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  1. Cross your fingers bourbon drinkers.

    Love me some bourbon. My favorite current bottle is Elijah Craig 18 year.
  2. trackbike

    Great thread. Remember to post up your progress pictures!
  3. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    You know im in. Ready to park it in the turns and wheelie out of T1.... and out of the keyhole... and onto the front straight.
  4. Track days for 2017 @ mid ohio

    Picking up the 12 day like normal. Didnt get any mid ohio certs this year. But I normally only make it twice a year anyways.
  5. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    There was a girl on a 250 that was hit by a s1krr last year at pirc.
  6. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    They will move a 390 into A but normally make everyone aware that there will be a slower bike on track.
  7. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    Id say 390 or smaller.
  8. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    Most orgs wont alow the smaller bikes into advanced due to the closing rates but intermediate can be a bit of a cluster. N2 has wave by rules for passing a CR so they can still keep an eye on those things in intermediate/novice.
  9. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    Depends on of you want to get into racing or track days. Track days you would start in a novice class and can run about any bike you want. Most of our track day trips are really a weekend of drinking and grilling with some motorcycle riding thrown in btween. Racing there are a few vintage classes and then of course the vintage motorcycle days at mid ohio.
  10. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    I would agree with you, I have just never been to Road America. It is my bucket list track however.
  11. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    You would be surprised what some of the straight lengths are at a road course. Road Atlanta is about a mile long, vir isnt super long but you are already going at a good clip when you enter it. Even summit point and mid ohio are pretty fast.
  12. 1 bike for street/track

    An sv on q3s would be a great bike if you dont want to get into a 600.
  13. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    Shes such an easy going baby. On the way back from virginia beach last week we stopped once for diesel and let Liam burn off some energy then made it the whole way home without stopping. They both do real well in the truck. I would have had to stop 3 times for @TRMN8TR to piss.
  14. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    My wife likes coming to the track to hang out, and my son loves everything bikes. Walks around the paddock saying vroom vrooom. My Daughter is 3 months old so she doesnt get a say. Im in a great position for now I guess. My in-laws stop out as does my family.
  15. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    When I felt our street riding was getting too risky Ryan convinced me to go to the track. There I could push myself and the bike and not worry as much about the consequences and I always felt at home on the track. Even on a mild street ride I would think "if a deer hopped out of these trees id be fucked". On the track all I think of is what I am doing, when do I need to get on the brake, off the brake, move my body etc.... they are totally different experiances for me. We have had 2 kids since I started riding on the track and of course in the back of my mind is the question "is this something I should be doing". Im not sure if it is to be honest, I would do alot more sprint races if it werent for the family situation but track days and endurance racing are less intense and I feel like that could be a good balance. I am in a position now where I have a camper and the wife and kids can go to the track and hang out for the weekend, go somewhere for a few days afterwards which is awesome. To be honest I fear the day that I cant ride anymore. I cant think of anything on earth that can give you the rush this sport does, to feel the bike moving around under you, slide the rear tire on the brakes just to the point of turn in, knee down and roll on the throttle to accelerate out of a turn. When you know you nailed a corner to the best of your ability there is nothing like it, everything just flows. I cant think of anything that can take the place of that feeling, or a way to describe it. I know of alot of people who have dropped off because of kids or jobs and I never understood how you could give up something like that. Maybe when its time for me to give it up I will understand, but for now im looking forward to next year.