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  1. Jester_

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    I get the sv thing, ultra light would just be frustrating unless racing other ultra lights.
  2. Jester_

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    An R3 would be in the ultra light category. From a track day perspective I could see that size bike getting a tad bit frustrating in terms of passing a larger bike where the rules allow. But this is coming from a guy who hates riding anything smaller than a 1k so take that with a grain of salt.
  3. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    In the meantime here are some videos. "No not of you Nivin" Need to clean that wind screen...
  4. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Glad to see you and the bike were unharmed @F4iguy. Looks like you may have ran a bit wide on entrance and tried to tighten up your line? I know you said you were working on carrying more speed through there, could have turned in at the same place and been just a few feet off.
  5. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    It was great seeing you again @NinjaDoc. With half of our original group gone it was an awesome feeling to be able to ride with you again.
  6. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I did the barber TD one year, then last year was there for the GNF. It's a pretty crappy drive, as good as barber is as a track I'm not sure it's worth the drive from up here. However if you stay another day and check out the museum then that may be worth it. Unfortunately I have never been in the museum.
  7. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    3 years on the same oem a* pucks. 😬 2019 ain't over yet...
  8. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Wish I could drag knee 😪
  9. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I think I went through 15 gallons this weekend lol.
  10. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I struggled to get a clean lap. With coaching and only being the 2nd time on the R1 this year I was happy with the results. Sloppy lap but about as good as it got for me this past weekend.
  11. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Cherry Popping . . .

    I really like the layout of Grattan. I have only been there once which was last year but aside from needing a repave I liked it.
  12. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I group will always and forever be the meat grinder.
  13. Jester_

    Posting rides these days?

    It's not an R, but has ohlins suspension and the brembo MC which make is the same thing as an R.
  14. Jester_

    Braking while leaned over.

    Which is why I am now on the track 😛 Everyone should give this a watch if you have a few minutes. https://youtu.be/R0ebbmV8LpQ
  15. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Another great resource is James Bock with podium motorsports. He is further away but his shipping rates seem lower than most vendors that are closer.