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  1. I am not sure what day I am looking to go yet, or if I can at all to be honest. I will let you know though. Will either be the weekend you are going or the one before that.
  2. Barber is pretty cool... not my favorite track but most everyone else loves it. It just isn't as fast as you would think it would be... has cool elevation change, was just repaved, and the facilities are the best in the business. CMP was also just repaved, and I think the lay out looks more fun to me but that is all subjective and the facilities are nowhere near as nice as barber. I am still trying to get to a weekend at either of those 2 tracks, maybe we can ride share if things work out.
  3. Nah not the on off throttle or anything, the power delivery was as smooth as I think it could be given the crossplane crank. When I had the engine done I had the camshafts degreed to bump the power up in the rpm range and the tune was really well done. Maybe its just another of those preference things.
  4. Again some of it is preference but the GSXR isn't as brutal on power delivery, I think it helps you control wheel speed and then there is that top end power. My bike is an SS build, has ceramic transmission bearings and tuned for MR12 or pump but on pump it is an absolute missile when you get into the power band. I think at the club level they are really starting to figure these bikes out, it just took a couple years. Even look at the grid at road atlanta a couple weeks ago, mostly GSXRs or ZX10s in the expert field. 2 years ago it was all R1s.
  5. To be honest I like pretty much everything about it more than the R1 except for the electronics. I like how stable it is in the corners, I like the power delivery more, it feels like it has way more mechanical grip... very confidence inspiring but some of those things are personal preference. The stock GSXR electronics suck, this has the Yosh EM-Pro "like the YEC ECU for yamaha". This is a KWS built bike, has lots of little upgrades on it but the EM-Pro has the KWS flash on it for TC\Wheelie control. It is nowhere close to the R1 in terms of wheelie control but I have heard the TC is close to the R1 I just didnt quite push the bike hard enough to get a feel for it yet. The first day on the bike just cruising around at PIRC on Road Atlanta gearing and I was only a half second off the times on the R1 and I still have to re spring the bike as well as make a few other adjustments to it. I cant wait to get used to this thing though, I really think this is a better platform for me.
  6. Spent last weekend getting used to the new bike. Overall a much better platform me.
  7. Surface is junk Kidding.. I will say the patches are in a pretty bad spot but overall the surface is great. I will also note that I dont think the actual patches have the grip of the normal asphalt, cant get near the drive out of the turns while on the patch that you can on the normal surface.
  8. Nice save! It sure is hard to get that line right to stay on the inside of that patch. If you go for a track walk you will find that patch is not even with the normal pavement on that side, but as you go towards the outside its a bit more level.
  9. Thanks! Not the closest race I recorded of the weekend but the only one I have access to at this point to upload.
  10. Would be cool to race at night, looks like fun. Here is a video from Saturday at nelson. A Superbike expert
  11. I "should" be at NC Bike July 25th and 26th, see you there!
  12. I think some of us are going to go to Roebling but mainly for cost even though the drive sucks. NCM is the better track for sure.
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