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  1. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Missed you Dan, I was there early. When lots of family and friends started filling up I sort of escaped. Dori is a strong woman. 48yrs they been together. Must be so hard to live on.
  2. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

  3. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    Saw "him" and family at ER. They are really sad but not shattered I guess since they were mentally prepping for this for some time. He was just skin and bones didn't want to remember him that way. Just want to remember him as the old guy with big guy strength who worked hard and did heavy work till the day of retirement. Physically invincible and mentally fragile because he was too nice and kind. In a way we can be at peace I guess since he won't suffer any more. I was silently pushing him and family to stop chemo long ago coz to me it seemed it was killing him faster and affecting his quality of life. But there was no right or wrong answers in this scenario. I was hoping to trailer his vstrom to gap this year. Had the off days all squared away. Plan was one small trip trailer to WV 16 and if it goes well trailer to gap come June. Thought he would get at least one good summer ahead of him. Motorcycling won't be same any more riding without him and sort of watching over. May be he will continue to watch over
  4. Jerry/ Al-z-heimer Needs some positive vibes from OR

    With a very heavy heart I have to post this here. Jerry's daughter just gave me a call, the worst call I was hoping not to get anytime soon. Jerry passed away earlier today. He was not doing too well recently I was worried this might happen sooner or later. But in between he would have good days and in fact couple of weeks ago we were hoping to make it to the neo meet tomorrow. But he was getting too weak and suffering too much too. Everything happened fast, He collapsed earlier at home and ems took to hospital but it was too late already as per his daughter who is an RN as well. Will keep you all posted as to further services etc
  5. Are we still playing guess the new bike?

    Zx 14r - prolly got it for a whooping deal
  6. Wtf is this

    If it's in the affordable sport bike range price I be getting one since I been following talks about the tech driving behind it for some time. This will be safer and deliver the same sensation of riding and I am quite sure in capable hands outside most bikes and riders. Now like everything evolution brings people will be thrashing it, abs, traction control wheelie control etc etc, as years go by it just becomes the norm. Is it killing pure soul of motorcycling, very well it could be. But I don't think any one in their right mind would want to ride the old school widow maker race bikes and would rather have fun and go back to family. This bike may not be perfect next step, but logical next step to make motorcycling safer. Motorcycling is not defined by the brand, the engine, the suspension etc etc. this bike might prove that it doesn't even have to be on 2 wheels. it's just a feeling, and as long as it's not affected by a technology advance that adds another dimension of wheel for superior grip and not kill it. I would take it. You know in winter you will be riding in your mind just enjoying that swaying gliding winding fluidly speeding through twisties. Wind on your face, sensation of speed raw, adrenaline kicking, tipping in and out and seeing everything around you and being part of it, rather than being separated from it by being inside a cage. Travel a lot and enjoy the company, mates, journey and destination. This can deliver it safely. That's all motorcycling feeling to me is. Still got lean angle 45 but with nearly twice the grip and will be fun to drift through the gap. Will be easier and safer to tackle fire roads. Back end looks like any fz 9 and will take bags easy and front end narrower than a tourer. Cruise control upright and sitting back, slabs won't be bad either. They did not spice it up with fancy stuff to keep cost low, but still if north of 20k I would skip for used ones to pop up. If in 15k range sign me up for early adoption just to be part of evolution.
  7. High Voltage Karts Medina 1pm Friday 12-29.

    And don't forget the freaking helmet, driving and forth sux
  8. High Voltage Karts Medina 1pm Friday 12-29.

    With the way people are driving in this weather I gonnna be set back by 1:20ish
  9. High Voltage Karts Medina 1pm Friday 12-29.

    True that, but I would say ur priority is justified. It's a once in a life time trip. but I am really excited. First time for me on a real kart and track.
  10. High Voltage Karts Medina 1pm Friday 12-29.

    Will be awesome to see all the old boys Dan around 1pm on Friday is pretty less crowded as per google by 3 it starts to pick up. hope you can make it there even if little late. Ed, Comparing rates around, this seems like a fair price for high quality electric karts in a good rig.
  11. High Voltage Karts Medina 1pm Friday 12-29.

    As of now looks like John, pauly and Timmy might be able to make it as well. Will be nice to meet all and ride together for a chance to purge the urge for speed without raging and barging into oncoming traffic.
  12. NEO Dinner

    I will also try to make it if I am able to get out in time. Will only know on the day. Hit the hivoltage gokart track before or after dinner?