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  1. Miss all you guys 😞 Not anymore, back to resident like salary and I am fiscally responsible now hehe still thank you but not come again 🤣
  2. Welcome Rich that day I was waiting for @durk when I saw you, you see the similarities with Cbr and tail bags there right should link up with @Skinny guy as well since he rides the same roads you do most days
  3. Finally got a good laptop and able to compress with proper codec and things seems to work out pretty well
  4. Dayum RIP link he was a great guy and very good mature rider as well. Seems like the car crossed center line and got him. I am100% sure he was atgatt and riding within his limits And reacted and did everything right. And despite that it’s just what it is. This is really sad news. Stay safe out there OR fam. just today I was telling my wife how OR cultivates a lot of safe riding habits. for eg last 10 yrs we didn’t have any fatal crash or even real bad crash for members and in the NC FB group in the three months I been lurking I think 4 fatalities and other
  5. Thx UP, i could still see the rev counter light up. The video doesn’t pick it up. Sometimes I wish the speedo was not covered, just to review the speeds on Play back for learning points and comparisons etc. easiest way to get data without needing other apps and softwares etc
  6. If at all there is a chance I will try to make it, 👍
  7. Yes, I was lucky they Did that since I wanted to work on my left handers the most
  8. I just want to take a moment to thank @TimTheAzn and @Jester_ for pulling into track days after nearly 9 -10 yrs since last track day. Without tim making the day easy to sign up and join etc i would never have been able to join. Whats with these asian guys helping you to make your first track day easy - must be a culture thing. Hi ... How you doing.... let’s go for a track day ? ( @jbot ) Last year end on a cold fall day got to do one in PIRC. Wanted to do one more with you guys before i left But i couldnt. But i really enjoyed the day, less stressful and lot of fun all because you guys an
  9. That’s pristine ... paristine and rare 👍
  10. Good to see all the faces pop up, Few more folks reply to this thread and we can declare OR is back in full swing. After all this whole fiasco was not in vein
  11. Is there a way for it to be merged below the new thread Muckles started? I know he loves to plan stuff like these. That way rest of the folks who replied in there get notified of new reply and such.
  12. I think what @Muckles was trying to say is people with really loose flexible inner and thick outer can break and squeeze into the OR circle and feel at home. I believe Muckles is one of them, most folks who skim through the threads won’t get the inside jokes and banter and overall feel of this forum. And hence hard to get new members. But... the big butt question is, just like anything in this world. Where do we draw the line... thin margin between over moderation and having relaxed easy fun, may be just have the intro thread visible to new members until they have 3 new post something like tha
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