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  1. NinjaDoc

    Tusday 07--23-19 Ride?

    Wish I could, looks like perfect weather
  2. Keep the pics coming, Can’t wait To do such trips and get a used wing in 10 yrs from now.
  3. NinjaDoc

    2020 Ford Mustang shelby GT500

    Great car. And Some Brave spectators standing close there.
  4. NinjaDoc

    Ride 7/12 or 7/13

    The way the night has been i prolly shouldn’t ride tomorrow at this rate I most likely won’t be able to make it rick, don’t look for me, if I see you I will turn around and follow and we will shake hands at Lisbon gas station haha
  5. NinjaDoc

    Ride 7/12 or 7/13

    dayooooom this just became a mini epic ride just like that, really disappointed that I can’t make it. Hopefully at least part of it if I can make it I be happy. But as of now chances are slim
  6. NinjaDoc

    Ride 7/12 or 7/13

    i will head down your return route if i get off work early enough and hopefully meet you some where along the route. Looks like a beautiful day to ride. wish i was off
  7. NinjaDoc

    Ride 7/12 or 7/13

    I will keep an eye on your final call. Friday I might be able to meet you on your return leg and Saturday I have to bail early to make it home by 3:30. Never getting a full day of ride
  8. NinjaDoc

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    @Skinny guy
  9. NinjaDoc

    Lettuce discuss washing

    I like bike bright, always used it on the shiny parts, was a little hesitant to use on the black engine components due to urban myth about it causing some fading , have any experience in use on painted or powder coated areas?
  10. NinjaDoc

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Following, I have few bits baked in to the naked engine parts from the “wetacious” gap trip. Can’t seem to get it off. D
  11. NinjaDoc

    Fly-By Week tell me more

    Punky I think I still have your number, will try to text you next time I /we are out. Good rides still happen here and there. I think you will be kept entertained in most clean roads. But haven’t rode with you in a looong time, Don’t know with that new beast whtr your “goals for satisfaction” has gone up considerably more? Also durk my man right here I think is perfect fit for you, he is like a friendlier happier version of old school Mach R riders you can never go wrong with him. Now regarding msta rode with them 5 yrs ago while in Michigan, was an okay evening fun relaxing ride not exhilarating. Problem might be the crappy atrocious horrendous horrible boring straight roads in crap hole Michigan. But considering the overall set up of msta rides, they are well structured and organized and will be more akin to the bmw group you went with. Again, don’t take my word for this. This is based on my experience from half a decade ago in a boring state.
  12. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Max which IXS jacket you bought?
  13. NinjaDoc

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    Just chicken and fries
  14. NinjaDoc

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    @Tonik @tall_tracy found the little gem. Price little higher for the quality of food. But ambience makes up for it. Very nice destination ride. May be can take the central Ohio folks to explore the north east roads and end here as a short 2 up friendly group ride.
  15. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I can’t even imagine how good the wing is when the dude who rode this bike says the wing is 20x better than this wonderful bike. 👍
  16. NinjaDoc

    "Must Ride" Roads in Kentucky?

    That explains, Was wondering why the weather looked crappy for next week, watching thread for some great info, waiting for @Bubba to drop bombs in here
  17. NinjaDoc

    The Wifes New Steed

    Beautiful machine. 👍
  18. NinjaDoc

    2008 FZ6; Best Offer OR.net Pricing

    🤣 path to boxer is laden with lowballing ball buster. It’s the engine I am referring to
  19. didnt know where to post random riding related stuff, didnt want to make a thread for it each time i am sleepless and/or manic with some ideas. Anyways I really really reaaaaally wanted to ride this weekend. Was looking forward to that warmish weather and out of the blue they started saying rain. like 60-80% 😠 Any one know any vodoo magic to make it change. The front apparently is heading in starting thursday > moving to friday and saturday , this will bring in the warm weather but the rain as well. Now there is under 10% chance that the shift will be in a way the that the rain will start saturday evening only. Lets ride.. "the rain free window" @Jester_ 😆
  20. NinjaDoc

