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  1. Thanks for trying to give me a tow yesterday John. Ended up with 38.3 at the end of the day. Im sure if we had some clear track and your tow low 37s were in sight.
  2. There was an oil down at PIRC on Saturday as well. Someone didnt wire their drain plug and put oil down on the exit of 4.
  3. Good riding everyone. Always nice to see some new faces at the track.
  4. Hahaha yeaaa he could get all kinds of practice doing that.
  5. Il have a fridge and cooler there for you.
  6. You probably wont want to follow me haha. I should have room at my pit as well if anyone needs a spot.
  7. So who all is signed up or planning on going?
  8. Im not too worried about it to be honest. Track may just lose some temp and go away some. I should have my toy hauler there sunday night if anyone needs a place to crash. Not sure what time I will be there as I will be at pirc that Saturday and Sunday.
  9. Shoei X-Fourteen Rainey Helmet

    I really dig this.
  10. Brian frequents this board. Maybe he can talk to Mark Junge.
  11. Depending on what area of Cleveland you are coming from im sure someone close should have a spot for your bike.
  12. I will have some room under my canopy if anyone beeds a place to park. I have also done a track day or two and can help anyone through the process once we get there.
  13. Who's Doing Vintage Days Races?

    Had a good time this past weekend. Had a few guys stop over to chat from here which is always nice. Ran one day and got a 2nd and a 6th or something like that. It seems like its mostly how quickly you can get yourself in a decent position with that many bikes per class and how many laps you have to move up front. First race I started mid-rear of the pack and was in 2nd place in a lap and a half. Ended up leading most of the race but ended up with 2nd and got into the 38s. 2nd race I had a worse starting spot, back row if I remember correctly and never could make it past 6th place I dont think. Was nice to see you again Andrew. Last time I saw you I was crashing at your race school haha
  14. Mid-O July 3

    Great day yesterday. Was running in the upper 30s in the afternoon, lots of open track.
  15. Mid-O July 3

    I highly doubt I will make it as well