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  1. GSX-Sam

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    I was in the same slump last year, barely rode at all between the two bikes I had that were street-ready. I'd come home from work on a beautiful day and just sit on my ass or pursue other hobbies or interests. Over the following winter I reflected on how I had squandered the season so badly and the whole winter I was just itching for my bikes. Come spring I got them home and I started doing some riding. Then new job, more demands and less time but also new bike. Not only was I driven to put miles on this bike because it was new and fucking awesome, it woke up a love for riding I hadn't truly felt in easily 3 or 4 years. Obviously a new bike isn't gonna do it for you, but something out there can if you still have the spark. Just gotta find it.
  2. GSX-Sam

    What do YOU need?

    Joe rocket speed master back protector in large, or something comparable if not available. Thanks..
  3. GSX-Sam

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    I have about 2300 miles on my gsxs1000 abs. I've only ever noticed it activate once, and that was coming to a stop at an intersection and hit oil or something while using the front brake. It blipped for a second. That may have been the difference between stopping on 2 wheels and having the front end tuck and getting tossed to the pavement, which I have experienced in the past in a similar situation. Never noticed abs kick in on the track. TC kicked in plenty of times. Abs may have, but I didnt notice. I'm glad it's there, I've set it off on purpose with the rear brake before just to test it and it works great. So does my TC. Neither inspire me to ride like (more of) a dickhead than I would otherwise....the motor does that just fine. Who the fuck uses the rear brake at speed? I use mine to maneuver in parking lots or to hold my bike at a light. Why would you brake with the wheel that loses traction when the bike slows down? Unless it's an oh shit moment and you're heading to a collision and just grab and stomp on every bit of brake you have to avoid smashing into something I just dont see it as a good option. You have easily 4x the braking force up front on a tire that gets loaded more the harder you brake. But wtf do I know? I'm a middle aged man who is quickly becoming a squid.
  4. GSX-Sam

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Washed and waxed with maguire's pure polymer. Anyone know a good method for removing wax from plastic trim?
  5. GSX-Sam

    Nelson ledges 9/29, who's going?

    Locked in to Nelson sat the 29th. Who's gonna be there?
  6. GSX-Sam

    Stark co street ride 9/6?

    Supposed to be nice after 4. I get off at 4:30. Heading south from massillon, maybe towards bolivar, maybe towards millersburg. Not sure. Post up or text 330.338.9708 if you wanna meet up.
  7. Looking at doing my 2nd track day before the season is over. Not sure if it will be Nelson on this date or PIRC on the 15th. Posting to see a few things: where my bubbies at? If Nelson is recommended for 2nd track day, I know it's faster in most areas than PIRC. I'm pretty sure I know who'll be at Pitt the 15th, not sure about Nelson. Also, Nelson is cheaper and closer for me, so there's that. I'm leaving this morning for 5 day vacation in Louisville KY where I will he suckling liquid gold from the teat of momma bourbon and losing money on horse races so mid o labor day is out of the question. I'll check back once I've got my load on.
  8. GSX-Sam

    Complete track day package 2005 GSXR 600

    Remember when you had to have 30 days and 30 posts before you could start hocking your shit on ohio riders? Pepperidge farm remembers.
  9. Damn dude, leave some pussy for the rest of us!
  10. GSX-Sam

    How not to ADV

    I made it to: 28. Basic bitch needs to take a few classes.
  11. GSX-Sam

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    Nice bike for sure, you will enjoy it. Did you get rid of connie?
  12. GSX-Sam

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

  13. GSX-Sam

    Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    Uploaded some of my footage to YouTube if anyone is interested. https://www.youtube.com/user/sdtopper526
  14. Probably. Broken arm and leg. Unless he took another truck to the face hes probably good.
  15. GSX-Sam

    Free Trackday July 2, 2018

    I bet. Can't wait to move my benchmark up from 'not wrecking' to 'not getting passed by literally everyone'.