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  1. NinjaDoc

    Ride 9/21

    😂 thank you
  2. NinjaDoc

    Ride 9/21

    Is there any mods that will move this to the right section. No respect for rules and etiquette in this place. On an unrelated note, if I have the tire by then may be in for the shenanigans. And on another note, since this was posted up in open public with bolivar as the spot I have a feeling this is going to become a mini dream bomb if the weather is going to hold up as good as it’s doing now 😆 Close to a decade ago same place around same time looks a lot different with 90% of the folks not active anymore
  3. NinjaDoc

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    I always fear this is what’s going to happen to me if I keep riding lol Thought cornering abs will be the next upgrade to safety net. May be not.
  4. NinjaDoc

    Fly-By Week, Marietta, Aug 19-25

    Glad to see you around. Csba still around? Still have the green monster?
  5. NinjaDoc

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Welcome back, 👍
  6. NinjaDoc

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    ebay ones durable and cheap // these are bit more fancy ones if your into those https://kathysmotorcyclebags.com/
  7. NinjaDoc

    Ride Saturday 9-7

    @FatWilbur @Skinny guy only the beamy boys left standing. You guys should still link up and ride. I can foresee a Bavarian broship blooming beautifully. The day looks so beautiful, I wish I could ride.
  8. NinjaDoc

    Ride Saturday 9-7

    Skinny, you have reset your riding preference in the last few months, I don’t think you realize it yet lol, the speed setting everything is reset not like when we first met. Your a Mach retard hooligan now. You be fine, you will keep up. Wish I could, but working. And need a tire soon.
  9. NinjaDoc

    Anyone want to ride sat aug 31st?

    @FatWibur awesome, thx for the detailed review. I just came across the 2017+ R during my research into bikes with cornering abs and light weight. The vibration seems to be the prime complaint about this bike it seems. I thought the 2017+ they were fixed. Good choice with RR, respect for trying to stick to SS riding position at 50+ age.
  10. NinjaDoc

    Random Track Talk

    Road kill ahead left side
  11. NinjaDoc

    Anyone want to ride sat aug 31st?

    very nice, how was the 2017 s1000R for you ? was it reliable and comfortable since more upright? How does it compare to these new RR
  12. NinjaDoc

    Anyone want to ride sat aug 31st?

    Good day of riding, nice to see all the folks before the season ended. That was prolly my last one for the season as I don’t see another opening till October. If it’s at least 50+ I will venture out below that just too much for my tropical blood. I was lucky the tires barely lasted till the return journey home need new tires and oil changed and prolly back to the tender it goes or sell it hehe. @FatWibur was that you and your friend we ran across in Cadiz? Hard to believe there would be two new 2020 RR in that small radius of living of canal Fulton
  13. NinjaDoc

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    Nice, I am guessing this is the bike you did an exhaust for after a loooong time right? I gather you really like it
  14. NinjaDoc

    Wild Wonderful West Virginia

    2019 apparently comes with akra?