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  1. Lets discuss oil filters...

    Hiflofiltro or oem. I'm sure wix are fine as well. Another k&n failed at Daytona this past weekend and caused another crash.
  2. NC Bike April 7-8

    Congrats John!
  3. NC Bike April 7-8

    Il be curious to see what you get on 68 if you go to NC bike.
  4. NC Bike April 7-8

    I figured 10 as well, and 3.10 for fuel.
  5. NC Bike April 7-8

    I have a rough estimate of $310 for fuel round trip on fuel to nc bike and back from my house. Divide that by however many people are going. I think a day at nc bike is 170 for non elite members? Would have to check on that. And of course most would get slightly better fuel economy than I do pulling the 5th wheel.
  6. NC Bike April 7-8

    Its not too bad just not my cup of tea after being on it a few times. And the pit area sucks if you dont get there early. It is cheap to run so theres that.
  7. NC Bike April 7-8

    Leaving in 24 days! As long as I have body work....
  8. NC Bike April 7-8

    I am beginning to hate it compared to every other track, but its worth going to a few times. Dragging bow in the light bulb this year fo sho!
  9. NC Bike April 7-8

    I just hope my bodywork is done in time. I installed the clip ons this weekend, and installed the ftecu auto tune, and fast frank underslung caliper bracked with longer line. But I need to call fast frank as I might have to send out the lightech adjusters to have them machine them to work with the new caliper bracket.
  10. NC Bike April 7-8

    Correct, leave mid morning "ish" that friday.
  11. NC Bike April 7-8

    @TimTheAzn and I are "probably" heading to nc bike april 6th and meeting up with a few others to ride that weekend. We are going to weather watch for temps and rain and go from there. I also have a huge list of things to do to the bike make the trip but as long as the bodywork is back from paint I am a go. Will be back 2am ish on the 9th. @F4iguy showed some interest in going so he has a spot if he goes and has a trs. If others are interested in going and can ride share everyone is more than welcome to sleep in the toy hauler. Or if John doesnt make it and someone else has a trs I have another spot open. I think I could also install another plate in the back and haul 4 bikes in there if needed.
  12. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    I had a 04 vfr800 asphalt black, I really do miss that bike. I know you were concerned with the vtec speed but it wasent an issue for me. Now that im on faster bikes maybe I would say otherwise but in the street it was awesome. First track day was on one please ignore the crappy riding.
  13. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    If we go the night before il probably bring the toy hauler for people to cook or sleep in, have A/C or whatever but that may complicate the bike transport. Maybe ride there the day before and we can figure it out for the ride home. Or if we go the day of we can use the enclosed with wheel chocks to aid in transport. Have plenty of time to figure it out.
  14. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Planning in camping out the night before or want to get there early am the day of?
  15. Hi

    Welcome! https://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/112704-ohio-riders-unofficial-mid-ohio-track-day-2018/&