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  1. Changes in oil, for example Rotella T6

    Slipping clutches due to oil is "almost" unheard of.
  2. Romney Cycles Camp and Ride


    Not the kind of gathering most here would enjoy or participate in.
  3. Changes in oil, for example Rotella T6

    That sucks, good thing I "mostly" run the T5.
  4. sold 2014 Super Tenere ES

    My dream bike, and set up just how I would want it. You need to keep it, you have already lost your ass due to all of the upgrades.
  5. Blessing of Bikes

    Here ya go....... http://www.abate.com/
  6. Blessing of Bikes

    Never realized some malevolent and sadistic omnipotent being debates whether or not to keep us safe while out riding? Sorry if I offend....whatever a person needs to get them through each day/week/month and years.
  7. Pony service took "great care" of my stator recall and was right on it, bike came back to me looking as if nothing was even done......and that is a good thing.
  8. Engine Break-in Procedure

    I obviously broke your bike in right for you, and I just rode it like I normally would.
  9. Engine Break-in Procedure

    I just ride like I normally would, just do an early oil and filter change is all.......never had an issue with "normal".
  10. Romney Cycles Camp and Ride May 5-7, 2017

    Will be there........damn good event and amazing roads to ride.
  11. How far would you commute?

    I've been working from home for 16 years, so I guess that is my ultimate preference. For the right job that makes you happy, most any commute would be worthwhile within reason. Of course things to think about like gas money spent, wear and tear on your vehicle, and ultimately "your sanity" for making such a long commute in all kinds of weather conditions.
  12. Counterfeit items on Ebay

    I'm an Amazon guy, although so far any purchases I have had on Ebay were legit and had no issues.
  13. Weekend trip with my wife. Any destination recommendations ?

    I second this..........
  14. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    I'm doing an Ozarks trip too, but at the end of June. I have a friend who lives in Hot Springs Arkansas and that will be my homebase for most the trip, I will also be doing some camping as well "have no idea where I will end up". LOL
  15. Warm Weather Riding Pants

    Great pants but don't flow air well at all, really no vents on them anywhere.