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  1. All inclusive beach vacations

    Did you guys do anything off the resort? I'm staying on Cozumel April 13th-22nd but will be taking a couple of day trips over there to rent a car, check out the ruins at Tulum and Coba, and dive a couple of cenotes. There is so much stuff to do in the area it's hard to choose...
  2. "side hustle."

    I make aluminum fuel cells for jetskis on the side. It can be a lot of work but I enjoy welding and it makes decent money.
  3. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Bought my four for the year...
  4. Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    I've heard the foot pedals and torches are terrible on those machines compared to the higher end brand name TIGs, so you might want to factor in the cost of upgrading those if you are going to use it much. I'm a Miller guy myself, but I've heard really good things about the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200. It's quite a bit more expensive at $1500 but probably has a decent pedal and torch already. Still quite a bit cheaper than the higher end $5000 TIGs...
  5. All inclusive beach vacations

    Was the beach packed there with cruisers? A lot of beach vendors hounding you? I made the mistake of staying on West Bay beach in Roatan and that shit about ruined it for me. I can't stand being badgered every five minutes by someone insistently selling a fucking massage or bracelet. I would prefer a laid back quiet section of beach with good reef if that is available there...
  6. All inclusive beach vacations

    Did you do any snorkeling/diving on Cozumel? The GF wants to go stay somewhere fairly cheap early next year but decent shore snorkeling and (boat) diving is a requirement for me...
  7. I would, but I wasn't very happy with the XR that I purchased from you either...
  8. Buyer beware - I bought the suit assuming it would still be usable for mini racing at the least, however it showed up with multiple seams split wide open and the leather worn through in spots. Definitely not safe for use until it is repaired. He did offer to help out with the repair cost but now is not responding to PMs.
  9. Mid-O October 9th

    You made a good call... it ended up raining until 10am. Had a good track walk while we waited but they didn't even start the sessions until 12. It was just starting to dry up a bit by 2:30 but then started sprinkling again so I packed it up and left.
  10. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    I've gotten bored with riding on the street... I just commute the 5 miles to work on occasion now. Actually thinking about just selling the street bike and upgrading the track bike. Not much fun riding around here and if it's not fun, what's the point in taking the risk? Track days and racing have ruined street riding for me...
  11. Mid-O October 9th

    It's clearing up a bit. The morning sessions will probably be crap but I'm betting the afternoon will be decent. Good enough to call off work for a free day!
  12. Mid-O October 9th

    Signed up for the 9th!
  13. Mid-O September 4th

    Weather for Sunday and Monday is looking niiiice, might even go ahead and sign up today. OMRL race on Sunday, Mid-Ohio on Monday; going to be a good weekend!
  14. My track bike conundrum.

    My opinion would be to buy an already built track only R6 as well. Check out the WERA forum; there are always tons of really nice R6's and other bikes already built for $3-5k. Almost impossible to build one for that price. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?forums/bikes-for-sale.48/ Shoot, look at this one: $4500 for an 2008 with everything you could want! I'm temped to go buy it myself... http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/2008-yamaha-r6-race-bike.346075/
  15. Mid-O October 9th

    This one would be free! Not much of a debate there!