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  1. It's more about just getting the trailer off my property than the cash. I'm taking a loss on it already.
  2. Remember when Obama was going to take all our guns and then didn't pass one gun control law in 8 years while gun ownership soared? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  3. It's a YouTube video, it's got to be true. It's not like anyone can just upload a video to YouTube that isn't 1000% factual truth.
  4. Also this site just doesn't get the traffic it used to. Maybe after people get their theft returns.
  5. Bump. Thought this would get at least some action. Price too high or just wrong time of year?
  6. First: check if the plug is loose. These do have hydraulic valve adjusters but if some one skipped some oil changes and it sat a while, the oil passages could be plugged. You can try sea foam in the crank case, but if it Is a hydraulic adjuster issue you'll need to pull it out, clean it with kerosene and refill it with clean oil if memory serves from Honda service manual. I would recommend downloading one to guide you through the process. Exhaust leaks can be sneaky. Get a mechanic's stethoscope from hazard fraught and use it locate exactly where the tick is. Replacing a copper exhaust crush gasket is easier and cheaper than every other option. Rule of thumb for me is eliminate from the cheapest possible problem/fix first.
  7. Tried that. The stock muffler box interfered with it.
  8. I knew you'd have something to say. Sorry brother, between my back, my job and my house it just ain't happening. Barely rode on the street this past year.
  9. Haven't been to the track in 2 years. Not looking like I'll be going any time soon, also my new car has a CVT and I ain't towing shit with it. 4x7 TSC landscaping trailer, lift gate cut off to accommodate TRS handle. Comes with TRS and pins for late model GSXR. Plywood floor over steel mesh, all lights work, tires have seen better days. It's behind my house covered in a tarp covered in snow and ice right now. If there is any interest ill take some pics. Pic below is from before I removed lift gate. You will need ramps. 1-7/8 ball.
  10. You do realize that by following the cult of trump and believing everything they say that you yourself are a sheep being led right?
  11. Fully submersed in the deep ruby red, that vivid scarlet sweet delicious nectar. The kool-aid.
  12. Trump has done more to damage the 2nd amendment than any president in recent history. He banned bump stocks, killed the hearing protection (surpressor) bill, and advocates people on secret govt lists be stripped of their 2A rights without due process. During the first 2 years of his presidency the GOP held the house and the senate and still passed not a single pro‐gun law. Now Biden is also garbage, so don't take this as some endorsement of his horrible policy, but trump is clearly not a pro gun president if you look not at what he says, but what he does.
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