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  1. Mine have just over 3k on them but I'm pretty sure that they're the originals one in the 996 so that is now approaching 18+ years.
  2. Installed a new speedo since I missed not having a fuel gauge.
  3. Installed a H-D Daymaker LED headlight for the Breakout and it was an easy plug-n-play swap.
  4. Took the Breakout for a chilly ride this afternoon and it's proving to be a run ride for a cruiser.
  5. She'll never look like that, I promise! Speaking of mods, I did my first one today - installed a HD Daymaker headlight and man, their stuff is expensive but it is a huge improvement over the stock unit.
  6. Thanks, bro. Yes, I still have the yellow Duc but haven't ridden it in over two years. At present, it is sitting with bad fuel in the tank but hopefully, it'll be back on the road soon and for sale. The Harley is a different riding experience, at least at lower speeds, so I've been getting better at using the friction zone and rear brake to help with steering tighter.
  7. Well, after years of riding only sport bikes and having not ridden my Duc in about two years I am now the owner of a 2013 Harley Breakout. I came about it via a trade for one of my trucks last week after getting little interest in it on CL. I've always wanted a Sportster but I must say the Breakout is a nice looking bike and albeit a little slow not to mention slower responding with the steering than my Duc it is fun to ride. Mods include a Stage 1 kit with Cobra pipes, sissy bar, and chrome wheels (don't know the manufacturer) but it is otherwise stock with just over 1600 miles.
  8. Good video and makes me miss my riding days on the Duc.
  9. I just post my number and require a call/text but beware of the scammers no matter which approach you choose. I just successfully traded one of my vehicles for a Harley Breakout and we only communicated via text - it seems youngin's nowadays don't like to talk on the phone.
  10. Yeah, it's a mess - a good lookin' mess but one just the same. I'll shoot over a PM ASAP because riding season is right around the corner and no doubt you'll be slammed.
  11. Probably nothing serious - it's been sitting for a year - but initial diagnosis indicates a weak battery (it has been on a battery tender), bad fuel in the tank (it was treated) is making it very difficult to start. When it would start previously, placing it in gear killed the engine (pretty sure it doesn't have a kickstand switch). From a routine maintenance aspect, it definitely needs new belts and a valve adjustment. Looks like I need to have you work some Duc magic on it.
  12. Thanks, Ron. I'm doing okay, I miss having something to do every day besides sitting on my butt. However, I don't miss Operations one bit.
  13. baptizo

    Best Damn Coffee

    If my Duc ran it would run on espresso, fer sure.
  14. The 7.3 and my current 6.0 both came from Arkansas so rust, initially, wasn't an issue. The 7.3 was still in great shape when I sold it last October but the 6.0 is showing signs of rust after this past winter. The 6.4 is an Ohio truck but has been completely rebuilt and only has some very minor rust spots which will be addressed ASAP. The frame was POR15 sealed and then oil sprayed.
  15. My first diesel was an early 1999 7.3 but sold it late last year and miss it.
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