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  1. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Yeah that's the same thing I herd. Selling off the land at Perry for the 2nd time. I was surprised to find out that Wayne did away with day passes! Now your only choice is a weekend or season pass. I was also surprised to find out that they actually lowered the yearly pass by $10! So if you go more than once now, your saving money with the season pass. $20 for the weekend and $35 per season.
  2. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    I haven't been on in a a while, been busy. I went with a smaller trailer 77"x14' I hate going smaller, but I can squeeze this one in the garage. Trailer has rear gate and removable front side ramps. Makes it a lot easier getting a 700 sideways, lol. I've been riding in W. Va a couple times, once with and once w/out the new trailer. Anyhow the boy's somehow talked me into going to Wayne tomorrow. A couple weeks ago when it was this hot, we roasted at Kings island.
  3. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Good idea, but, how would you keep it from blowing a breaker? better idea...
  4. M_Quick

    2006 Roush Stage 1 Mustang

    I finally got the chance to have Jack Roush sign the 2 parts of car that Mark signed a couple years ago.
  5. M_Quick

    XR250 - so it blew the head gasket.....

    Bump, to see if carb found it's way home yet?
  6. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Oh okay, yeah probably the wifey. Well I don't really want them to know, that I know they stole it and where they live. But let's just say phase one has been completed. lmao true story. I just returned the insurance paper work, there gonna give me $1662 for trailer and $200 more for personal property, nothing for the e-track or diamond plate tongue box. I don't know whether to just sale off the quads or get another trailer. If I down size to a 14' I could keep it in the garage. Or do I roll the dice and park another 16' in the same spot?
  7. M_Quick

    Place to ride Cincinnati

    It is part of Wayne National Forest, just a whole nother section of the forest. I've road there before but only once, and it seamed okay to me.
  8. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Through social media we were able to locate were the truck used to steal my trailer lives. Went by several times, finally garage door was up, but no trailer inside. As of now the CPD have assigned a detective to the case. We sent him the video, and he said he would be questioning people over by the trucks locations. As far as moving, we've been looking any where south of city, but not to far. Pickaway county be good. I'd like something with a little land and at least a 2 car garage.
  9. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    You say you say it posted for sale??? I don't seam to have any good pictures of the trailer it self.
  10. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    True, but that's a rather unique step van if you ask me. I may not fint trailer, but hope to see this truck sometime in the near future. Yeah, it's long over due, been looking just no luck. Time I find something interesting, it's either cash only, bid's or in contract.
  11. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Anyone see trailer or this truck, please let me know six1four2569one9two
  12. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Yeah, empty I keep my Atv's locked in garage. Trailer is 5x16' American manufacturing. Has 3 5' pieces of e-track on each side of deck, front right is rusted. Also has aluminum tongue box
  13. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Well I may have spoke too soon. Seams someone needed my ATV trailer more than me. It was stolen this mourning around 2:20 am! Have some choppy video pictures of uncommon box truck. Where should i post info, so people can help be on the look out. Wife alrdy out it on the f.book.
  14. M_Quick

    Wayne 2018

    Going to the Bristol race this weekend, then to Arkansas 2 weeks later. Hopefully will find some time to ride Wayne more this year than last, but we'll see.
  15. M_Quick

    M_Quicks Dirt Video Thread

    The main video from June 2017 @WNF.