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  1. '07 burgundy. pretty much all the stock bodywork and headlight unit from an S model. right side of the main upper has minor rash. Will get images up at some point. located in Springfield, OH. $110 takes the lot. Prefer not to ship.
  2. As the title suggests, I've got a set of bodywork for a 1gen R6 (1999 to 2002 ish?) Includes an upper, lower, and supersport tail section. They are in good shape. Painted black with yellow number plates. Perfect for someone on a budget! $125.... OR YOUR BEST OFFER <----- (for those that know me, you know that my OBO's are quite generous...) Springfield, OH 45502. Would prefer pickup, as shipping bodywork is usually an expensive hassle. Email me with any questions: LongDogRacing@gmail.com
  3. yes, we race at Triangle MC in Harpster and the Sunset Ramblers facility in Galion. There is also a big race (The Ohio Valley Classic) scheduled for the 7th of May in Lebanon!
  4. So.... can SX be streamed live or not? All the googlenets solutions don't give a good answer.
  5. ** This for the restraint PINS only! Not a full TRS. ** I've got these things just taking up space in the garage. I used them on my GSXR600, but no longer have the bike. Normal wear, but if you know PitBull, then you know these things were built to last. Here is a description: http://www.pit-bull.com/product/F0075B-001.html $50, shipped to your door... email me if interested, longdogracing@gmail.com
  6. send them to Rob Jensen at Speigler. he's local (to the Dayton area) and knows his stuff! 937-291-1735
  7. Those of you who are just air drying or blow drying your suits-- think twice about it. Always send your stuff to a professional like Bill or Lizzy. Otherwise, you're just turning your suit into beef jerky. (Think about it: cow hide + salt curing + air drying = jerky) A soft and supple suit is a comfortable suit. It also gives you a chance to have that knee Velcro replaced, or that collar removed that has been digging into your neck all season!
  8. Sam, I'm not in your vicinity, but my bud is a cop there in Ada. He is an avid rider and is sponsored by SportBikeTrackGear (sportbiketrackgear.com). He can help you with the new helmet, for sure.
  9. $3000, this week only, cash only, pick up only (springfield,OH). somebody needs a nice trackbike! Please tell your friends! please, no PM's... email me for fastest response: longdogracing@gmail.com
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