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  1. Crap missed it twice in a day now ๐Ÿคฏ
  2. Ty @Dizzledan for the update, I was late to the party. Plus notoriously indecisive as always hehe. Very good deal for all those who scored ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  3. NinjaDoc

    Starter Bike for Wife

    No WiFi in the outdoor shed he is sleeping in now. Hopefully in few days he will reply once he is let back into the house
  4. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Congo Jacob, life and speed perspectives gonna change real soon
  5. Yea as timmy said, going back to school again. I actually completed 2 yrs of fellowship already in Michigan before i moved back to ohio. This can be sort of consider as super fellowship again. Your right Timmy, its life long. I am not even sure when enough is enough, started med school back in 1999 - since then in some form of way i been involved with studying and training till 2015. At this rate i be dead before i get to earn some from the knowledge i gained @durk and things were starting to get really good for us extreme east end folks. With you @Skinny guy plus two more great riders i met around this area thee was always a good mix of people to ride with, plus the tracks close by. Sure going to miss it. @snot @Helmutt i forgot to tell you guys, i am not that active in FB but one day saw pics of you guys ripping apart the cross fit thing. Now i realize why you guys not active here and not riding much, good for you guys. I felt inspired and went and joined a local gym lol Now when ever i am going through insomnia and not sleeping at 3 am i go straight there and have the gym all to myself haha . Yes i know i am at the pinnacle of stupid choices and unhealthy lifestyle after 16 yrs of medical education
  6. going to be a fellow again most likely for another year, so wont be able to afford big places and stuff. Likely small apartment close to university kinda deal . But in future if i ever settle down close to the smokies i promise to have enough space and place to host the OR gap trip from there
  7. There is a very distinct possibility I be moving by April may of next year ๐Ÿ˜‘ if stuff line up as expected might be moving to Raleigh NC or itโ€™s close suburbs as of now. Nothing set in stone yet. OR family will be what I miss most in Ohio, but life goes on I guess
  8. NinjaDoc

    Anyone else order one?

    biggest strength and same time weakness of EV is the rapid pace of evolution. What used to be cutting edge 5 yrs ago is looking obsolete now. Just like all all electronic products thats almost hitting 90% depreciation and filling up dumpsters. But it will be a major hit to consumer to have such a high priced vehicle to undergo same depreciation and loss in value and hence less people buying into EVs. solution is sort of affordable renting/ leasing vehicles from manufactures and the vehicles going back to mfg for recycle and updates. regarding infrastructure again its going to become standardized sooner or later, then the pace of development will be exponential. like different adapters of mobile phone plugging into uniform outlet, EVs will have different adapters for uniform charging stations. 10 yrs is a good bet.
  9. NinjaDoc

    Anyone else order one?

    haha perfect example. if the Aztec was a 500+hp beast people wouldnt be hating in it as much as it receives now. If this car was munching down corvettes and camaros of its generation despite looking like a big block of melting icecube, the opinion we carry about aztec and its looks would be different. haha nah, dont misunderstand the statement. I am not against the looks / for me first is performance / functional status/ bang for buck etc and looks i like is an added icing on the cake. Vstrom was considered ugly but still my all time favorite bike. the civic is considered immature and ricey by vast majority esp if driven by older owners, still my favorite.
  10. NinjaDoc

    Anyone else order one?

    i love it, might get one in distant future. then again i am the odd one who loved the old versys and current nikken as well. I like functional out of ordinary designs. This truck even though people make fun of it looks etc, i bet will grow on you. Because "looks" are subjective, its a thought process triggered in each persons brain based on years of social conditioning from opinion facts, imagery that been accumulated over the years. And that "looks" " design" thing keep changing slowly over decades. imagine releasing the new corvette design in 1980, there would have been a riot. As of now we are trained to think a truck "SHOULD" look like one way and it should have this shape to be strong and macho. But as time goes by the opinion is going to change about this truck. The marketing team would ensure that by slowly releasing videos and facts tied up to this that will condition out brain. like this truck tug of war destroying the classic "macho big rig trucks" or this huge truck obliterating smaller sports cars in drag strips. and in couple of years, As soon as we see this in person, the thought that will be triggered will be massive power speed and performance. hopefully this forum and this thread is alive in 2025 for us to revisit and for me to post a smiley face to say "i told you so" regarding infrastructure, its going to change and change fast. This is evolution no one can stop it. EV is on the way up / Gas is on the way down. Having said that 10 years seems like a reasonable estimate to be honest for them to comparable, as in someone to go buy a Ev without even thinking twice about worry of being stranded, location for charging and distance etc. Right now and in near future, its still viable and reasonable as long as little bit of planning and patience is involved. disclaimer:I dont own EV / still love my gas guzzlers / not a fan boy of tesla/ just accepting the fact and proud of human evolution even though we gonna be extinct by our own progress/ regress/ and deeds in future.
  11. NinjaDoc

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Please post up a sample email you guys been sending, wonder if I am typing too much or too little and informal
  12. NinjaDoc

    Indian is getting with the program.

    I was referring to the overall active folks in here. There are about 10-15 active Old school peeps that put down miles regularly and hardly any new incoming.
  13. NinjaDoc

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Yes motorcycling is dying for sure, just look at this place.
  14. NinjaDoc

    Dream Bikes

    This will very well be the Elusive one bike solution, I have a feeling duck and cow is gonna sit in the shed for longer duration next season.
  15. NinjaDoc

    New Honda CBR

    No way I am buying it new so no worries, hehe only reason I had my eye on it was because of the safety package it carries. Not many small bikes coming out with that these days except this and duke. And not yet committed to track only state at best I see is 4-5 track days a season thatโ€™s it. So no dedicated bike trailer warmer generator package yet