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  1. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    If I paid him for hours it would all be gone. His fucktard brother spent 6 weeks on my bathroom and it's still not done.
  2. Gixxus Christ!

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    T6! Only the finest for my bitches.
  3. Gixxus Christ!

    April 25: 6th Annual NEO Meat & Greet

    Don't worry old man, I'm still gonna supply the lube. Finest quality, of course. The best lube. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. People are saying my lube is the best, tremendous even.
  4. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    Guarantee he doesn't pay a dime if I have him arrested, and if a judge orders restitution in however many months it would take before he was even tried, if he was tried, he could send me $10 a month. Criminal prosecution is the last option. Getting a lawyer tomorrow.
  5. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    This fuck offered to give us back $4k of the nearly $14k we gave him. He even said in his email that we need to compensate him for jobs he turned down in order to take ours. The fucking balls on this douche bag.
  6. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    I've contacted the county sheriff office, they're waiting on my word to file the report with the district attorney, if it gets to that. I also opened a dispute case with the BBB...somehow he is not only accredited but also has an A rating. The BBB offers mediation and arbitration services, and if he doesn't play ball, there goes his accreditation. Hes been fucking us around now for 2 weeks about getting us receipts for the materials and his labor costs. Always very polite and seemingly helpful via text, but our last phone conversation showed his true colors, so I've installed a call recording app on my phone for when he loses his shit. I really nust want this epic sack of douche out of my life forever, but I gotta recoup the money he is basically stealing from me first.
  7. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    That's on the list. Gotta see if he plays nice first. If not, the gloves are off.
  8. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    After some public record searches it's obvious this guy is a scumbag. Several judgements and liens, and recently he signed a quit claim deed transfering all his interest in his house over to his wife, thereby insulating it from any legal action against him personally. Our attorney says we have a pretty good case for criminal fraud. Depending on cost and how much money he returns to us at a meeting monday we will move forward with whatever we can do to hurt this piece of shit.
  9. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    It's a way to go.
  10. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    We fired the guy, he came for his tools today. Our mortgage lender is involved in the project because we got a renovation loan when we bought the house. They will send an inspector to estimate the value of the labor done so far. Between that and whatever receipts the contractor shows for materials we will come up with a fair number that the contractor will likely refuse. After a deep dive in public records it seems that he starts a company, fucks a bunch of people, then closes that business and opens another one. We have resigned ourselves to just never seeing a penny from him. Just need to officially sever our agreement so we can get new guys in here. House is in plain township outside canton.
  11. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    This is far from resolved. Hes gonna keep the $13k and there isnt a thing we can do about it.
  12. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    So that's a 0 out of 87 views on the lawyer. Update, strictly for the fuck-givers. Fired the scumbag, threatened legal action after he demanded he keep the entire material draw amount, and started doing what we should have done before we hired him and checked public records. This piece of shit has liens and judgements against him already, one from the state for not paying his workers comp premiums. He also signed a quitclaim deed to his wife against the house last month, so he's dumping assets to try and insulate himself from the legal shitstorm bearing down on his company. Fucking scumbag.
  13. Gixxus Christ!

    Any lawyers present?

    Long story short: We bought a house that needed a lot of work. We got a renovation loan that included the cost of renovation with the purchase of the home. We accepted a bid from a contractor and per the terms of the loan they were given 50% of their estimated material cost up front in the amount of $13,800. They received that check on 12.26.19. They promised to have the master bathroom finished by 1.11.20. The bathroom is still not done. We have offered to come to terms and part ways, but the owner of the company plainly stated that he will never agree to our terms and we will never agree to his. What rights do we have? What chance do we have if we go to war with this asshole? If you are a lawyer and you're reading this, what do you want to come meet with us and him? We did a full demolition on the interior of most of this house ourselves in the hope that these fucking clowns would do what they said they would do. So far they have failed reliably at everything. Attorneys please contact me directly 330.338.9708. My name is Sam.
  14. Gixxus Christ!

    Ducs are attention whores

    Well that didnt take long.
  15. Gixxus Christ!

    Motoamerica Pittsburgh

    Ah yes, tim the racist Asian.