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  1. And I guess New Straitsville not only has a PD, but they have a facebook as well. maybe more details on there fb page idk. https://www.facebook.com/newstraitsvillepd/?hc_ref=ARQNEfK2aOgiwtTOnLvJBHpH6KbV5KWftztzm-STSuMm1jduT3xa_jtWSkpSJ1kcrL8&fref=nf http://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-officer-kills-unarmed-man-convenience-store-altercation
  2. Here's nbc 4's take on it. http://nbc4i.com/2017/08/07/coroner-identifies-man-killed-by-police-in-new-straitsville/
  3. When i 1st herd this, I was like wtf I didn't even know New Straitsville had a PD!
  4. bike 2007 crf 450r

    LBTS but is is a automatic or due you gots to shift gears?
  5. http://abc6onyourside.com/news/local/identity-of-man-shot-and-killed-by-new-straitsville-officer-released I herd about this the nother day, and fingured my dirt bubbys wood be all over this, but I didn't see enythang here so I posted link.
  6. bike CBR600, trade to something smaller

    You looking to sale the 400ex too?
  7. 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn (4X4, Hemi, Crew Cab)

    What size is the bed?
  8. 1916 Harley Davidson and huge classic car auction

    Buy that Falcon for me, if you have the cash to cover me.
  9. 2017 Wayne thread

    I wish I could, but I'm having the roof on the garage done this weekend. Weather looks awesome!
  10. Chain 2 choices Not DID

    I got this one from a place someone recommended, for my 4 wheeler and its been a great chain. It has what they call lightning holes in the links, to reduce weight. only rated @ 90 hp which is plenty for my 700 stroker. https://www.ridersdiscount.com/ek-chain-520-srxg-quadra-x-ring-70-links-gold-158890
  11. Photobucket

    yeah mine seam to still be okay as well. I wonder for how long?
  12. Photobucket

    I received the e-mail last night, err!
  13. Photobucket

    Maybe mine is just delayed still...?
  14. Photobucket

    I always link them, i choose share, then link, then for this site the direct link. My bucket is privet so it wont link you to anything other than the picture shown.
  15. Photobucket

    I've herd about this from other's. but i don't seam to have the same problems?