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  1. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Not a gixxer.
  2. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    It was a fun troll.
  3. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Nothing gayer than going down on a girl... You fucks had ample opportunity to come up with something and you failed.
  4. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    My name literally rolls off the tongue.
  5. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Nailed it.
  6. GSX-Sam

    Central/ Northeast riders!

    Depends. I have a few routes I ride. A local one hour loop from massillon through Lawrence, marshalville, Clinton, canal Fulton and back into massillon, or if I have more time I'll head down into millersburg via 94 and 241, then take 83 back up to wooster and take church rd/wooster rd back into massillon. I also occasionally just head off in a direction and keep on back roads and see where I end up. Definitely down to meet up and ride some time soon, was out of action all week due to bronchitis. Poor bike needs to get out and eat.
  7. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Hows this one?
  8. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    This shit.
  9. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    @Casper fix your shit so I can give you money, dyngus.
  10. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Or you could fix the store so I can just buy another year.
  11. GSX-Sam


    Come south. Much better roads.
  12. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    I'll probably buy that actually, posted in the thread to that effect earlier today. Try and keep up.
  13. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    Yeah, fuck the two of you, it says I already purchased supporting member and cant buy another one. Maybe if admin spent more time un-fucking the website and less time deriding memebers....
  14. GSX-Sam

    My new screen name

    I cant change mine. I'm locked into 7 years of payments, it's really not a bad idea. I also love it and would share physical intimacy with my bike if it supported that activity.
  15. GSX-Sam

    Trailer 4x7

    Ok, ordered a class 3 hitch. Should be here next week. Talked to my neighbor and he will let me store this in his garage when I'm not using it. Thinks may be coming together....if it's still available when I have time and have put the hitch on, I may come get.