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  1. RedLine19K

    Voltmeter ad to VFR800

    nice mod.. good idea for any bike really, but especially Very Flaky Regs You can get em from China cheap, if you don't mind waiting or the trade deficit. Can't guarantee .1v accuracy, but the difference between 13.8 and 12.6 should get you home ok http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-56-Digital-Voltmeter-4-5-30V-Blue-LED-Motorcycle-Car-Panel-Meter-Waterproof-/271047604388?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f1bb238a4
  2. RedLine19K

    She's 99% finished

    looks good. You didn't get it in Warren did you? My cousin had one shipped from Japan and sold it a while back.
  3. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    Are you suggesting riding without Very Twitchy Engine Complications is easier?
  4. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    Seeing other riders really does help. Maybe the VFRs make it easier to sit up. I need to do some flexibility exercises so i don't look like i'm riding with a back brace. Also Doc, your dash and side cam views were really helpful to see clutch and revs. I try to avoid vtec in the turns, but you don't seem to worry about it. I was mostly riding 5k and only rolled thru 6700 on exit.
  5. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    Thanks for the vid! I just signed on to post a link to my version of Docs vid. I tried to send him the new link first to see if it was ok, but the stupid PM limit on this board wouldn't allow it.
  6. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    Thanks for taking the time to put the video together. I like how you used slo-mo in the sweepers to make it seem like I was riding. Seriously, video quality seems good to me. Now about the soundtrack....
  7. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    Jeff, My clock read 6:30 or some nonsense (i really need to check the manual) so that was no help. Going all that way for roads..gotta make it count. Shame all the good rides start 2 hrs away. That ride back hurt til i went numb. All good now tho. I have a 6x16 trailer that just sits, or is trucking back not hardcore enough? That "back in one piece" wasn't lost on me, you guys are quick. Worst part is i can't use my 500 lb "sport tourer" as an excuse, cause half of you ride em! Every time we hit fresh blacktop, everything picked up quick and still felt safer. There's your cue. I guess overcast is nice for temps, lousy for a highlight reel. The shade in the mountains prob isn't good video, but for a first ride, I'd like to see the raw vid if i give you flash drive? let me know.
  8. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    That either sounds like a dig, or completely true viffer trivia and i can't figure out which. Either way, thanks for looking out for me today.
  9. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    This is the recommended riding position for slabbing, and also a good reason to be blind.
  10. RedLine19K

    7/21/12 neo -wv-seo-neo

    I'm sure it counts for zero.. But did you try telling her you had to make sure a clueless newb got home safe? Seriously, thanks for waiting up and thanks everybody for an exciting day. Roads might be iffy but weather was perfect. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to the video, since for most of my ride I couldn't see many of you Scott
  11. RedLine19K

    sat 7/7

    Well if i learned one thing in the Army, it's you can quit whenever you get tired or sore... If i'm not there at 0630, i'm not mission capable. Night
  12. RedLine19K

    sat 7/7

    Still up eh? No hot weather riding gear and 80 by 8 might be rough but I might try to make it if that's ok.
  13. RedLine19K

    sat 7/7

    Hello. Is Jerry riding tomorrow?