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  1. For SHTF I like my Piston AR. But I surely wouldn't argue about choosing an decent AK.
  2. This is off topic a little, but a relative of mine was driving down the road and came up on a bunch of cases, boxes etc. on the road, seen a guy stop to check it out and realized some of this stuff probably had firearms in it (gun cases etc...). He could tell the guy who just stopped was just stopping to try and take something so he ran him off and put everything in his truck and went home (literally around the corner), he called the police to come out. They came out and were complete d*cks to him and treated him as if he was trying to steal them. There was several various weapons from what he told me. he turns out a gun dealer had the back of his pickup truck topper or tailgate or whatever pop open and he lost several cases, boxes etc. of items and didnt notice it! The police never thanked him, only treated him like a criminal even though he has never committed a crime in his life and has no record. This is a true story and just in case anyone knows or has family in certain departments I will not say which it was but I have heard many stories about people on this department not being very nice to people. It is a city police dept. in Montgomery county though. *This was a few years ago but not real long ago. I forget when cause I didn't hear about it until a bit after cause he thought he had told everyone, but I guess I wasn't one of them at first.
  3. I figured it would probably be sold, just wondering just in case it doesnt sell for whatever reason. I wouldnt try to buy something from out under someone anyway. Dont do business like that. Ok, but I didnt ask. Well, I asked him.
  4. Sun Devil Billet Lowers are priced pretty good for Billet. Here is the Spikes Upper/Lower Billet combo I looked at ($499 for both), their regular lowers are $99.
  5. LOL. Yep sure do like Spikes products! Like others too though.
  6. Just Kidding! Honestly that seems a bit high unless it is some good brand or is a green laser.
  7. Order a Spikes Tactical lower and you can have your own artwork engraved on there and color-filled to your choice. (I assume they still do that, havnt been on their site in months). I want my next built to be a billet upper and lower both. Probably will order both from Spikes unless i see a real good deal on a stripped billet upper and lower.
  8. Buy a lower on sale somewhere and build your own. That was recommended to me when I did my first one and I was glad because I was more familiar with it and it was easy to do anyway. For the first I would buy the upper complete though but thats up to you. I know Spikes Tactical in FL used to have lowers on sale for 99-119. I seen some for sale on a few sites that were local I thought about buying to build another. They were 100-125 each and that will save on FFL fees buying from an individual, but there are some that do transfers as low as $13 so that really isnt a concern. Spikes will also do custom engraving on the lower for you if you submit your artwork or image. You can have it color filled as well. I wouldnt buy an Olympic though and there are several others I wouldnt touch. I know Spikes will warranty for life no matter what. I bought most my stuff from them and the upper was a complete piston upper with 1 piece bolt carrier and stainless steel barrel melonite coated inside and out (so its black outside like a reg. AR not silver), they said no matter what ammo I shoot even Wolf steel cased, it doesnt matter, Lifetime warranty on everything I bought from them! I had looked at a few brands before that and called to find out warranty and they all said no wolf ammo (which I have never used anyway) nor steel cased etc.. and no major mods like a bolt on or pin on piston setup etc.... I like some of CMMG's stuff too, decent deals. I am thinking about trying out the Roller Cam Pin from POF-USA in mine. I love the piston setup though, no dirty fouling inside the chamber etc... Easier to clean. I would like a POF-USA Piston upper next maybe (but the upper is about $1600 retail). About sights in last post, that is what i did. I bought iron sights only and still have yet to add anything else on it but am deciding now which way I want to go for holographic with detachable magnifier or a 1x-4x or 2x-7x scope etc... I have PRI flip up irons and love them. If your on a budget though, I have read decent stuff about DPMS, just not everyone says good stuff about them from speaking with people. of course that is with anything. I think I ended up with about $1000 in my build before I added the DD Omega Rail to it which I bought on sale. I purchased the PRI irons on ebay for like $110 for the set. I seen a little mod online I did for the trigger guard to eliminate the roll pin for the trigger guard. You dont have to worry about messing up and breaking the ears off of the lower either (even though if the roll pin is put in with the ears supported it wont break them). Drill and tap a magpul or Spikes aluminum trigger guard and insert 5-40 threaded inserts (I think that is right have to get them out and check) into the trigger guard where the roll pin would go through on the trigger guard. Now attach the trigger guard with 5-40 socket head cap screws with blue or purple locktite on them. looks clean too. I think the threaded end of the magpul guard may use a 4-40 screw though. have to check. Will post pics later.
  9. If I was him I would have spoke up more regardless of being told to shut up though! BUT. In no way is there any excuse for the Officers behavior! Couldn't believe how he said something about should have pulled his .40 and dropped him there executing him. Asked him if he wanted him to pull his and put it to his head..... wow.... Then a council member was complaining about people calling and emailing his office about this. he said people that do not live there have no business in this matter (something like that).
  10. Haha funny. Does it come with at least $3,200 in gold with it?
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