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  1. NinjaDoc

    Renting Your BIKE?

    one persons ducati is another person old "common" cbr600. Based on our financial state and "psycho-social" build we tend to preserve our stuff or neglect our stuff. Be it a car, bike toy what ever. rich guy garage queens a lambo and poor guys wash and wax and maintain a civic just the same way as long as they love their car the same way. IT doesnt matter how rare or how valuable it is. That means the average guy who loves their bike doesnt feel comfortable renting their bike. Statistically Bike is more of a personal attached asset/toy/ luxury in these parts compared to car which is considered by most as just a utility. Statistically there is higher chance of people messing up on a bike with lot more damage than the oppsie moment on a car. And basically human beings are flawed and by biological design is looking for self preservation/ asset preservation/ their own family preservation/ ... in short to be selfish. Just the level of it varies from time to time. Its not wrong to worry about imaginary accidents to your stuff/ imaginary illness to you family over imaginary injury to strangers. to summarize the big wall of text. , I do me, you do you and every one else do themselves. There is no right or wrong answer here. IF some one doesnt want to risk renting their bike for what ever reason they shouldnt. Some body else is comfortable renting it so be it.
  2. NinjaDoc

    Helmet coms 2019 - noob questions

    @2talltim @JustinNck1 @DerekClouser Have you guys rode with 3+ folks connected. As in let’s say rider A-B-C-D / 1) does it matter if the chain connection has to be in the proper order of riding? As is let’s say rider a-b is connected, b-c then c-d / if rider b decided to drop all the way back and possible out of range from Rider A , the whole chain gets broken up right? ( what a freaking confusing question to frame ) 2) does the multi connections get disconnected when gap increases or twisty roads etc and fall out of range , and then you have to sort of start over by fiddling with it?
  3. NinjaDoc

    Helmet coms 2019 - noob questions

    what i noticed about sena is the wide variability in user experience. The user exp ranged from people stuff dying after one ride in rain to others chugging along with no issues. Lot of people having some other issues and others having to go through hell and back to get adequate response from sena mothership. And still many whose sena has worked perfect with no hiccups. I kind of trust the user exp of folks here in OR who have been nothing but +ive regarding sena user exp and ended up ordering one myself. Will wait and see how lucky i am . I am thinking may be a batch issue or assembly location site issue dont know.
  4. NinjaDoc

    Helmet coms 2019 - noob questions

    @max power get it, if you been looking forward to riding two up, i am guessing you love the trips with wifey. Communication system makes such trip so much better. To the point i will never ever go back to non BT two up riding mode. So point number one> get it > its worth it get it second is the choice> Scala is a better unit no doubt just by being water proof itself. But as of now the safe bet for OR environment is getting Sena as literally every one has sena. Sena can talk to scala but confusing and questionable as multi member group. And one of these days when all of a sudden every one stops pretending to be ultra manly and wants to have some sort of communication for safety sake it will be worthy it. Again once you start using the comm system in group rides you will never go without it. No body keep chattering in there and talking as if at a bar counter. Only required stuff like warning, potholes, crap on road, clear to overtake etc itself is worth it. Safety profile taken a notch higher than doing stupid hand and leg signal dancing while riding. Third> which among sena > i think this will be a one time investment for quite a long time to come. Better bet right in the middle in Sena 20s / or 20s evo almost same. Better speakers and hardware, will do everything commonly needed. Still will have the first time struggle of getting connected with others and maintaining connection while in group ride. This is universal for most system till now. the game changer is the mesh network coming up > scala had it dialed down(plus water proof) and better at it with their new model > but unfortunately in this area u have no other scala guys to "mesh with " so no point getting that. The 30 k from sena is very questionable at best at this point. The online reviews and user experience has been so far lukewarm with ton more of complaints than the usual you expect from unhappy users. The prices are chopped down already for 30K> i am thinking they might come out with updated model within next few months. But go ahead and get a sena 20s evo > in ebay you can find new dual pack for 350ish > thats about 175 per unit which is a pretty good deal all things considered.
  5. NinjaDoc

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Great, see you there soon lol
  6. NinjaDoc


    Welcome, neo to seo is a common occurrence when it’s warm enough ap1 s2k will always be a fun alternative to take to seo as well haha
  7. NinjaDoc

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    Nice journey, but that rd is beyond my comfort/ fun balance spectrum lol
  8. NinjaDoc

    Absolutely one of the ugliest motorcycles I've ever seen

    Is this one of your sarcasm or real question hehe Man the studio pics and real life pics are always light year difference this looks like a TVS bike straight out of India
  9. NinjaDoc

    2019 Gap Trip.

    @MidgetTodd any expected ETA yet? I am really hoping u get it by May.
  10. NinjaDoc

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    Yea google virtual rode the Nebo rd, it’s almost an adv trail. But pics look like from 2017, have u been on it recently?
  11. NinjaDoc

    Absolutely one of the ugliest motorcycles I've ever seen

    i want to own one when the price starts coming down in another year or so. Love the concept
  12. NinjaDoc

    2019 Optimistic riding calendar :)

    Next weekend looks promising
  13. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yooooooo stop putting ohlins dreams in my head : D hahaha
  14. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Hahaha nah, for my puny weight the stock was good enough and set up just right. Having center stand helps tweaking and measuring easy as well. The last trial run was surprisingly smooth and supple considering the crappy road state.