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  1. Well hope it pans out for you. Did your brother ever get a car?
  2. Thought the same thing when i saw the pics. But i guess the engine is crushed. I can part it out. Mustang seats, cobra foot boards.
  3. Thanks all. Yeah my lawyer is quite confident in the path we have taken. Will post pictures of bike when i get them.
  4. Home now. Long road ahead. Heading to get bike out of impound tomorrow. Still have not seen it.
  5. On top all this we just accepted an offer on our house. After inspection we have 30 days to get out.
  6. Honestly i have no idea. So the chicks insurance agent called and said she is getting a lawyer and contesting that she was at fault. How can you contest after you admitted to the cop that it was your fault.
  7. Yeah. Thanks everyone. Wife is trying to give me the talk about the bike. Still trying to figure out what happen.
  8. I was going 35. So it guess that confirms i layed her down
  9. I havent heard anything. No news clippings or anything.
  10. Anyone hear of a mc crash about 4:00ish on wednesday the 17th in columbus? I cant find any details all i know is what i remember. Had the green going toward 71 then lady turned left in front of me. Left leg messed pretty bad. I have two rods in it. Right hand the tendons got shered but are now back together. Had all my gear on. lady already admitted fault and was cited at site. Not sure what my bike looks like and havent been able to find any reports besides some assbackwards police reports. But then the corrected one, so two out there. Its funny in the report that lady said i accelerated when she started to turn. Why in the hell would i do that. I think i ended up laying it down on her left side. Any info would be great. Thanks.
  11. Not weakness just unknowing of the inner workings of the military. This is why i'm asking. I rather not screw this up as this is a great opportunity for me.
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