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  1. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Saddelman seat looks tits. Recovering the pillion seat to match however, reminds me I need carpal tunnel surgery. Got half of it stretched and stapled last night. Seat feels comfy, cant wait to put some miles on it.
  2. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I had thought of that, not sure if they'd be able to get it all the way to the edge tho. Idk, a guy I went to school with owns a tint shop, maybe I'll roll up there this spring.
  3. Gixxus Christ!

    New Boots

    I was just about to start a boot thread of my own and have been combing revzilla and amazon the past 3 days looking at boots. My icon field armor boots have 8 seasons and 3 or 4 crashes on them and are still functional but a little beat up, plus I cant ride all winter so I buy gear and farkles. I wish icon still made the field armor boots because they were comfortable and durable as hell. Will be following this thread for opinions of other brands.
  4. Gixxus Christ!

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    Back when it first came out my cousin bought an LCP. I bought a Taurus TCP. We did a head to head comparo and the Taurus had a better trigger, better machining (finer mill marks, better break edge, better deburr etc) and cost less. Sights were a wash as they're close to shit on both pistols but you'll hit someone from. 12 feet no problem. Both made in USA.
  5. Gixxus Christ!

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    Ah, well it looks like he did ok.
  6. Gixxus Christ!

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    I got the wage I asked for too, should have asked for more. I was also not in a position that I needed the job, and they needed me, so that gave me some leverage. Site director tried to get me to hire in half way thru the first interview. I strung em along for a few weeks before I committed.
  7. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Shopping for a dark smoke aftermarket windscreen, not having much luck, most reputable dealers are out of stock and I'm not gonna put a $30 abs Ebay part on that bike. Maybe next month the good shit will be restocked.
  8. Gixxus Christ!

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    I negotiated myself 2 weeks of vacation starting day one. All about what you bring to the table and how good you are at bargaining.
  9. Gixxus Christ!

    Leaving my company after 13 years.

    I made a similar move back in March. Left an aerospace company that was circling the drain to work at a tool and die company that makes the machines that make cans. Crazy busy shop making tons of money. They've bought a couple million dollar machines since I hired in, with more on the way, and are leasing more and more of the building we occupy to make room for expanding operations. Nice to see machines being delivered instead of watching them be put on trucks and sent to Mexico. Congrats on the move, hope it works out long term.
  10. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Ordered a set of magazi mirrors and a saddelman seat for the gsxs1000f.
  11. Gixxus Christ!

    Closing Sale

    Same with rd website
  12. Gixxus Christ!

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    Well we probably shit in their punchbowl pretty good.
  13. I put a weaver KASPA scope on my 20" DMR AR. Drives nails at 300 yards. Hard to find a longer range than that around here to shoot at. Got it for a song on a no reserve auction on Ebay, not sure what they retail for. Iirc it's a 4x15 power 50mm objective lense.
  14. Gixxus Christ!

    Motorcycle Survey from Ohio State

    One word you associate with the Harley Davidson brand? Pirate