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  1. Do you guys have the X14 in black or any other colors? Any chance you could PM me a price? Thanks! Nathan
  2. I've got two Mid Ohio twilight track days I need to use or sell this year. I live further away from the track now so it's more difficult to use them and they only have a couple coming up in June this year. $120 each OBO!
  3. KTM 1290 Superduke... someday my precious... someday...
  4. Yep! I'll be in garage 18 with Derek Clouser and Mike Dempsey.
  5. I've got two Mid O Twilight certs I would sell for face value or maybe a little less. Good through next year. By face value I mean what I paid for them, 25% off of the normal price.
  6. Cool, anyone else planning on going Saturday or Monday?
  7. They're having novice class during a twilight?
  8. Where's the best place to get a 180/55R17 Superbike slick SC2? I used to get my tires from STG but they switched to Michelin and stopped carrying Pirelli race tires
  9. It was a damn nice day out there today!
  10. You going on the 8th or the 9th? Dempsey and I are going on Monday assuming weather is nice but we heard you weren't going to be back in town until Tuesday...
  11. Get yourself a stand-up! Superjet or something similar.
  12. Stopped in today on my way to Circleville but it was a 3 hour wait on any bike...
  13. What does the CAD job entail? I do a lot of 3D design and modeling with Inventor...
  14. I'm planning on being there on the 27th
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