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    😡 summer, peak riding season they said.
  21. NinjaDoc

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Delayed gap trip summary since i never got time to sit down at a desk top to type out this big wall of crappy text : Looking back, even though it was a slightly less exciting trip but a very worthy fun trip. Almost the last few days before the start i was literally ready to abandon the plan and not go. Thought of staying away from the young one was difficult, I bet most of the guys here are currently a "new dad" or been a "that new dad" at one time. I decided to take it one day at a time and set off and every day of riding was fun and exciting. By evening i would be filled with happiness of escaping without "an oh shit" moment, ton of adrenaline and endorphins and to cap it off little bit guilt of staying away from family and missing them the most. Glad at least to have done at least 3 days, and by friday morning i couldnt stay away any longer and decided to just do one whole straight trip back home. It was a real bad idea, riding almost 6 hrs out of 12 though heavy downpour. The more i got wet the more i was determined to just finish this crap in one day and not let mother nature beat me. And hence not stops or taking a break etc , just gas up and just kept going and got home late night. few positive learning points i take away i think the max i can only do is a 2 max 3 day trip away from home as of now. I am thinking by next year or two, once he is more grown up i will be more than willing to get the heck out of house and stay away longer as every one says i really need to go out and hang out with other people more, as i was sitting down with the gang to eat i realized this is the first time in many years i am eating out with others other than my immediate family. As in i even try to avoid work related friends social group dinner etc. Which explains my awkwardness and lack of understanding proper etiquette it takes me quite a while before realizing whats the right thing to say and do haha At this point i would like to thank the gang of misfits @Pauly @Skinny guy @Blitz and @tonik for letting me tag along and tolerating my ambivalent decision making and poor social company lol The whole group had nothing in common if you ask me other than love for motorcycling. But it worked out well with no one shooting anybody despite all these days together I finally got to do the OR gap hang out and infamous camp fire. I was always afraid of that part being the part introvert guy and being among big crowd of people. But it turned out to be fun and easy going, esp since i was well camouflaged int he dark lol It was fun just to sit there and hear stories and do nothing for one night. I guess @max power and @2talltim deserves some praise for taking up the reigns and making this trip happen this year from a shambles of confusion. Extra appreciation points for @Tonik for taking all the effort to plan and haul us around all these days. This was the first ever bike trip, or even just any ride where i was going out without any idea of route or of the iteniery etc. And for once it was really refreshing, no anxiety or needing to remember anything and no time crunch to make it happen, zero stress, well rested and good riding. And all day just following a great pace, and not having to lead or watch out for stuff etc makes it literally only half as tiring as leading a group. So thx again my man. My only advise for you to at least one day in the middle of the trip to take it easy and let some one else haul the train while you get to relax by just following the tail lights. But then again i guess you love this job too much. Lastly, before starting the trip i had made up my mind to list the bike after this trip and call it quits again as i was prolly not going to enjoy these like i used to, but it ends up being awesome despite the shitty weather. This thing is so dayum fun and addictive i dont think i can ever quit. Need to slow down 2 more notches and take up more exploration than express mail delivery. I guess you guys might keep seeing the skinny brown guy more and more at least this year. the age old saying, dont ride for the camera in the gap is true. The day i returned from fontana through gap it was still pretty wet, but when i saw them photo peeps just couldnt help bu try to pose a little bit until i almost low sided and lot of blessing fortunately saved it lol after that all the way home for 12 hrs the bike never saw more than 5 degree lean The tires were not at all suitable for this trip as well, thats topic for another thread. obligatory gap trip signature photo, wish it was dry and clean. Wanted a really flashy picture with flashy gear and clean helmet and stuff to keep aside so my little man can be some what proud of it i suppose 20 years from now. dont know, at that time his friends will be like "what kind of mode of transportation is that thing? "
  22. From the album: Tracer Times

  23. NinjaDoc

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    Any suggestions for small popmom place to grab a bit in seo east of 77 and south of 70
  24. From the album: Tracer Times