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    1973 Harley Heritage Soft tail
  1. jweston

    American nightmare factory

    Ive been around before, I just never got on the forum... now I have and pretty much blundered my way into the room!!! ...and yes I'll be sticking around!! (If im welcome after this!!)
  2. jweston

    American nightmare factory

    yep.. not only a typo, but a way to save my old back!!
  3. jweston

    American nightmare factory

    Hi... my name is " I fucked up posting info on ohioriders" My intention was to let you all know whats going on, so you could come and show off your hard work with others like yourselves. I fucked up the posting... and.. well you can see the error of my ways. By the way, names Joel. All my brothers are on here and I took my time getting on, and had quite some trouble...
  4. jweston

    American nightmare factory

    Thanks everyone for posting on this thread. ..and those of you who mentioned my lack of additional personal info, yeah youre right. Im an asshole in that regard. It was easier to find a way to post and harder to find a way to add personal content!!! im working on it!!!
  5. jweston


    Bowdog, send me pics of your ride if you want in!!! more info at http://alsogoods.com/anf
  6. Ron505,

    Thats a really nice ride, and our event is metric friendly, its all about the quality, I just dont want a lot of crotch rockets showing up... unless their customed out!!

    Ilove the paint job.

    So please come on out and enter your bike. Youve got my vote!!

    more infor at http://alsogoods.com/anf



  7. jweston


    Submit your pics now!!! We're also looking for: Bands and girls!!! (Bands who ROCK!! and Chicks who ROCK!!) Send pics or links to my e-mail
  8. for more info: www.alsogoods.com/anf An Original Jerry Beck Creation: AMERICAN NIGHTMARE FACTORY will premiere the new line: FIT CHICK!! This event wlil be hosted at HAWG WILDS by: ALSOgoods Gallery / SECTOR 7G TATTOOS / MR BIG STUFF CUSTOM GRAPHICS with live music! We’ll have a raffle for: An ORIGINAL JERRY BECK DESIGN We’ll have a “Best Bike” Contest to show off the best rides in attendance. The winner of the Best Bike contest will win: -Onsite photo shoot with their bike and an IRON ASYLUM INMATE (super hot fitness models!!) -1 18×24 print and a disc of 5 print ready images SECTOR 7G TATTOO and MR BIG STUFF CUSTOM GRAPHICS is donating a 25% off gift certificate each
  9. jweston

    American nightmare factory

    Check out the calendar of events for a bike contest coming up at our aug 20 show!!!!