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  1. Thanks Sam. OR no haggle price will be 1300 cash or 1200 and a grey rear seat for an f250.
  2. Can't post pictures from my phone, so shoot me a text and I will send through text. 3304648327
  3. gsxkat1100

    2003 F150

    It's gotta go. Great running standard cab truck with a v6 auto. 213k, but runs good. New alt,starter. $1500, fairly firm. Would be a good race day hauler. Just picked up an F250 super duty extended cab so I can haul the family too.
  4. Sorry I couldn't get over there yesterday bud. Wife filled the honey do list back up since the lay off. Ha, 3 fucking days and I'm already stretched thin.
  5. We have some new female riders here, could anyone use these? I will take 40 if anyone wants them.
  6. My background is machine maintenance, 3D design with CATIA and Inventor, and welding/fabricating. I won't be on here much until I figure this shit out, so... email: gsxkat1100@gmail.com call/text: (330) 464-8327
  7. 90% prep work, 10% technique.
  8. I got pulled over for 27 in a 25 in Smithville...... fought it and didn't have to pay, but PITA anyway. I also hit a volunteer firefighter's escort wagon in Smithville..... That one didn't go well for me. Senior in high school, just leaving "the joint" and first ticket from a former Orrville cop that already knew who I was. Good times, good times.
  9. I grew up in Orrville and spent a lot of time in the rest of the county. I know how the county popo can be. It sucks.
  10. You could always quit speeding.
  11. Dusty, why don't you just take a trip and check out CSC's Honda? You may like the rims enough to trade, but you will more than likely get an old school Honda clinic. And I'm right down the street if you guys need another hand.
  12. None.... Zero fucks given and it's just getting worse. Our idiot mayor is running for reelection, and another mayor from the past is back in the ring (he was terrible too). No hope for our streets. Maybe we should just pull up every loose patch we can find and drop them off in KCP's driveway.
  13. I like Old Wisconsin beef and cheese.
  14. My bikes are ugly and old. No thieves want to take them.
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