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  1. I have a 04 400EX, I am the second owner. I run Mobl1 Synth 10/40 cycle oil and Wix filters... Freshly changed Just adjusted the valves, has Black Maier plastics Moose Racing bars Nerf bars and a new TMS gel cell batt. My wife decided she would like to go riding with me more so I am wanting to trade for a 4x4 I can make a 2up, like a Rancher (yes I am loyal to the Honda Brand)
  2. Headed to Wellsville again in the am.....
  3. A group of friends and I are heading to wellsville this weekend if anyone wants to meet up at freezone
  4. They didn't yet when I was there, I think it was because it was too muddy and they don't want to tear it up
  5. Let me know when you hit up the one by youngstown I might go too
  6. BC is great but be warned in the mud if you have nerf bars, man does that mud pile up.... As the day warms and more riders it gets thick and sticky like a clay mud.... Still fun though if you are prepared...
  7. all 2013 rally dates have been set with the first rally on apr 6th 2013 , at hopedale sportsmans club in hopedale ohio, we are open to all atvs , side by sides of all make are welcome , all dirt bikes and we have even had a few 6 wheel vehicles ride are trails , we offer free camping from friday to sunday primitive , the atv rally starts at 8 am sat till ? , you can visit the clubhouse for food and beverages and we have hats , tshirts, pullovers ect , we will be cooking the whole day of rally , trail does come by clubhouse , we have easy sections and hard sections, go to hopedale sportsmans club.net to see trail overview or go to youtube and search mossman0808 for videos or feel free to txt me or call me at 440 610 0307 with questions ,
  8. I will try to make it sat, Friday is my b day so my wife will want me home...
  9. Siacono

    CL find

  10. Guess I'm on my own.... Tearin up the trails in the morning
  11. welcome. Crows Canyon south of Dover and Hopedale Sportsmans Club south of Wellsville but both are private membership clubs
  12. Going to hit up Bear Creek this weekend.. this time my quad is ready for the day.. Anyone want to join....
  13. I got ahold of an 06 Honda 4x4 for $1500 front rack was a little bent up was all, fixed it and sold it for 2500 and that was 2yrs ago
  14. I just picked up my 2004 or I might have been interested GLWS
  15. I would say the best place to meet up would be the Shell station @ 77 and fohl rd
  16. I have used a 35k propane for years and love it, mine is also a Mr Heater but no cordless option
  17. Ok well if it's not too far April 6th is the ATV rally at Hopedale sportsmans Club Wayne is going to be kinda hard for me to go... long trip and for me to camp would be rough as I now have a 5 month old boy
  18. I know April 6th Hopedale is having an ATV Rally http://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/3544947104.html http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/ohio_14656/ride_47e5.htm http://www.hopedalesportsmansclub.net/
  19. I am thinking about going to Bear Creek this weekend but it's alot better with friends.... Anyone up for it.. Also they will open up on weekdays for a group of 3 or more.... http://www.bearcreek.us/trails.html
  20. I will be sure to look in on that.. But I don't drive a Prius
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