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  1. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Sounds good, I may need to add another TRS plate.
  2. Jester_

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Hoping to get most of the work done Saturday and Sunday... will see how it goes.
  3. Jester_

    What did you do to your bike today?

    9 days left until we leave for Summit, have a busy weekend ahead.
  4. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I think John is going to ncbike as well.
  5. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Both of those trips are rough for towing if you avoid the turnpike. We will have to make plans when we see what Ron is doing as well.
  6. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I pass by Ron's as well.
  7. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Atleast to NC bike, I am not sure if summit will be worth a ride share if it's out of the way. I will have room for a bike, maybe 2 for nc bike. I'm not sure what Ron's plans are for travel.
  8. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    In reality I will probably have to skip that first wera round.
  9. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Il be at summit main that Monday, its too early for me to start thinking about Mid Ohio. Following weekend will be nc bike with n2, then WERA at Nelson's ledges, then N2 at pirc. Busy /expensive few weeks of riding ahead...
  10. Jester_

    A few videos from Jennings last weekend

    What a great weekend that was. And clean as well, maybe one or two yellow flags?
  11. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    I crashed in my race school, but it wasn't during the mock race so I still got a license haha. 209 GPA front, 50 degrees, rain, and the front tire warmer wasnt on, the instructors knew I was gonna be creeping around anyways but I survived about 10 turns before I crashed... the good ol days.
  12. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Pretty sure that is looking into the future at Azns first race this year.
  13. Jester_

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    Ahhh the rain free window. What a rainy trip that was.....
  14. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    N2 has an intro group which is free and will allow you to ride in the morning in a group following a CR. If you wat to continue to ride in the afternoon you can pay for the day and ride the rest of the afternoon. If you decide to go to a n2 day let me know. There are a few of us that will probably be around and you can pit with us and not worry about bringing water or food, we got you covered. Mid Ohio and STT are good options as well though some of the STT events are a bit further of a drive depending on where you are from.
  15. Jester_

    Random Track Talk

    Ron and I are going I think. But it's my birthday that weekend and I need to see what the wife has planned.