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  1. Dying Shadow

    2016 Wayne thread

    Next 2 weekend I work then supposed to close the 28 big pain in the ass process it's all a scam to get your money ??Uncle Sam wants his big ass cut ? But yea when this is down my quad needs to get dirty!
  2. Dying Shadow

    2016 Wayne thread

    Needs to get my quad dirty hopefully soon after get the closing and what not done on the house
  3. Dying Shadow

    2006 ninja 650r $2600

    Gots paint ball this Saturday lol but I will just been a busy year
  4. Dying Shadow

    2006 ninja 650r $2600

    Lol keeping quad no worries ?????
  5. Dying Shadow

    2006 ninja 650r $2600

    $2400 bump
  6. Dying Shadow

    Alpinestars Carver 2 pc suit

  7. Dying Shadow

    Alpinestars Carver 2 pc suit

    Sorry it didn't work out man was still good seeing you!
  8. Dying Shadow

    2006 ninja 650r $2600

    Not happening sir lol I have the stock windscreen still
  9. Dying Shadow

    2006 ninja 650r $2600

    Lol sorry but negative on that, thank you though lol
  10. Dying Shadow

    Cortech boots

  11. Yo, your inbox is full.


    I got an ak47 and some cash for the 650. you can keep the luggage and accessories.

    1. Dying Shadow

      Dying Shadow

      Type of ak? Model and how much cash?

    2. zx3vfr


      IO Polish. (made in florida, the good ones and some ammo) and I dunno, how much cash would you need.

    3. Dying Shadow

      Dying Shadow

      Sent you a pm I cleaned mail box 

  12. Dying Shadow

    Cortech boots

    Lol hey you have been where I am Tim lol I'll have another eventually
  13. Dying Shadow

    bike 2006 ninja 650r $2600

    Selling my Kawasaki ninja 650r as I have no more time to ride only 200 miles this year if that other priorities at the moment it has a clean title. It is a parallel twin. It has 22319 miles on it, a lot of those miles are down at hocking hills, I have had it down at the tail of the dragon twice and a track day at mid Ohio one time. It has been dropped by me and the previous owner once due to not paying attention at slow speed it was my first bike lol I also had a low slide around 40-50 mph on the right side 3 years ago Most damage has been fixed and replaced there is still a small dint in tank with minor scratching and some rash on the right fairing the back panel has been replaced along with the slip on, I fixed the front fairing but still has the rash as u can see in pics. I've done all the routine maintenance my self except for tire changes, valves probably need checked soon due to milage. It has a yoshimura slip on, a power commander 3 that has been tuned by dyno tune motor sports, R and G frame sliders, sport bars, puig rear fender, red LEDs under the fairing, 12v charger for phones and electronics, red rim tape, new grips and bar ends, it has Pirelli angel GT tires with a good amount of life left on them. I believe it had 1200 miles on it when I got it back in 2011, the rest I have put on it and haven't had one issue, it still runs like a top and sounds good! It's been stored in side under a cover when not riding, I'll throw in the rear stand, bike cover, wheel chock that's new and has not been used, bar holders to keep it steady if transported in trailer or back of truck, a tank and soft saddle bags. I have some gear and helmets if your interested I can throw in for little extra $. not really looking for trades unless it goes bang $2600 OBO for OR member got it listed for $2800 on creigslist thank you and yes my grammar sucks lol I'll get another one some day have met a lot of cool people I can call friends and had some great adventures with them! Also not getting rid of my quad so can still ride Wayne.
  14. Dying Shadow

    Cortech boots

    Got married lol just been busy getting house and shifting selling bike now too. I'll get another some day
  15. Dying Shadow

    gear Cortech boots

    Size 10 cortech racing boots they are water proof. Don't ride anymore figure some one else could use them $50 OBO thanks