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  1. I've been working a ton the last week & have not revisited it yet. No changes...
  2. The carbs are clean as they can be. Jets are clear, etc. I am in Hilliard, nw suburb of Columbus. Sucks because Hoblick was about a mile from me b4 he moved... lol I will try it on prime. Thanks again for all the help!
  3. Thanks everyone for chiming in. After some research there are no o-rings for the diaphragm covers. I am leaning more towards fuel flow. Like i said, when the bike is cold (carb bowls full) it revs just fine. I believe after it burns through what is in the bowl, it does not replenish fast enough. All fuel lines are clean. Is there a way to test the petcock other than replacing it? Thanks again!!
  4. Yes, it is piped & jetted. vacuum on petcock is working. Diaphragm in petcock it tact as well. I did not notice an o-ring tho..... Got anymore details on that? Thanks a mil!!!!
  5. Help me OR! Heres what i got; 99 Suzuki GSF600 Bandit with 15k. It would idle ok, but when you hit the throttle, it dies out.. I pulled the carbs & found that 2 of the diaphragms were torn. Went ahead & replace all 4 to be safe. Carbs back on & still the same issue... Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers!
  6. Very busy these days & no time to teach myself on this one. Got a 77 CB750 F that needs some carb adjustment & possibly a jet kit. It runs pretty good, having issues with backfiring. We eliminated the airbox & went with K&N pods. Also upgraded to a 4 to 1 exhaust with open pipe, no baffles. Based on this i am sure we need to re-jet. Carbs were recently rebuilt; floats, float needles, o-rings, gaskets, etc. Like i said, short on time and hate working on carbs! I am in Hilliard, (columbus) and have a good space to work in. PM me if you want the job. Looking to get it done asap. Thanks!
  7. the interview with charles ramsey will be youtube famous by the end of the day. Lesson to be learned; wait until the crack wears off to do a tv interview. You're welcome
  8. Also, an enclosed play area with a toddler friendly section. Great place to spend the day
  9. Sorry 2 hear that Ryan, ouch!
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