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  1. CrazySkullCrusher

    O.R. Beach Getaway trip (feeler only thread)

    That's only when you fuck em. The shame they feel must be unbearable.
  2. CrazySkullCrusher

    Scumbag Harley

    Someone I work with rides a Harley that has all the bases covered: Chinese chrome everywhere, ugly-loud pipes and the icing on the cake: custom painted tank of not flames, not skulls, but flaming skulls- wearing doo rags. And it's very poorly drawn. I'll be sure to snap a pic next time he rides this thing in.
  3. CrazySkullCrusher

    Fed up with sena

    I've had an smh10 for a few years now and while it was initially a good product, I ended up ripping mine out today for a number of reasons. They don't fit bell star helmets. My last star was a 2011 model I bought used off of a forum member. I had to alter the helmet to clamp the sena on. I resorted to this after the 2nd adhesive panel failed. Even then, it would need tightened periodically or it would let go while riding and dangle by the wires. Bought a brand new bell race star helmet this year and no fucking way was I going to take a razor to it just to mount my sena, so I ordered a new adhesive mounting kit, cleaned my brand new, never rode helmet with the alcohol pad and stuck it on. Lasted less than 1000 miles before it let go. It had also been cutting out last year and continued to get worse this year, not sure if wires, pins or internal electronic issue but it was fucking annoying. The speakers took up so much space in the ear recesses that my ears would get pinned down against my head, not comfortable. So there, I'm pretty much done bitching about it. You want it? $100 obo.
  4. CrazySkullCrusher

    O.R. Beach Getaway trip (feeler only thread)

    Might be down...I mean, a mouth is a mouth, right?
  5. CrazySkullCrusher

    72 in a 55.....

    Wow, that is some serious bullshit.
  6. CrazySkullCrusher

    72 in a 55.....

    Yeah, pretty big dude, could see some tattoos peeking out just below the shirt sleeves....typical cop build.
  7. CrazySkullCrusher

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yeah, me too. Guess you got the good one. I'm tempted to just build one from a 555 timer and a few capacitors and resistors but will probably just buy one...
  8. CrazySkullCrusher

    72 in a 55.....

    So I banged through some 2 lane twisties for half an hour or so, unfamiliar territory but kinda knew where I was, then found rt 30 and figured I'd head back toward home to play with the dogs and have a beer. Screwed it on a little too tight in 6th up a semi-blind rise and there's a dalton cop SUV. So I adjust my speed and keep glancing my mirrors and he's not there.....till he is....then he lights up the disco. I immediately pull over, remove gloves and helmet and retrieve my wallet. He comes up, introduces himself and immediately thanks me for stopping. My reply: I'm not going to risk the safety of everyone else on the road over $200, that's just a dick move. He then notes my bike is brand new, and a 1000cc! Damn this must get it! Turns out he had a gsxr750 when he was in the police academy. I give him my info and off to his car he fucks. So my insurance company is already on the edge of dropping me because of tickets. I cannot get another one. I'm off the bike, stretching etc and see him exit his vehicle. No ticket book. Fuck yes. Tells me I get a warning despite my speed. I tell him I'm so lucky, if I got a ticket he'd be hearing about a homicide in massillon tomorrow because my wife would shoot me. We laugh, shake hands, I thank him and go on my way. If only every stop could be like this one. Dalton has at least one cool cop, and I hope to have the opportunity to buy him a beer one day.
  9. CrazySkullCrusher

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Koso LED blinkers came. Turns out the flasher unit I got was a piece of shit. Worked intermittently so it's getting returned at the cost of the vendor, thank you Amazon. Blinkers look nice tho
  10. CrazySkullCrusher

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    It's getting better the more I ride. Put in an hour today and my knee didn't bark at all.
  11. CrazySkullCrusher

    Would you ever buy a bike without test riding it first?

    I did 2 weeks ago. I did some exhaustive research. Spent weeks watching and reading reviews. Got enough info to make an informed decision and was pleasantly surprised within 30 seconds of pulling out of the dealership.
  12. CrazySkullCrusher

    What did you do to your bike today?

    600 mile service today. Oil change with rotella t6 and a wix filter. I'd like to personally flog whoever put the filter behind the header and then surrounded it with fairings. Also the guy who designed the fairings needs shot. They look amazing but are a bitch. Book says to completely remove them. That's an all day job. Gsxs forum says undo 4 bolts on lowers and the plastic clip that holds them together in the front and you can snake your hand in there. After much cussing and screaming and a trip to autozone for a filter socket the job is done and I only broke one little plastic clip. Very thankful the valve clearances don't need inspected till 14,500 miles. That is going to suck. Also installed some mirror risers. Now I can see behind me.
  13. CrazySkullCrusher

    bike Jerry's 2010 fjr

    Well look at that. Actually been thinking I should change the name. It's an old gamer tag I used for playing halo online, wanted something easy to remember for quick sign-ins. Don't worry, your phone will adapt.
  14. CrazySkullCrusher

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    Sometimes slabs are a necessity derek, an unavoidable shit sammich. I'd love to do the epic tomorrow but even an hour of hilly, twisty country roads still taxes my knee pretty hard. I'll make lots of summer rides and the fall epic for sure but I know myself well enough to know I'd be in some significant pain halfway through tomorrow.
  15. CrazySkullCrusher

    600 mile service & warranty

    My 5 year extended warranty is roughly half the reason I'm not modifying my gsxs past some sliders and aesthetic mods. I'd love for it to howl through aftermarket headers and a yoshi pipe instead of the corked up stock system, but that would require an ECU flash or a PC5, both of which I believe would void the warranty. Also, the performance gains are not that impressive and it would cost over a grand for exhaust alone.