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  1. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Sat on a c14 today. 08, 30k miles, $4900. Can't help but consider this bike for price alone. I flip. I flop. Till I ride some of these bikes I can't really make a decision but I could probably grab this bike cash in 6 weeks vs finance a gsxs1000 for a few years. I withhold judgment until I take some rides, but this Connie felt so nice....
  2. What do YOU need?

    Need alpinestars gpx gloves in black, size large, and the tinted visor I never got with my bell race star helmet.
  3. bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Me too... I'll see how busy work is when we get closer to april.
  4. bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Provided I don't start drinking as soon as you show up....assuming I'll even have it this year.
  5. bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Gsxs1000f most likely. Was looking at vfr1200 but the zook has better ergos, same power, weighs a lot less, has better brakes, bigger tank...I'm still gonna drag my balls across as many bikes as I can before making a purchase tho.
  6. bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Real fucked up.
  7. bike 03 bandit 1200 feeler

    Yes, a dreaded feeler post. I'm thinking the $2500 neighborhood is fair Upgrading this year and the stables are full. Wondering what I can get for my old zook. This bike is far from stock, but I have all the parts to put it back that way. Motor mods: Gsxf1100 cams Yosh pipe K&n ovals Jetted halfway to your mom's house 5° advance key Pair delete Suspension/brake mods: Sonic springs rated for fat fucks Racetech gold valves Busa rear shock New seals and oil New front pads New stainless lines up front New fluid all around Billet rear brake torque arm, says 'bandit Other shit: Flush mounts up front Clear alternatives integrated tail light Fender delete Rear hugger NRC cases LED flashers on rear peg hangers Dash button for garage door opener RAM mount for giant phone Pro grips Neato bar ends Fake pazzo levers Stickers HID headlight kit New AGM battery Fresh oil and filter Newer plastics. Bike fell off trailer last fall when a strap broke at a red light. Bike has been down a few times with me on it, both times were low speed, 20 mph or less. Also has givi tour pack, huge top case with hard bags. Rack bolts on/off in about 10 min. Has conti motions on it that have lots of tread left but are getting old according to date code It's a fast bike. Haven't had it on a dyno but should be putting 120-ish to the wheel according to what other guys get with the same mods. Gobs of torque everywhere and pulls hard as fuck from 6.5k to Red line. Comfortable enough for all day rides, capable of doing some serious damage in the twisties. I think it's got about 27k on it. Valves were adjusted when I put the cams in about 6k miles ago. Screw and nut tappets, takes an hour tops, easy as it gets. Will be ready to sell in time for riding season.
  8. What Jets do I order

    Go to a forum that specializes in your bike and see what people are using. Note that a 140 mikuni jet isn't the same size as a 140 dynojet jet. There are charts online to help you with that. Dynojet kits work fine but you pay $100 for $20 worth of parts. The other $80 is for the time they spent figuring out what range of jets will support what mods. I'm not familiar with the daves mod, but I suspect it's to correct the lean condition all factory carbs are set at to improve cold idle and warm up times. If you're just putting on a pipe, I'd personally start with one size up on main jets and maybe shim the needle, run it and see where it's at. Jets are cheap and since you only have 1 carb on an xr, it will be very cheap, but if you are going to just buy jets, hit a forum dedicated to your bike and soak up some more specialized advice.
  9. Cruiser rider looking to do a track day

    July 2 is the Ohio riders track day. Lots of us will be there.
  10. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Those panniers are pretty sharp. I need to ride so many bikes.....
  11. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Then you should let me take it for a spin. Only drawback I see is no factory luggage option, but if I love the bike enough to buy it I can slap some fabric saddle bags on it and use my tank bag. Maintenance has got to be easier compared to the vfr1200 and it weighs like 150 lbs less with the same power to the wheel. Not many of them out there used tho, so I'd be dropping $8500 for a new 2016 model from a stealership.
  12. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Wow. This is definitely a contender. Watching YouTube reviews now and I like what I see.
  13. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Unicorn bike? It's not as if I'm looking for something that doesn't exist. I'm looking for the right sport tourer for me. I don't have any interest in adv bikes, so not looking for one. Excuse me for trying to keep the thread I started on topic.
  14. Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    M44 was the carbine, not as good for sniper work as the 98/33 or whatever the rifle version is called. But yes, I'm a Russian sniper.
  15. Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    $80 mosin m44. Anything is a handgun if you're not a pussy.