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  1. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    Gearing question for you 600cc guys at Mid-O; I'm banging my rev limiter for a second or two right before T1, T2, and T12. Shifting up sucks because I have to shift back down almost immediately after or my drive out of the corner sucks. Would it be better to go up a tooth in the back so I have time to shift or go down a tooth and not have quite as good of a drive but not have to shift? I'm only running up to the top of 5th on the back straight. This is on a 2004 R6... I think I'm running a -1 front/stock sized rear sprocket right now. Been a while since I've swapped out the sprockets/chain so I'll have to double check.
  2. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    Yes sir, although I'm a little worried that I group might be filled up by the time we get there. I guess Mike called, Novice is full and there might only be a few slots left in I group. Still gonna send it tho
  3. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    Mike Dempsey and I are in for Monday. Do you think you will have room for us in the garage?
  4. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    I'm thinking about it...
  5. Limitedslip7

    OMRL - CRP - Round 7 Highlights

    Derek I didn't realize how close you were those races! Definitely faster than me... I can never seem to figure out CRP CW direction... going to have to get some practice in before the next one.
  6. Limitedslip7

    OMRL - CRP - Round 7 Highlights

    How's the noggin? Any issues later?
  7. Limitedslip7

    OMRL photos

    These must be from practice; I don't see a giant chip out of Jacob's helmet yet...
  8. Limitedslip7

    OMRL Adkins

    Spend a little bit more and get a nice one. If it looks beat up at all don't bother with it even if it's from a member on here. Parts are cheap but they still add up quickly.
  9. Limitedslip7

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    That last pic is badass!
  10. Limitedslip7

    Suzuki demo days at Iron Pony

    Thanks for the ride Jacob! I think I got lucky by only having to wait 5 min. Rode the GSX-S750. Definitely a smooth bike compared to my Speed Triple but could use a steering damper and some more torques.
  11. Limitedslip7

    Suzuki demo days at Iron Pony

    What time? The GF is taking scuba classes right down the road from Iron Pony tomorrow from 4-8PM and I'm just going to be sitting around bored for four hours... I'll come beat up on some bikes if it's still going on!
  12. Frig off Ricky!!
  13. Limitedslip7

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Oh I'll be there
  14. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    It was definitely a great day to ride! Thanks for helping me pick my bike back up... pretty sure you guys foreshadowed that happening every time I took it off the stands though. The one time someone didn't say "oh shit your bikes falling!" and tried to catch it was the time it fell over.
  15. Limitedslip7

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    I signed up for I group. Jacob I'll chip in on a garage. There are still 15 slots open in I group if anyone is thinking about walking on.