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  1. Broke my foot riding my chopper on Apr 22nd.....so needless to say i didn't. But been out riding both bikes since recovering.

  2. so did you ever make it to your break out ride?

  3. Message me with details, I can rally enough bikes for you. You won me when you said closing off a road.
  4. not familiar with that meme, huh?

  5. And you are sending me this, because??

  6. KoyPrez

    New Guy

    Thanks for the warm welcomes guys/gals and to the other smart arses, a post is better than no post , so thank you to for your cold welcoming. Yes I own a cbr 929rr that I ride and I own a f2 that I really should sell, but im such a pack rat.
  7. KoyPrez

    New Guy

    Wanted to introduce myself to everyone. Im Koy, I live in Tallmadge,OHIO...I ride a 01' cbr929rr, own a cbr600f2, and currently building a custom chopper. I love riding mostly through the valley and touring on long distances.
  8. KoyPrez

    Love to ride

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