duhamel!
  6. Clay Mini Bike

    For reference, here are some actual pictures. I'm amazed at how much detail this little bike has.
  7. Clay Mini Bike

    My husband bought me this custom clay replica for my birthday. It's an extremely detailed replica of my racing setup from back in the day including bike, leathers, helmet, gloves and such. It's amazing how detailed and accurate it is. It's honestly probably one of the coolest gifts I've ever gotten.
  8. Speeding ticket handling

    Never mind. I found it.
  9. Speeding ticket handling

    Where are you able to check for prior violations? What website? Thanks.
  10. Epic 3 day, 1,250 mile WV Route

    Ha! Ha! I'm so happy I post this stuff. We are trying for another 3 day this weekend or next and I couldn't remember where we stayed and which roads we liked but now I do!
  11. Advice on SEO route

    56 is open. It is a dirty mess at the 356 intersection so I would definitely take it easy. Just rode it this past Friday and Saturday.
  12. sold 2008 & 2010 Triumph Daytona 675

    That white with blue frame is sharp.
  13. I did something stupid

    Ed and I rented one of those in Florida and we liked it. Much better seating position than the V Rod which we also rented in Ohio but hated. Congrats!
  14. Advice on SEO route

    Thanks for the info. That will definitely change my normal route.
  15. My New Old Bike

    Well, sadly, we apparently have a few more kinks to work out. Only made it about 4 miles on Saturday then had to do the trailer ride of shame. It was fun to ride though. Neat and very different than my other bike. The kick start is kind of cool too. Battery won't hold a charge or something related to that. Looking at relay/regulator, maybe stater. We will see.