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  1. Mid-O - June 5

    I'll be there on the 5th weather dependent...
  2. Mid-O May 14 (Sunday)

    Anyone know how to soften leather gloves? I've got a pair of Alpinestar GP gloves that were the softest, most comfortable gloves ever when I first got them but they've hardened up and gave me some crazy blisters on both hands yesterday.
  3. Mid-O May 14 (Sunday)

    Great day out there today! Kind of surprised there weren't more people in intermediate...
  4. Mid-O May 14 (Sunday)

    This dang weather forecast... It was looking like low 60s on Sunday with rain in the morning, then it went up to 70s and I got excited... now it's back down to a cloudy low 60. I'll probably wait until Saturday before I pull the trigger on Sunday.
  5. Mid-O May 14 (Sunday)

    Going to try and make it if I can get new tires on and prepped for the season... and it's not raining of course. Probably riding in "I"
  6. Hocking Hills Lodge is no more

    Damn! They had good food! Wasn't too many other places to eat in the area either...
  7. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day

    I'd be there as long as it's not raining...
  8. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    Dang it! I bought 4 regular days instead of 2 and 2 because they were showing up cheaper...
  9. godspeed #RACEDAY Ryan Hill

    Never met him but saw him at the track a few times. Seemed like a good guy on here. Shit like this always seems to happen to the good ones... RIP
  10. harbor freight foldable trailer

    They've already stolen two trailers (one of them mine) and about $7k worth of tools, so there is a good chance they will strike again at some point. Was planning on hiding my old smartphone with a tracking app and large battery pack in it if I ever get around to it. It will probably get stolen before I manage to do so...
  11. harbor freight foldable trailer

    Anybody want one of these? I bought one used in decent condition for $130 to use a bait trailer (trying to catch crackheads stealing stuff near the garage I use) but haven't had time to get everything set up. I would sell it for what I paid for it if anyone wants it.
  12. Learn me all about Lasik

    I had lasik done 3-4 years ago. Cost was around 3500 and the procedure wasn't too bad. Had a few issues with dry eyes at first and they seemed drier than usual for the first year. Vision also seemed to vary a bit for the first year or two but has stabilized now. Sometimes my eyes do dry out and my vision gets noticeably worse, like after welding for several hours, then comes back once I use drops or rest. It didn't give me as good as vision I had with contacts but I'm supposedly 20/20 according to my eye doctor. I used to have a lot of trouble with my contacts and would definitely do it again...
  13. Mid Ohio Aug. 22-24 or Sept. 1

    On a side note, the customer appreciation day email was sent out a few days ago. Signed up for Intermediate group!
  14. Mid Ohio Aug. 22-24 or Sept. 1

    I'll agree with you on getting bumped, I was kicking myself in the ass all day for not showing up earlier or registering the day before. Totally my fault. Although, I've been walking on to I group for the past few years without any issues. I disagree with you on open track time though. The open track time at the end of the day is a great way to actually apply what you learned without having your hand held and is what got me hooked on track days. You learn a lot from getting a tow all day but it doesn't force you to find/use your own markers instead of just watching the bike in front of you. As for getting passed, N group would probably be the place to get used to it. With the lower speeds and straights-only passes, the occasional brake check or swerve likely won't end in catastrophe. Better to get used to it then than get bumped to I group and get buzzed mid corner right off the rip. I feel the new format might turn some of the new guys off to track days before they get to experience the joys of open track... I guess that would mean more space in I group though?
  15. Mid Ohio Aug. 22-24 or Sept. 1

    I wonder why they changed the N group format? I remember the open track after lunch with only passing on the front/back straights working out pretty well...