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  1. How do I get melted rubber off of my header?

    Oven cleaner while hot. Works wonders.
  2. This year's project bike

    Which gaskets are those? The copper crush rings that go behind the head pipes?
  3. What do YOU need?

    Need clutch master cyl rebuild kit for 1984 vf700 magna.
  4. This year's project bike

    EBay dildo shipped wrong mc rebuild kit. @RidersDiscount probably has what I need. Should have went to then first.
  5. This year's project bike

    Clutch slave cyl came in today. Master rebuild kit should be here tomorrow. May even get to ride it tomorrow....will see how much time I have.
  6. First bike, hello Ohioans

    Nice GS650. Gotta love a classic UJM.
  7. This year's project bike

    Ok, ordered clutch mc rebuild kit and a new old clutch slave cyl. Should solve all my clutch related issues. Need to order blinkers and maybe these mufflers this weekend: Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/253083576244 As far as looks, pretty sure I'm gonna black it out. I'll have the fork lowers, wheels, fenders and backrest powder coated satin black and have the tank and side covers done in high gloss black for a little contrast. Debating on keeping the rectangle headlight and putting a sealed LED light in it or switching to a 6" round headlight.... would also like to put a later year fender on but not sure if it will work with the seat... pics once I make some more visible progress. Bonus: the 1984 was the only year with 3.40:1 gear in the rear end, all others had 3.14:1. The 3.40 was put in to compensate for the 700cc motor but the following year they added a tooth to the countershaft instead and went back to 3.14:1. Because I have a 750 motor swapped in it will have shorter gearing than a stock 750 or 700, so should be quicker off the line.
  8. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    Savage isn't a bad little thumper. If you like it, get it, but try and ride a few more bikes first.
  9. This year's project bike

    Coolant leaking where hoses meet metal parts. Title and vin plate say 1984 Seller can suck a bag of dicks.
  10. This year's project bike

    Got new bleeder screw in the mail. Bled the clutch down but still not getting any lever feel. Pretty sure the mc needs rebuilt. Also got my new old tank in the mail....packed in foam peanuts with no filler cap, so also full of foam peanuts. Can't believe how fucking stupid eBay sellers are. Shop vac eventually got them all. Anyway, pretty sure the threads in the clutch slave cyl are fucked. New screw doesn't fit real tight until it's fully screwed in, lots of play, so probably need to replace the slave too...and gasket because idiot kid I bought it from used rtv sealant. Also I noticed the motor is marked 748cc, but all 84 bikes were 700's, marked 698cc. So it's had a motor swap I think. Fixed 2 coolant leaks and another one popped up. Temp gauge works. New wiring harness should arrive late this week so I can replace a lot of the burnt up and broken connectors. Need to order a full set of turn signals, get a headlight bulb and clean up some other minor wiring issues, rebuild the forks, inspect the brakes and should be somewhat road worthy.
  11. This year's project bike

    Yeah, that's a bolt on kit, costs about $160. My dad did it to his 700.
  12. This year's project bike

    More of an affliction. My gas tank shipped today. Once I source a right side cover I can get them off to mud and paint. Had to order of all things a bleeder screw for the clutch slave cylinder because the one in it had been crushed with vice grips and also the fluid passages in it were rusted shut. Never seen that before.
  13. This year's project bike

    Well it's coming along. Runs great. Need to source a bleeder for the clutch master cyl, and also replace and repair all the everystuff. Played dress-up today....
  14. bike VFR1200 with hard bags, Helibars, ABS.

    Damnit, I have another year before my car is payed off and I can buy a new bike.
  15. This year's project bike

    Looks like I'm gonna have to buy a used harness and solder in some pieces from it. This bike was not treated well, tho the motor runs great with the occasional sneeze and miss. Spent a few hours today putting the rear fender and plastic fender on, mounting the coolant bottle, trying to make sense of the wiring.... Got most of it ironed out. Once I get my new gas tank in the mail, sort out the headlight, get the clutch operational and go over the brakes I'm fairly confident I can ride it around the neighborhood. Fork seals are fucked, cooling system still not 100% trustworthy and a few more electronic gremlins to chase down but it's coming along...