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  1. Al Z. Heimer

    Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Out patient surgery today to get a port put in my chest. Monday starts the glow in the dark juice. Not looking forward to that part of this journey. Thanks again to all for the support.
  2. Al Z. Heimer

    Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Hey guys it is with some guilt that I am finally able to post up. Many times I tried but just could not seem to be able to finish. The last few weeks have been really tough mentally,physically and emotionally. The surgeon is confident that the tumor has been totally removed so that is a good thing. The bad is my liver is fooked. Today was chemo training and what kind of chemo they are going to hit me with. Gonna be at least 6 months worth and hope for the best. That starts in 4 more days. It sure was a kick in the ass after only been retired for just over a month. I owe our own Nivin a huge load of gratitude. Yes he is part of my renal group and a decision that he made turned around one large obstacle that was causing some me some major issues. Thank you my friend I will forever be grateful. So that's pretty much it for now. Thanks to each and everyone of you guys and gals for the good wishes. Bless you all. Maybe one day I'll be able to shake your hands and thank you in person.
  3. Al Z. Heimer

    Me and durk finally ride 8/5

    Holy shit ball! Dude glad this was a ride away rather than a fly away. I'm here if you need me. Put this in your hard drive --- After the monsoon rain we had yesterday your gonna have washouts like that. Have to expect it.
  4. Hey Bro. Although I'm not that close I can hook you up. All you need is the DR and your parts. I have probably have all the tools you'll need from air tools to a welder and a lift table. Leaving it till your done is not a problem. Hit me if your interested.
  5. Al Z. Heimer

    American Burnout

    Maybe scrape up that rubber and get it made into some of this stuff. http://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/inked?utm_source=indian.com%2finked&utm_medium=vanity-url&utm_campaign=vanity-ind-inked
  6. Al Z. Heimer

    QSL valley view 7/26

    Oh boy. Probably only rides it to bike night. 🍶 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
  7. Al Z. Heimer

    Sonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    If you are not using something adjustable to raise the bike such as a rear stand the the best thing you can do is make a floor to tire ramp that does not fit tight. A little on the loose side is better to allow for new tread. Do this before you pull the axle. Doc's major issue was that when he pulled the wheel out the swing arm closed up about an eighth of an inch or more and the wheel with spacers would no longer fit. It took a bit of finesse get it back in.
  8. Al Z. Heimer

    Sonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    But I have spanners Mate. Cheers.
  9. Al Z. Heimer

    Ricer1 in trouble

    Let's go John. I'm retired now. Ready to ride with you anytime. Keep swinging.
  10. Al Z. Heimer

    Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Looks to be holding up that guy on the SV650 as well. Needs to pull over.
  11. Al Z. Heimer

    bike 2009 FZ6 with just under 500 miles on it

    Cool beans Jim. Here's to many happy and safe miles and smiles. Squid. 👍
  12. Al Z. Heimer

    Bike Transport Options?

    How well the bike will do depends on how well it is secured and how well your belongings are secured. As far as the corporate relo homo goes in my mind if there is room on the unit for your bike and you want pay to have them transport it and they are willing to do it said relo man is not part of the equation. That would be a separate contract between you and the mover. No different than if someone else has stuff they want to go to that destination. Pay the 50 bucks and move on.
  13. Al Z. Heimer

    Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    What does @hiro think?
  14. Al Z. Heimer

    Deals Gap 10/11-10/13

    Ok. What am I missing here? Justin made this post in 2014. I know Tonik has his shine and Dan well we know and not sure of Casper's choice of relaxation is.