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  1. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    Yes yes. They are available.
  2. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    How bout loud clutches save lives
  3. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    Say good bye to Desmo. Welcome pushrods and hydraulic lifters. Say hello to the new Multi-Glyde or the revolutionary Fat-Panni. I suppose the new dealerships will have a barnyard theme since they will be selling Ducs and Hogs.
  4. NC helmet law change

    The injury severity vs helmet no helmet cost has very little to do with what your insurance premium is. In most cases you don't even get med pay unless you add it on to your policy. Then you buy a specific dollar amount. How much you need depends on how good your present medical insurance is. Have none or it is crap well you need to buy a bunch. It is more supplemental than primary. I personally only carry 1K because my work insurance is very good. Cost---27 bucks a year for all 4 bikes. The major determination in your premium is which vehicle you choose to own and insure. Other factors are the county you live in,credit rating,driving record and a few more. My premium on all 4 bikes is 570 dollars a year. Full coverage w/250 deductible. 100/300 liability. Under/uninsured motorist,roadside assistance w/trip interuption. Progressive has just come out with another add on that is called enhanced injury protection. It pays 250 bucks a week for up 2 two years if injured and 25K if you need a pine box. I just added that at 109 bucks a year. For comparison when I added the FJR1300 my premium went up $193. I had my my wife run a quote to add on a 2012 GSXR1000 to the policy----1596 bucks just for the GSXR. So in essence I/Comps have targets on certain vehicles and charge accordingly. They have us by the balls. I wanted to get a Doberman Pincher when I retired but my homeowners insurance company said if you do get one we will drop you. They are on the bad doggy hit list. Also Progressive has just implemented the disappearing deductible in Ohio----deductible drops 25% per yearly renewal if you have no claims. Yes my wife is a licensed agent but we get no discounts because of that.
  5. Battery making high pitched hum. Page 13 Tony. It was probably just internal resistance until it was able to accept some juice. Looks like you dodged a bullet. BT's sometimes won't charge a dead battery.
  6. street triples playing in cherohala skyway

    You kidding Durk? It's probably on a UPS truck already. or Fed Ex.
  7. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    I'm with you Durk but that big Fort Worth ribeye is a bomb digity chunk of meat. Medium of course. Don't forget a couple brews. 🍺🍺
  8. Cherohala Challenge 2017

    Totally awesome accomplishment guys. Your married to one tough Chick Pauly. Many fucks given to all of you ‼️
  9. An addicts Story of a costly Costly gap trip

    I warned you Jason.
  10. Since it was the long way around to the Gap I'll toss this up. I left my daughters Monday morning and headed for the Gap. After biting the bullet and dealing with Atlanta traffic in the interest of time it was North Georgia back roads to Andrews North Carolina to look at a house. The further I went up the mountain the narrower the road got till it turned into large gravel and much steeper than I cared to venture. Bummer. The place had million dollar view. No way the wife would go for that. Then off to the Dragon. Blew past the store and took a break and had a chat at the overlook then blasted back to the store for a quick sandwich and drink. More back roads to Pickens SC. to visit some good friends. He is an F6B rider and she has a Spyder. They live in motorcycle road heaven. He rides that bike on the dark side and got 38k out of the first one. Says that once you get used to a few quirks handling is just fine. Yesterday was a long day. Banged out 650 miles and 6 states to get home from Pickens. Took some fantastic 2 lanes to Charleston West Virginia to slab it out the rest of the way. Dodged storms till eastern Kentucky then shit got real. Heavy rain,big wind and lightning. Experienced a lightning strike about 30 yards away when it hit either the tracks or rail cars that were next to the highway. No thanks. Was a good trip. Hated to come home but it was time. Like Tpoppa says no cops no drops. My thoughts on a Gen 2 FJR 1300. Needs 6th gear,needs cruise control,seat is atrocious,heat at the seat and your legs can get pretty uncomfortable lastly a speeding ticket just may be in your future. It is happy to cruise at 80 plus and handles pretty well in the twisty bits considering it's weight. Not sure if it is a keeper though. Some pics------
  11. IMG_0184.JPG

    I'm willing to bet that he already knows every one that is for sale on Craigslist and Cycle Trader within 100 miles of his home.
  12. Trip to the Dragon

    Still out. Hanging at my daughters in Sharpsburg Ga. Going to start home Monday. Got to ride with her yesterday. She has a Sportster. Went to the Pine Mountain area and FDR State Park.
  13. Trip to the Dragon

    Good to here you guys had a fun and safe trip Durk.
  14. Thanks Tim for putting this together and all of you for sharing this trip with me. Going to chill for a few days at my daughter's home in Sharpsburg Ga. Took mostly backroads to get here after I left Barber. Hope you Ozark Boys have a safe and good time on the rest of your trip.
  15. Yes Tim. I never thought that I could get overwhelmed and overloaded on motorcycles . This place did it too me. Holy shit. I will go again sometime. Just too much to digest.