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  1. I’d get rid of this whole pile of decent gear pretty cheap, if someone made an offer on it. Try me. Worst I could say is no. Those Sidi boots are pretty nice as are the A*s.
  2. Just cleaning out the garage and have a few things to get rid of. Prices are negotiable. I’ll throw it all in one box and ship if someone was interested in some used gear for a cheap package price. Some of this stuff is definitely bts. But it’s worth something, I figure. XSS jacket is new, never worn. Size 48/58. Asking $75 Icon jacket is a size Large. Asking $75 Alpine Stars low cut boots, size 45. $75 Sidi Cobra Air boots. Good condition. Size 44. $75 White Alpine Stars jacket. Size 56/46. Has hole and damage on right shoulder. $50 Black Alpine Stars jacket
  3. I knew when I was watching episode 1 and they said they were going with Harley electric motorcycles with a range of like 130 miles, that it was going to be stupid. I've watched through episode 2 and can't get into it. I read the 1st two books and watched the series, but this electric bike thing is just dumb. I'm all for innovation and the future. Hell, I could see myself owning an electric bike one day. But this electric decision rooted in making political statements completely changed their trip. I doubt they'll say it, but I bet they regretted it big time.
  4. L I ripped off the abs sensor the night before a trip. Had to panic solder it back together. Was fortunate to save the sensor. But that caliper/ rear wheel is a bad design by Yamaha.
  5. Yeap... and Andy essentially has the exact wheel, sensor and caliper I have. It’s a bitch! Anything that improves what Yamaha did with that rear wheel and caliper is worth the $$.
  6. Jackets for sale. Older model black Alpine Stars jacket. No damage but it’s well worn in. Perfect for a newer rider looking for excellent protection. $200 obo Alpine Stars GP Pro Jacket. $600 new but it has some damage from an incident. Nothing that makes it unserviceable. Some slight leather repair would be beneficial. $250 obo Icon Leather Dayton’s jacket This was my first leather jacket and it’s a great piece of gear. Comfortable. Excellent zips and vents. Needs a little cleaning but the price is right. $75 obo ISXS leather jacket Sport oriented. Bought from Iron Po
  7. Blitz

    CBus peeps help?

    I’m recording FOX News at 10. They didn’t have a 5 or 6 o’clock news like ABC6. If it’s any better I’ll post it.
  8. Blitz

    CBus peeps help?

    So, ABC had a two minute piece on it but it showed the governor and not your face. And the other 1:50 of it was two terrible interviews with people that couldn’t effectively make the argument for why earplugs are important. I can post it, but it’s probably not worth it.
  9. Blitz

    CBus peeps help?

    I can do that. Or at least I will try.
  10. I have access to a 650 Vstrom, whenever I would like.....if some ADV riding becomes commonplace around here.
  11. This entire dog and pony show is a joke. It quite possibly has NOTHING to do with Trump and has everything to do with the Democrats trying to displace Biden from the race. Bottom line it, if you FULLY believe ANY of them and declare one side right and the other side DEMONS.....you are unable to set aside your personal confirmation bias and try to use logic and reason to get to the bottom of it. We are all being lied to. @Pauly Trump may very well be corrupt and there may very well be reason for him to investigated. After listening to this, you can't say substantial evidence doesn't exis
  12. IIRC, you suggested to install the chock a little higher on a block, which would lift the height of where the front wheel met the frame of the trailer.....and in return would have given me that extra half an inch or so clearance that I would've needed. Is that correct? Never made the change. I should've though. I trailered it a couple times after that.I suppose the damage had already been done.
  13. How did you remember such a minute, inconsequential detail? I'm impressed.... or unnerved...
  14. I didn’t notice that. But, now that I do...my bill’s in the mail.
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