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  1. Mid-O September 4th

    Weather for Sunday and Monday is looking niiiice, might even go ahead and sign up today. OMRL race on Sunday, Mid-Ohio on Monday; going to be a good weekend!
  2. My track bike conundrum.

    My opinion would be to buy an already built track only R6 as well. Check out the WERA forum; there are always tons of really nice R6's and other bikes already built for $3-5k. Almost impossible to build one for that price. http://forums.13x.com/index.php?forums/bikes-for-sale.48/ Shoot, look at this one: $4500 for an 2008 with everything you could want! I'm temped to go buy it myself... http://forums.13x.com/index.php?threads/2008-yamaha-r6-race-bike.346075/
  3. Mid-O October 9th

    This one would be free! Not much of a debate there!
  4. Mid-O September 4th

    I followed Andy and Jacob on the 4th to get some footage of their riding and finally got it uploaded last night
  5. Mid-O October 9th

    Yep, just have to have 4 days in before the 9th.
  6. Mid-O October 9th

    I'll be in as long as it's not raining the entire day.
  7. Mid-O September 4th

    Well, that probably explains why it wasn't available then!
  8. Mid-O September 4th

    I signed up today. Tried to get garage 13 or 15 but all the pull throughs are full.
  9. Mid-O September 4th

    Did you guys get a garage number yet?
  10. Mid-O September 4th

    I'm probably going to wait until Thursday/Friday before signing up, but I'll take a garage slot if there ends up being one available. Weather has been looking good for Monday all week so I'm hoping it holds up!
  11. Mid-O September 4th

    Pretty sure you just have to take mirrors off for intermediate. Anything plastic just needs taped up.
  12. Let's Play: "Name That Tire Wear Issue!"

    I run them with warmers only, with hot pressures 31-32 psi front, 26 psi rear
  13. Let's Play: "Name That Tire Wear Issue!"

    Pretty much looks exactly like that^ (the first two pics anyway) Is that delamination on the 2nd two pics?! Was any explanation for the wear with that pic?
  14. Let's Play: "Name That Tire Wear Issue!"

    Hot, 30-35 psi on the front and 25-28 psi on the rear
  15. Let's Play: "Name That Tire Wear Issue!"

    Hmmm... I suppose it could be, but physically it matches the description of cold tear if you see it in person.