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  1. Well that'll make things interesting... any idea how dark it's going to get?
  2. I'll be in for the 21st as long as it isn't going to rain all day. I've had bad luck getting to track days this year so I've got three gift certs burning a hole in my pocket.
  3. XR100 Tires

    My XR100 came with BT45 100s that are nearing the wear bars. I'd like to upgrade to a new set of 110s before the next race. Where is the best place to get them that have them in stock? I've seen some debate about "H" rating vs "V" rating as well, assuming H is the way to go? Also, what size tubes should I get? Get new or reuse the ones in the 100s? I assume that they would use the same size tube but I'd like to be sure... Thanks!
  4. I'll take the leathers if you are willing to ship. Boots too if he doesn't buy them. Shipping via USPS should only be like $20 or so. Think you could shoot me a total with shipping to 43302 when you get a chance? I can just paypal you the total then... Thanks! Nathan
  5. Random Track Talk

    I bailed too, looking like rain starting after noon...
  6. Random Track Talk

    I might head over there tomorrow if the weather clears up. Was going to try and go today but woke up to thunderstorms and steady rain...
  7. 2017 Pikes Peak Record

    I was out there a couple of years ago and we drove up in an Tahoe. It seemed like there might have been some biking event going on there around the same time because there were a bunch of roadies all over the place riding up from the bottom. Followed some guy in a Mustang up about 3/4 or more of the way, then watched as he pulled off and got his bike out and rode the rest of the way up. We saw him later at the top, hanging out with the other roadies and probably acting like he rode all the way from the bottom! I've been completely pooped after climbing maybe 1500ft on a mountain bike, I can't imagine the hell that would be pedaling all the way up that mountain...
  8. Mid-O July 3

    Ooooh I didn't even notice there was a track day on the 3rd, I just saw the Twilight on the 2nd. In for sure pending weather!
  9. That's a good price on the suit... any chance you'll be in central Ohio anytime soon?
  10. Ohlins Rear Shock: 2003-2004+? R6

    I have an Ohlins rear shock for an R6, fits 2003-2004, I think 2005 too. Everything seems to be in good condition. $400 + shipping.
  11. Babe Ride Out

    1300 miles on an R6? That doesn't even sound like fun... details on the wreck?
  12. Mid-O - June 5

    Think I might hold off until the 19th...
  13. When's the next shared use track day?

    I can't believe he kept that upright!
  14. Mid-O - June 5

    Weather forecast took a turn for the worst; probably going to wait until Sunday to decide at this point...
  15. Mid-O - June 5

    I'll be there on the 5th weather dependent...