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  1. Charlotte, NC. 2 hours to the beach. 2 hours to the Mountains. Perfection! Still have seasons but not as dramatic (aka long winters) as Cleveland.
  2. Ugh! Why! So few decent roads up north and they ruin these as well.
  3. We actually had a few pictures and mentions. My XS400 won Best Custom Japanese and Ed won second place for Best Custom European. It was a cool event. I tried to capture screen shots of the digital magazine but not sure how legible they will be.
  4. Thank you! We were really pleasantly surprised. We bought like 5 copies of the magazine of course. LOL!
  5. Crazy stuff! We were hoping we'd get a small inside picture and were floored to see this.
  6. Take a look at the links below. The last link was just updated August 20. Shows planned and unplanned closures or delays. I've also found the OHGO app to be pretty accurate. Have fun! Ride Safe. http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D10/Pages/default.aspx https://www.facebook.com/ODOTD10/ http://www.dot.state.oh.us/districts/D10/newsreleases/Pages/Current-and-upcoming-closures-and-restrictions-as-of-August-20,-2018.aspx OHGO app.
  7. Is 800 still in bad shape? I haven't been on it in ages but I remember loving the fast sweepers.
  8. I prefer SEO and WV as well but there are times where it's raining down south and nice in PA. My husband and I have limited weekend opportunities for overnight trips so I've been trying to figure out alternates if the weather is crappy on our usual routes. It just doesn't seem like it really exists within the distance we are looking at. Oh well. Worth a try.
  9. I picked these up earlier in the year and I like them. They carry long and short sizes. They come with knee armor and my hip armor from another under short worked great in them. I have not worn them on any long rides as it got way hot and I've been wearing my vented leather pants almost exclusively but they were comfortable. Sit pretty high on the waist. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/oxford-super-leggings?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=1100507490425|410|pg2434111|c0f234b5-7532-4b70-88ea-3cb6526c1f00&utm_campaign=PLA-Oxford Products-All&utm_content={CriteriaId}&kclid=c0f234b5-7532-4b70-88ea-3cb6526c1f00
  10. @Tpoppa Side topic - are you aware of any good roads in PA?
  11. Ok. Maybe will stick the tried and true on the east side.
  12. Hello all, We have typically done roads on the eastern side of 64/77 but I've seen some recommendations for nice roads on the other side. Anybody ridden any good roads in this area? Thanks.
  13. Just a heads up, lots and lots of roads in that area are closed or have been closed in the past couple weeks due to flooding so keep an eye out for muddy/dirty roads. We are heading down over the weekend and several of our normal roads are closed right now. There's a cool app that shows road closures and seems to be updated frequently. OHGO Have fun!
  14. My husband is very mechanically inclined so that's no biggie. I've found a 2002 TTR 90 locally for $800 that looks a little beat or I can get a 2009 from Columbus for $1000. The Tao is $650. I'm having a hard time justifying $800 for a somewhat beat up 16 year old bike. It's just going to be a trail bike so I'm not that concerned with the suspension. I'm completely indecisive at the moment for what I want to do. Keep going back and forth. Thank you for the comments on your experience with the bike.
  15. Anybody have any experience with the Tao dirt bikes? I'm looking for a semi automatic for my daughter and the used TTRs are either beat up or overpriced. Supposedly has a Honda clone motor whatever that means. Thoughts?
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