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  1. Well organized robbery? Bring someone over expecting to see a bike at some random house and then jump them for the money you told them to bring? Pregnant women have had their babies stolen/cut out for less on a CL ad lol. Ok that wasn't really funny, but it is unfortunately true. There are some weird people out there.
  2. I know a lot of you go to Rule 3 for bike night so I thought I'd pass this along. Groupon has a special going on where you get $20 worth of bowling, food, etc for only $10. You have two or three days left to buy it, but the voucher is good for a year. When you join to get the deal, I just ask that you use my url that I referred you so I get a bonus for you joining This is my special URL: http://www.groupon.com/r/uu27090371 Let me know if it doesn't take you to the Rule 3 deal going on. It's on the main page though.
  3. Mark's obituary: http://www.vindy.com/news/tributes/2011/aug/23/mark-g-moye/
  4. That was a great day! Hard to believe that was in '09...
  5. saralynn518


    Yeah they said that about my tetras too. The tetras seem to be doing great with the goldies though. I have chinese algae eaters (well one now sine the other just died) and he keeps the tank pretty clean. I just hate to get a bigger tank. Ok, maybe I will pass on the angelfish lol.
  6. saralynn518


    Right. I have a 10 gallon right now with a few tetras and goldfish. I would likely only get one or two, but I know I do need another tank. That's why I wanted to get a smaller one to put the tetras in like I had planned.
  7. saralynn518


    Do they get along with goldfish and tetras? If they do, I may be interested. Of course I have been trying to find a 3-5 gallon tank lately for some other stuff. I have a little one gallon, but the filter I got is too powerful. Poor fish were getting sucked in and then blown back away by the air pump all at once lol. They were exhausted!
  8. I didn't realize how many people on OR knew Mark and how many were also on RO as lurkers lol. I'm really glad I posted up over here to pass on the news to those of you who knew him.
  9. If anyone is going from the central ohio or southern ohio area, let me know. I'll meet up with you. Figure it's about 3.5 hours from my place on the slab.
  10. Cross post from Ride Ohio from his friend Dan: The calling hours are this Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm at: Szabos Funeral Home 1360 5th Avenue. Youngstown, Ohio.44504 The burial will be right afterwards. I am not sure of anything else yet other than his Brother Rex wants everyone to ride to the burial service together, so I guess it doesn't matter where the cemetary is...if you are at the service you can just follow along. I hope many of you can be there to show your respect.
  11. Wonderful pictures! I would love to have full size copies and I can pass them on as well. Email to saralynn518@yahoo.com please
  12. Tonight/this morning, my friend Mark passed away from a massive heart attack. A few of the members here also know him from Ride Ohio. Mark was a laid back, yet funny guy. He loved to take pictures, and most importantly loved to ride. He will be missed dearly. A real sweetheart.
  13. Someone should really put in a complaint about that
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