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  1. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 8/20

    Will be at YCRS Monday. Would like to hit up mid ohio again at some point this year, I think the cert I have expires this year.
  2. Jester_

    $20 shipping for $25 t-shirt

    Why you hating on AGV bruh?
  3. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I was there earlier in the year for a race, it was pretty fun.
  4. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    Grattan is worse than mid ohio for bumps, but not quite as bad with the sealer. But it has a jump so.....
  5. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

  6. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I buy 12 days with N2 over the winter. It's like 1800 or so and you get an elite membership which allows you to cancel a day up to 8am the day of an event, maybe its 9am. It could have been a little more this year, cant remember.
  7. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    First guy took a bad line going into 1. Second guy probably knew I was gaining on him on the straight and tried to brake as late as he could. We actually got fairly close as he tried to take that line away but I just brushed past him and tried to put my head down to finish the lap.
  8. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    A few friends were standing at the fence going into China beach so I was just giving them a rev haha.
  9. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I have a cert and will probay use it this year. It's not like I hate mid ohio or anything. But I would but summit over pirc and pretty much everything except road Atlanta, love that place.
  10. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    I'm probably not the best person to watch but hopefully it can help you or someone else out some.
  11. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I mean... there are other places to go lol
  12. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Here is a video from Sunday of anyone is interested.
  13. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    Had a blast this past weekend. Won 4 out of 4 races and got into the 34s. The night life at VMD is like no other.... you see some crazy stuff in the campground
  14. Jester_

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    How was the track in the morning? It was in great shape on Sunday afternoon.
  15. Jester_

    Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

    Making a shock change Thursday after work then heading that way. Will hopefully be there at a half decent time.