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  1. Let’s just say the experiment failed, this thing is harder to ride the tight stuff but way more rewarding. Overall the tendency to attack corners and all goes away but still this bike hides it heft and speed. so I made the gap trip, all back roads one day up one day down. Wanted to meet @Blitz but timing didn’t work out. Next time any of you guys making a gap trip let me know may be I can try and meet up.
  2. Awesome pics, Glad to see you guys having a ball, I wish I could have made it and met you there. Next time coming to dragon or even back of dragon WV shoot me a message I will try to meet you some where 👍🏾
  3. Dangit, may be next time. If ever a group of you guys coming down. Or even doing WV trips let me know, will try to meet up.
  4. For sure plan a gap trip or at least a back of dragon WV 16 trip. We can link up. But choose roads with high speed sweepers only okay 🤣 Both the 890 and XR are listed for sale, the 890 is among all the bikes I owned the one I loved the most. I would venture to say the best one for corner carving ever. Been getting quite some query on that I haven’t responded promptly cause I don’t want to sell haha the XR is still new, it’s a 2020 looks new as I take care of them really well, with almost all bmw options and packages and factory warranty left with nice upgrades fresh tires fresh service and will also get all recalls which includes new brembo calipers and fluid flush before sale. Asking 18.5 looking to score around 18, but for You i can do even lower, pm me punk we can talk. https://m39t6.app.goo.gl/K8brC
  5. Good old days, I think that day I was wondering if I should hide or not haha was embarrassed to be seen with a zx14 lol Riding Those bikes is like have two evil dark angels on both shoulders, no one is advising to slow down. Such a hoot but dangerous. The Xr was the perfect bike for me, in term of comfort handling weight height ergonomics electronics everything perfect fit. Still don’t know why I went with this piggy 😄 social media is crazy, I didn’t know you knew
  6. Hello to all the guys and snot Long time no see, I did not make a guess bike thread but still tonic manages to skewer me some how haha. Quite obvious from the age of this thread busa has been a life long dream of mine. Something weird about Indians overall I guess, we like MJ, hayabusa and Arnold ‘sausenager’ , from very young age always liked the busa and finally pulled the trigger to get one once it came packed with safety net electronics. stylistically, statistically, economically, common sense wise this bike doesn’t make any sense at all for me and my type of riding. But May be exactly the antidote I need to behave as I don’t like straight line speed and enjoy faster cornering. Busa is build opposite to that. But I look at it as a lesser weight gold wing for my size, hefty long low plush suspension wind protection, low rpm highway mile munching, less comfortable but can be tweaked and not as horrible as a cruiser in handling. The weird irony of this is buying one fo the most powerful heavy bike to go slow is hard to explain, esp to ones wife. Don’t know I been seeing a lot of 🤦🏽‍♂️ When I talk about it lately haha this bike I will be keeping for long time since I bought new, full msrp and fluff fees and what not always bought gently used bikes and sold without much financial hit, this one I have to keep it… good thing I am loving it so far. @durk it was not me there, wish I could have made it to say hi to you. Next week if opportunities arise I might try to swing by dragon area and meet @Blitz @2talltim just have to get this bike to turn enough to get there in one piece 🤣 hopefully get to meet you all some day some where. May be in august I am trying to see if I can swing by Ohio one weekend for a ride. My be we can do an epic ride with all 15 or so remaining active members quintessential pictures. You guys know I love to take pictures and share.
  7. Miss all you guys 😞 Not anymore, back to resident like salary and I am fiscally responsible now hehe still thank you but not come again 🤣
  8. Welcome Rich that day I was waiting for @durk when I saw you, you see the similarities with Cbr and tail bags there right should link up with @Skinny guy as well since he rides the same roads you do most days
  9. Finally got a good laptop and able to compress with proper codec and things seems to work out pretty well
  10. Dayum RIP link he was a great guy and very good mature rider as well. Seems like the car crossed center line and got him. I am100% sure he was atgatt and riding within his limits And reacted and did everything right. And despite that it’s just what it is. This is really sad news. Stay safe out there OR fam. just today I was telling my wife how OR cultivates a lot of safe riding habits. for eg last 10 yrs we didn’t have any fatal crash or even real bad crash for members and in the NC FB group in the three months I been lurking I think 4 fatalities and other real bad accidents.
  11. Thx UP, i could still see the rev counter light up. The video doesn’t pick it up. Sometimes I wish the speedo was not covered, just to review the speeds on Play back for learning points and comparisons etc. easiest way to get data without needing other apps and softwares etc
  12. If at all there is a chance I will try to make it, 👍
  13. Yes, I was lucky they Did that since I wanted to work on my left handers the most
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