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  1. Since we are working with a Honda Partnership we kind of have to use a Honda frame. We like the 05-07 frame because it appears to be a bit more spacious and squared off to fit everything than the newer models. Our IOM rider is also very confident with a CBR1000RR frame and its abilities at the IOM. We may have to get a 2012 which may make packaging a bit harder to deal with. Yes we work with TRC a little bit. However we just meet with some Honda Partnership folks yesterday so hopefully they can hook us up with the chassis. But in the mean time we are still looking for something to mode
  2. We would probably be able to spend some money. We really just want to borrow a frame for a week to get the info we need. Eventually we will be purchasing/getting donated a full chassis donated.
  3. Hey guys, I work with an Electric Motorcycle Team at Ohio State. We are beginning design of our next machine and have commited ourselves to using a CBR1000RR frame. 06-07 frame is what we are shooting for first, but other years will work as well. We are trying to get a hold of a CAD or 3D model of the bike/frame in order to begin initial designs. Anyone have a source or a model that they would like to donate/share with the team? Another option is borrowing a chassis that someone is not currently using and model with it for a few weeks and then return it unaltered. Any takers on this? We
  4. I've got a old white fender that I'm not going to be using. Its scratched up, but in one piece. I'd let it go for something like $25. No extra bolts sorry. I'm in the Columbus area and plan to be at Vintage Days if you want to meet up then...
  5. What is the tooth count on that rear sprocket? -Kyle
  6. R6 engine/transmission is being sold tomorrow. Meeting to sell a bunch of Katana parts sunday. Hopefully I'll go through and add some prices on the R6 stuff this weekend
  7. Thanks for the link! I've seen some pictures that build and I think a friend of mine meet the guy behind the project. Definitely! At this point I plan to bring the bike to the Ohio Mile in April (27-29) and probably vintage days at Mid-Ohio this summer. And maybe some bike nights or rides here and there.
  8. Nope, not sure when i got rid of it thou. sorry
  9. 1989 Katana parts available Everything is OBO -front seat - $80 - re-upholstered and padding added -rear seat - $50 - re-upholstered with locking mechanism - -forks - $40 - bad seal left side -triple, clipons and steering stem - $20 -front wheel - $40 - with rotors and axle -rear brake - $10 - caliper, hoses, master cylinder and and lever arm -front brake system - $20 - calipers, hose and master cylinder -swingarm and shock - $35 -headlight - $15 - includes cracked bracket -right front fairings - $15 - one piece but cracked -tail fairings - $25 each -front fender - $30 -right lower fairing
  10. Hey guys, Looking for $800 or obo for all the R6 parts below Things included in sale -Engine and transmission _SOLD -complete R6 wiring harness w/ ECU (front harness needs work, but all connectors are there) -Yoshimura carbon pipe (scratches see pics) -radiator and all cooling lines -throttle w/ cables and switch block -clutch lever and cable -throttle bodies -airbox (needs new filter) -mounting hardware (the 6 or 7 bolts that hold up the engine) -shift lever and linkage (need new bolt) -air intake ports -exhaust headers The engine was running great when I removed it. It has somewhere arou
  11. I have been finding a little bit of time between classes, work and the OSU team to work on the R6 design. Here is where I am at now. I have 3 strings of 42 cells long which makes packaging straightforward. I moved the bottom pack (which also moved all batteries) up ~1.5" to try to better centralize mass which, from some research, appears to be better than all the weight down low. This may also allow me to better fit a stock lower fairing. The wheel clearance of 2" in the front is a little bit of a concern, but I believe I should be ok for most riding. It will just make contact if I b
  12. Hey, I am interested in finding some fairings to mate to my R6 build (http://www.ohioriders.net/showthread.php?t=88701). I am most interested in an 03-05 R6 headlight fairing from that I can at least make custom side fairings. However I am also interested in a fairing set with minimal engine cutouts (think ducati 1198 fairings) in order to improve aero as much as possible. Used racing fairings sets would work as well and may even be the best fit. I definitely would consider ones that are slightly damaged. Full sets or just individual would be fine with me, just looking for an good deal.
  13. Well I'll put it this way she doesnt know very many tricks and I think it best to keep it that way for now. Be easy on her Someday, I'll be able to throw some serious money at her and she'll be fixed up with enough of the good stuff to really be worth your time
  14. I figured that is who you were talking about. He rides a gsxr750, 06 or 07 I think. He's a good guy so I suppose I can let you ride mine if you promise to treat her nice.
  15. We'll have too see how much I like this "friend" haha
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