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  1. Limitedslip7

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Duct tape? How bad is it?
  2. Limitedslip7

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Anyone know what Kyle Hunter's new website is? He was at the track yesterday taking pics again and I assumed his website was still the same but it's not. Can't find it anywhere...
  3. Limitedslip7

    Cleaning leathers?

    Wet races and sliding on asphalt seem to do the trick for mine.
  4. Limitedslip7

    Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Let us know your thoughts on it when you get it broken in. I've had a Speed Triple for the last five years or so but have been lusting after a 1290 since they first released that teaser trailer...
  5. Limitedslip7

    What Are Your Thoughts on This?

    You definitely weren't going to make that turn. That being said, I've done the exact same thing going WOT to the finish line right there in the wet to pick up a spot but I was on the outside. Thought I could make the turn if I started braking right as I crossed the finish but I ended up losing the front as I turned in. Personally I probably wouldn't have tried that up the inside due to the risk of collecting the guy on the outside as he tried to turn in but you did the right thing just going straight into the air fence because you would have hit the other downed guy or his bike if you did try to turn in to that corner at that speed. Lesson learned for next time...
  6. Limitedslip7

    What do YOU need?

    Looking for some race boots and a back protector. Had some Alpinestar SMX-S (I think) for a while that fit well and were comfortable but the toe split out. I think they were like a 9.0-9.5. I ended up getting a pair of Sidi Vortice boots in the same size but they are about 1/2 to 1 size too small. They are kind of uncomfortable but that could be because of the size issue. Not really particular about brand but definitely want something that fits well and has some decent ankle protection. My current back protector is an old Knox I got for free. It's getting pretty haggard and the GF offered to buy me one for my birthday so I'd like to find an upgrade with good ventilation. Thanks!
  7. Limitedslip7

    Wife & I joined a Gang

    Your wife must be really small to make a Grom look like a full size motorcycle
  8. Limitedslip7

    All inclusive beach vacations

    Just got back from Cozumel last week, it was awesome and one of my favorite vacations for sure. Coconuts was definitely worth the stop! Some interesting content in those notebooks... If you're a diver, this place is a must. Epic reef diving on Cozumel and the cenotes (el pit!!) on the mainland are well worth a day trip.
  9. Limitedslip7

    OMRL Round 1 this weekend

    Sounds like everyone had a great time at the 1st round... still pissed I missed it! Can't wait for the next round! Any of you guys practicing at Circleville this weekend? Might be able to get the bikes prepped Sat and practice on Sunday.
  10. Limitedslip7

    All inclusive beach vacations

    Did you guys do anything off the resort? I'm staying on Cozumel April 13th-22nd but will be taking a couple of day trips over there to rent a car, check out the ruins at Tulum and Coba, and dive a couple of cenotes. There is so much stuff to do in the area it's hard to choose...
  11. Limitedslip7

    "side hustle."

    I make aluminum fuel cells for jetskis on the side. It can be a lot of work but I enjoy welding and it makes decent money.
  12. Limitedslip7

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Bought my four for the year...
  13. Limitedslip7

    Anybody use the new "cheap" TIG welders?

    I've heard the foot pedals and torches are terrible on those machines compared to the higher end brand name TIGs, so you might want to factor in the cost of upgrading those if you are going to use it much. I'm a Miller guy myself, but I've heard really good things about the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200. It's quite a bit more expensive at $1500 but probably has a decent pedal and torch already. Still quite a bit cheaper than the higher end $5000 TIGs...
  14. Limitedslip7

    All inclusive beach vacations

    Was the beach packed there with cruisers? A lot of beach vendors hounding you? I made the mistake of staying on West Bay beach in Roatan and that shit about ruined it for me. I can't stand being badgered every five minutes by someone insistently selling a fucking massage or bracelet. I would prefer a laid back quiet section of beach with good reef if that is available there...
  15. Limitedslip7

    All inclusive beach vacations

    Did you do any snorkeling/diving on Cozumel? The GF wants to go stay somewhere fairly cheap early next year but decent shore snorkeling and (boat) diving is a requirement for me...