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  1. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Last weekend we had such a good ride. And the weather for this saturday looks to be just as nice, if not even a little cooler. And, I have all day this Saturday. So the route can get just a little longer. Anyway, I’m planning to ride Saturday and get down to Marietta again. I was thinking we’d meet in New Concord or Otsego around 10-10:30. Post up if you’re interested. If the ride turns out anything like last Saturday, it should be a great time.
  2. Great ride yesterday guys. It was exactly as I had hoped. Wish I could have ridden 536 though. We were so close. It was good seeing all of you. Hopefully we get one more before the snow flies!
  3. Gear laid out and ready to roll. I’ll see you guys in the am.
  4. Oh that's not true Jim. We've had 2 recently that didn't go well, but many that did. And when I say "didn't go well" it's not like someone went down. Would be great to see you. I foresee this being one of the better rides this season.
  5. I’m attending Fisher School of Business too. Planning to major in Marketing. I’m pre-business, but shouldn’t be too long now.... Took the survey. Good luck!
  6. Bt-023 tires. Who's had them

    I've had 3 sets of BT-023s. My personal experience is that they grip well until they don't. For durability/ performance/ value.....Pirelli Angel GTs last longer, stick better, though cost more. I've had some bad experiences on BT-023s.
  7. Alright guys, I'll start nailing down some plans. I'll keep them tentative on participants, but at least we have a starting point to discuss. Let's meet at the gas station in New Concord at 10:15. Kickstands at 10:30. Looks to be unseasonably warm (63) for mid-October, so the morning ride shouldn't be miserable. Fuel Mart 201 W Main St, New Concord, OH 43762 The ride pace will be brisk, though not stupid. Participants should have some backroad twistys experience. As always, we will wait for stragglers at all route changing intersections. Please be ATGATT. Route to be determined, but challenging.
  8. 100cc? Sounds more like a pony.... maybe a dog.
  9. Well damn... it should’ve been there by now. The tags are good for 45 days though. Everyone calls them 30 day tags, but they extended their validity.... for what it’s worth.
  10. Hey guys, Planning a ride for Saturday 10/14. Weather looks to be almost perfect: 80 and partly cloudy. With it being late in the season, I’m planning to really get a good ride in....in case it’s the last. Hopefully the warmth holds out for another month...but it may not. Route will be flexible. But I’m hoping to get to the roads up and down the river near Marietta. As we figure out who’s coming along, I’ll make a meet time and place. But I’m thinking we’ll meet as a group around 10-10:30. Anyway....post up and let’s get one last good one in.
  11. Oct 7 Saturday

    @NinjaDoc @B-Mac Where are you guys meeting tomorrow? I’d like to tag along.
  12. Oct 7 Saturday

    Where’s this ride meeting and when? I’m hoping to get out tomorrow.
  13. Day Ride Sat. Sep30 10:45am-

    I plan to be there in the am. I know a bunch of roads around McConnelsville. But I haven’t ridden much in the area this route goes, so it’ll be a nice change of pace. Looking forward to it!
  14. Party at my house 9/23

    Do you mean Saturday night? Or Sunday morning, to ride?