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  1. That’s pristine ... paristine and rare 👍
  2. Good to see all the faces pop up, Few more folks reply to this thread and we can declare OR is back in full swing. After all this whole fiasco was not in vein
  3. Is there a way for it to be merged below the new thread Muckles started? I know he loves to plan stuff like these. That way rest of the folks who replied in there get notified of new reply and such.
  4. I think what @Muckles was trying to say is people with really loose flexible inner and thick outer can break and squeeze into the OR circle and feel at home. I believe Muckles is one of them, most folks who skim through the threads won’t get the inside jokes and banter and overall feel of this forum. And hence hard to get new members. But... the big butt question is, just like anything in this world. Where do we draw the line... thin margin between over moderation and having relaxed easy fun, may be just have the intro thread visible to new members until they have 3 new post something like that, by then we can do our welcomes and stuff and then show them the brutal battle royal waiting for them.
  5. Not trying to stir the pot, and I did not get to read the full thread before it was closed so I don’t know what transpired in there that it deserve to be closed. So I’m not pro or against closing as I don’t have enough information. Just as a continuation of discussion, posting up my thoughts. most forum esp OR is an eclectic group of folks coming together and sharing ideas / discussion / arguments etc a thread and it’s further reply constitutes a conglomeration of ideas from various individuals. The whole thread takes a meaning of it own, has a value of its own. Thus the Value of whole thread with its replies takes a far more value than just the opening post, opening post is just what it is ...an opening , like some guy who walks into a hall full of people and saying “hey what’s up, how’s weather” The thread belongs to everyone who posted in there and even a bit to every member in forum who joined / logs in daily and reads these. They all have their own value in keeping this place rolling. my humble opinion (which prolly doesn’t matter) is going forward in future let’s keep the threads open, if OP wishes to erase his post and thread mods can help him. Let the rest of the discussions which folks put effort to come up with ideas and took time to type it out stay here. If majority of thread is highly inflammable and pure toxic with no productive value what’s so ever, I agree closing and hiding makes sense. But for OR that’s a pretty high ceiling to touch. By now literally all of us know each other on personal basis and know exactly where the posts are coming from. From a funny angle or vicious Inner negative angle. As for this thread the last I seen was all productive posts, esp a planing and involving thread with many folks who are usually silent coming forward to participate to bring together a ride. That should have stayed and the requested posts or dubious post could be edited out. Anyways I don’t know the specifics nor the technical difficulties in achieving that, genuinely trying to discuss pros and cons.
  6. You good panda, no worries. But Yes i can’t get any sleep thinking about this, someone explain
  7. Dayum that was exciting 👍
  8. Thx for sharing B. Other than passing through, I missed out on exploring Kentucky all those years I was in Ohio. Missed out a lot from the pics.
  9. You probably seen the radar in this area right, kinda mushy wet hit and miss rain every day. But up in the mountains it looks promising
  10. NinjaDoc

    Let them die.

    Don’t know if it’s true or not but my feeling was Honda was too proud and kept making motorcycles that it thought the world needed. They wanted to determine what was good for the rider. Made good stuff but never clicked and priced it to a premium point. The value of which you will only understand once you own it and ride it, never on paper Eg vfr1200 And thus it suffered but recently I have a feeling Honda changed and started making bike what the people wanted, changed design language to fit current trend as well. Eg Cbr naked bike comparison from past generation to current. Also the whole bikes they started building based on current trend I assume. Prime eg new gold wing, put it right where it will eat away business from low weight Sport tourers as well as heavy weight long distance mile munchers. CRF 450 what the dual sport world was asking for long time. New Cbr 1000 with all the fancy gadgets and stuff, probably be the liter bike of the year. Albeit everything is still priced premium and people buy it as left over mostly
  11. Long ago I used to make these rides easy.... coz I never slept. Gas station fuel up for bike 5 hr energy drink for me. Even if fun Was not at all best good days of my life. Good thing I changed
  12. Skinny guy 3....2....1 you guys and your over rated twisty roads phshhhh 😑
  13. Let’s do it rick, meet at 172 and 9? 😝
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