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  1. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    Where's the best place to get a 180/55R17 Superbike slick SC2? I used to get my tires from STG but they switched to Michelin and stopped carrying Pirelli race tires
  2. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    It was a damn nice day out there today!
  3. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    You going on the 8th or the 9th? Dempsey and I are going on Monday assuming weather is nice but we heard you weren't going to be back in town until Tuesday...
  4. Limitedslip7

    Mid-O Gift Certs

    Get yourself a stand-up! Superjet or something similar.
  5. Limitedslip7

    KTM Demo Truck to Visit Columbus

    Stopped in today on my way to Circleville but it was a 3 hour wait on any bike...
  6. Limitedslip7

    Looking for moonlighting CNC mill machinist guy

    What does the CAD job entail? I do a lot of 3D design and modeling with Inventor...
  7. Limitedslip7

    OMRL 2019 Season

    I'm planning on being there on the 27th
  8. Limitedslip7

    Back Protectors

    The girlfriend asked what I wanted for Christmas and one of the things I've been wanting is a new back protector. Been looking at the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 or the Pro L2 Evo... then I was thinking maybe the EX-K Harness Flight might be a good idea since it's got the built in chest protector too... then I saw the Flight+ with the additional shoulder protection that might be good for shoulder/collarbone protection... then I figured I probably wouldn't be able to fit much more than just the back protector into my suit with my ever expanding waistline and the harness might be hot(ter) in the summer. There's not a lot of room in there as it is. What are your experiences/preferences with back protectors? Think the chest and/or shoulder protection is worth it? My current one is an old Knox that I got for free with my used suit and it's getting pretty haggard.
  9. Limitedslip7


    @whatAre you going to OMRL the grom this year?
  10. Limitedslip7

    track birds and rider strike

    I can't believe that the lead rider kept it upright!
  11. Limitedslip7

    Noobie from Marion

    Welcome, I'm also located in Marion. There is a small group of us here that race 100s and ride Mid O frequently during the summer months if you are ever interested in trying it out. I don't ride on the street much anymore... Where do you mountain bike? Alum Creek or Mohican I'm assuming?
  12. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    Might have been the best free day yet! Perfect weather and I won $50 off a PTR!
  13. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    What group did you sign up for? I or A?
  14. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    I think it's just me and you so far... weather forecast has been off and on. As long as it looks like I'm going to get at least a few decent sessions I'll go.
  15. Limitedslip7

    Random Track Talk

    Anyone signed up for the 8th yet? Open enrollment starts today. I'm signed up and have garage #12. Got the garage for free and anyone is welcome to join me.