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  1. Gixxus Christ!

    gear FREE mesh/textile pants

    Replaced my summer pants because they dont zip to my new summer jacket (thanks trump). The brand is shadow, its competition accessories house brand. Black with some reflective accents. Nice pants, hip and knee armor. Knees are 3 position adjustable. 2 pockets, ballistic nylon where you would expect it. Flows really nice, lots of air comes through them. Given away as is with rain liner and gootch juice. Canton area.
  2. Gixxus Christ!

    Free mesh jacket

    So to recap: Free fucking jacket: 0 replies. Shit show over who locks up the thread: 6 replies. Fuck my life with a rented dick.
  3. Gixxus Christ!

    Free mesh jacket

    Gone. @Tonik lock it up.
  4. Gixxus Christ!

    Free mesh jacket

    Going to a guy at work for his kid if it fits.
  5. Gixxus Christ!

    Typical Track Day Q&A

    Come on down, I'll get drunk and adjust your springy-boingers.
  6. Gixxus Christ!

    Interesting hypothetical title situation

    Involve local law enforcement and ex wife to retrieve rightful property from foreclosed home.
  7. Gixxus Christ!

    Free mesh jacket

  8. Gixxus Christ!

    gear Free mesh jacket

    l Got a new summer jacket so it's time to pay this one forward to someone who needs it. AGV Sport mesh and perforated leather jacket size XL. Has armor in shoulders and elbows and minimum padding in back, but does have a speed bump. Its black and silver and I may be able to dig up the waterproof liner that goes in it. The arms were always a bit roomy for me, which is why I replaced it. I'm 5'8 220 and it fits everywhere else just fine, the arms are just very long. Never been wrecked, is a little dirty but still a fantastic piece of the gear for the price, I think it was near $250 new. I'm local to the canton area if you want to come get it, or you can wait til the meet at my place on saturday April 27th.
  9. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Wow, you suck.
  10. Gixxus Christ!

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Geezer glide or the sport bike?
  11. Gixxus Christ!

    Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    It boggles the mind to think that in 2015 they couldn't engineer a valve train to keep clearance for longer than that. What are the valve seats made out of, sharp cheddar?
  12. Gixxus Christ!

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    Love my pmr 30. Its the grom of pistols.
  13. Gixxus Christ!

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    In my experience no matter what ammo you use you'll see 10% or so failures with that conversion kit. From el cheapo wwb or rem golden bullet to the hot shit cci rounds.
  14. Gixxus Christ!

    ORDN stickers?

    Ok, a buck apiece was for some fancy shmancy cobalt blue metallic vinyl. Told him to cut me 100 out of plain white, should cost peanuts. White goes with everything right? At least until labor day....
  15. Gixxus Christ!

    The fucking Catalina wine mixer

    You're the man. Your pork was awesome last year, I was gonna smoke some butts but this makes things a lot easier for me the day before.