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  1. Another short clip from epic ride, @Hellmutt group following @Qman @EOdesmo Some More to come
  2. Monday May 29th shakedown ride

    Disregard the above message, even if I slab fully earliest I can get to bolivar is 9:25 go on and enjoy roamer, catch you guys next time on hopefully new rubber. Ride safe.
  3. Monday May 29th shakedown ride

    Dang it, as expected just woke up. Roamer if you are riding alone and don't mind a later start I can try to catch up. But if already group and planned ignore this message.
  4. Monday May 29th shakedown ride

    @theroamr very slim chance for me to make it, if I am not in bolivar by 8:30 I missed out on a beautiful day and good ride i might just go for shorter ride later on The day. Leaving home by 6:30 to make it to bolivar is the tricky part for me. Coz if I think I can make it I won't sleep, if I don't plan to make it then I be get some sleep and be awake by 6:30. Hmmm mental circus
  5. Monday May 29th shakedown ride

    Is it going to be machismo retardio? My tires are done and will be a bad decision to ride but want to at least do part of the loop and then break off to home early.
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    Very nice durk, where do you find these broken down machines, just Craigslist? Or pick up from auction and stuff
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    This deserves its own build thread with all the photos together, great work.
  8. 2010 Triumph Speed Triple 15th Anniversary Edition

    @LoTGoD wow haven't seen you in such a long time. Sad to see you are about quit. Good luck with sale.
  9. Christian Sport Bike Assoc. May 27th ride

    I tell you, Every weekend it rains like clock work
  10. Yes as tonic said, great scenic clean your senses kinda ride. I think Sticking to upper west end of state on way up is ideal as relatively better roads around there. And if you see an older lady ripping it up on a bicycle just wave hi and don't mention Pauly
  11. Agree with Dave about Michigan, MI roads suck so bad in terms of technicality and condition I just used to slab all the way down to seo ride some twisty and slab back all in a day to have some fun at least.
  12. Quirky beauty

    From the album Random

  13. Now you losers can be like me.
  14. @DerekClouser no apologies needed, u did all the hard work, all the leg work, took all the head aches and put it together nicely. All the rest what happened is out of your control. And you did the right thing by canceling. Possibly weeded out new to the group guys and made it safe for them and us. Who ever showed up despite the risk involved knew what they were getting into. We all got to enjoy each other's company and a beautiful day of riding thx to your time and effort. So thx again and I mean every one will have the same opinion. Most grateful is Danimal.
  15. What did you do to your bike today?

    @Al Z. Heimer bike looks better than brand new