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  1. Wrong person logged in, ignore this post.
  2. Then again I'm finding hilarious that he can't post and I can. And he will be at work the next couple days working 12 hours with out Ohio Riders. I know it's driving him crazy.
  3. He said he knows that, that's why he doesn't have more than one account. He just has me do his dirty work and post for him. And I agree with him they should be rewarded for exposing the flaw not banned a extra day. It's just one extra day I get dragged into this.
  4. R00

    New software...

    2talltim says: Yup just tried it on my phone my wifes log on can seen it, mine can not.
  5. FYI....Tim has this ape thing ALL WRONG! and it started when he rode my starter which was a 250 Virago...and the comment from me was "he looked like a monkey fucking a football":monkey::funnyshit:
  6. ops did realize the wife was still logged in, delete this post
  7. Hi there, my name is Rebecca and i am 2talltim's wife. He signed me up a few months ago and he is now making me do this post. I ride a 1993 Honda Shadow 600 that Tim completly rebuilt and repainted a few years ago, i also have a hand me down quad from when tim decided he needed a different one, a 400 suzuki of some kind. I probably wont post here much due to having two jobs, but tim keeps me updated all your "shenanigans":rolleyes:. Maybe i'll get to meet some of you at the wanye ride next weekend, and hope to make some bike nights too. That is all for now except keep my hubby safe when he i out with you all:).Here are a couple photo's of my Bumblebee.
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