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  1. M_Quicks Dirt Video Thread

    The main video from June 2017 @WNF.
  2. Neighborhood Dirt Ride

    nice scenery thanks for sharing!
  3. Smoker's Get In Here

    thx guy's for info, I can't remember what mine is..My Uncle asked me to look at the $99 digital walmart black friday one for him. Sounds like he's getting into smoking too next year!
  4. Smoker's Get In Here

    Question on new electric smokers. Is a 800 watt element plenty, or should one look for the 1500 watt smokers?
  5. Mossberg 702 Plinkster 22 rifle

    Do you ever make it to Columbus?
  6. New bike

    Legal or illegal trails?
  7. Kneeling for the anthem and flag.

    Nope! But I damn sure do while attending any event that has the anthem! And will continue to do so, no matter what happens in this country. I've never seen anyone kneeling at Bristol motor speedway... http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/09/24/nascar-owners-warn-drivers-about-national-anthem-protests-nfl
  8. K&N recall

    I'm glad my 700's use a internal filter. KN-112 So are these external filters just made poorly, or are people over tightening them when installing?
  9. Equifux

    March of 2016??? Your all over that!
  10. sold 2007 Honda Recon 250

    I/my kids need this but I'm out of room in garage and the wife would kill me. But keep me in mind if price drops to say around $1200
  11. 2017 Wayne thread

    Sounds like maybe I ditch the boy, lol. My son is going to Country Jam Sat. Be sure and ask those guy's if they rode with Steve. Remember that time we were heading to lunch and seen them with his quad down the bank?
  12. Anybody play Foosball?

  13. 2017 Wayne thread

    Anything going on Labor day weekend? My son is coming home on leave and wants to ride again. I'm not sure what day he'd wanna go at this point. But don't Williams do a Hog on labor day? I'm usually out of state riding in WV, but I have to stay in town this year since the boy is coming home.
  14. And I guess New Straitsville not only has a PD, but they have a facebook as well. maybe more details on there fb page idk. https://www.facebook.com/newstraitsvillepd/?hc_ref=ARQNEfK2aOgiwtTOnLvJBHpH6KbV5KWftztzm-STSuMm1jduT3xa_jtWSkpSJ1kcrL8&fref=nf http://www.10tv.com/article/ohio-officer-kills-unarmed-man-convenience-store-altercation