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  1. RidersDiscount

    TCX RT-Race Pro Boots

  2. RidersDiscount

    TCX RT-Race Pro Boots

    Light, durable and comfortable. RT-RACE Pro boots from TCX are top-of-the-line boots that’ll hold your feet safely in place no matter how you ride. It starts with a laser-cut, perforated microfiber outer shell that’s armored in all of the right places: the toes, lateral/medial malleolus, heel, shin and Achilles. Still, comfort is more than look after. Ventilation aside, the aforementioned protectors work together allowing a natural, comfortable foot movement that’s unobtrusive whenever you’re on the bike. Additionally, replaceable magnesium toe sliders are fitted as standard, and there’s also a set of replaceable heel sliders fitted on the back of each boot. A polyurethane shift pad is correctly positioned to eliminate abrasion caused by some of the rougher footpeg serrations found on some aftermarket rearsets. Inside the boot, an Air Tech breathable lining is fitted as standard. And once your foot is within the boot, you are to cinch it in place using the integrated Fasten Fit Control (F.F.C.) lacing system. It’s just as you’d expect, an internal lacing system with its own locking system to hold your foot comfortably in place. Michelin is the company responsible for the boot’s sole – in this case, the Burnout compound which is designed to provide sure grip in all riding conditions. In addition to predictable traction that doesn’t inhibit feel through the pegs, you get a durable sole that’s highly resistant to tearing and abrasion. It all adds up to a nifty, protective boot that’ll keep your feet comfortable at the track or out on the road. To order yours, call us on 866.931.6644, send a note to Mike via email; forum@ridersdiscount.com with TCX RT-RACE PRO AIR BOOTS in the subject line or just send a PM right here along with the size of your regular shoes you wear and we’ll get back to you right away!
  3. RidersDiscount

    R&G Engine Case Covers

    PM sent.
  4. RidersDiscount

    R&G Engine Case Covers

    Built for the serious motorcyclist, R&G Engine Case Covers can save you piles of cash in the event of an unfortunate get-off. Developed in conjunction with world championship-level race teams, each kit is made using 4mm thick polypropylene that’s shaped to fit over the OEM cases of your bike. Installation is as easy as it gets for this time of additional protection as each kit comes with all the required hardware. You simply remove the OEM bolts on your engine’s cover, put the R&G unit over it and then use that same stainless steel hardware to bolt it in place. Hopefully, you’ll never have to test the resiliency of these parts, but it’s always good to have them on your bike, just in case! To order yours, give Mike a call on 866-931-6644 ext 817, send us a PM here or email forum@ridersdiscount.com with R&G ENGINE CASE SAVERS in the subject line along with the model and year of your machine and we’ll get back to you right away.
  5. RidersDiscount

    Recommend some track gear

    I also like Cortech Adrenaline suit, we did a ton of testing when we had the race team years ago. We had our shares of crashes, held up incredibly well for the money. They have since made a newer 2.0 version. At $799 retail price point hard to beat.
  6. RidersDiscount

    Winter Bike Storage Kit

  7. RidersDiscount

    Winter Bike Storage Kit

  8. RidersDiscount

    Winter Bike Storage Kit

    Winter is right around the corner and unfortunately for most of us in the US this means we'll have to put away our toys for hibernation. But what is actually involved in preparing a motorcycle for winter storage? Some people are okay with parking their bikes for the winter just as they left it after their last ride and while that may work for some of the warmer climates, it's not recommended for those of us in the frozen north. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what is actually involved in getting a bike ready for winter storage with varying opinions from every rider. In this thread you'll find a general idea of what is required to get your bike through the winter and out on the other side as good as you left it. We're going to highlight some of the best winter prep products here, all of which are available from Riders Discount. If there is something you don't see here but want for your winterization needs, contact our expert sales staff by giving Mike a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 818. Prefer email? No problem, send us a message through this forum with the products you're looking for or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM, and we'll get back to you right away! So what are some of the key winter storage products available to prep your bike for the cold season? Stands to prevent your tires from flat spotting, anti-freeze for coolant, fuel stabilizer to prevent your gas from breaking down, fogging oil to prevent cylinder corrosion, battery tender to keep your battery fresh, and a bike cover to keep your bike warm. Just kidding, a bike cover will help keep your bike clean and partially dust free throughout winter. One thing not pictured are muffler and intake plugs to keep pests out, although a couple paper towels stuffed in your exhaust and intake should suffice. Street riders likely already have anti-freeze coolant but it never hurts to give your bike a good flush and refill every year. If you have ran any kind of track time this year, there's a good chance you don't have anti-freeze properties in your coolant and getting it changed out is a necessity. There are numerous options available for anti-freeze and we sell them all. Pictured here is Maxima Coolanol. Engine Ice is also common and available from Riders Discount as well. Fuel stabilizer is recommended if you plan on storing your bike for longer periods of time. Now, regarding batteries, if you have a lithium ion battery, remove it, bring it inside, and store it in a closet. These shouldn't need a charge, however if you think it may, go ahead and give us a call and we'll get one on the way for you. If you have an OE style acid battery, plug in the Battery Tender and leave it. That's it. You don't need to remove it from the bike if you don't want to. One last thing, a common misconception we've seen is to start your bike periodically through the off-season and get it up to temp. You can look at it from time to time but you really don't need to start it up. Just let it sit and fire it up come spring time. So what do you guys and gals do to get ready for winter? (Be prepared for California riders to post up a witty remark about them continuing to ride...)
  9. RidersDiscount

    New Honda CBR

  10. Good suspension not only helps your bike handle better, but it also helps your bike get power to the ground more effectively. After all, you’re not going to open the throttle if you don’t trust that the rear end is going to stick! The Bonneville’s OEM suspension could certainly use some improvement, enter Ohlins Street Twin Shocks with 99mm of travel and valving that’s specifically engineered to work with the modern classic Trumpet’s chassis. You’ll have the ability to adjust the shock’s exact length, it’s preload and of course, compression and rebound settings with each click of the adjusters bringing you closer to the best possible handling of your machine. In addition, we’ll send these shocks to you correctly sprung for your needs. These Swedish engineered shocks will improve feel and rider confidence leading to a safer, more enjoyable ride. To order yours, give Mike a call on 866-931-6644 ext 818, send us a PM here or email forum@ridersdiscount.com with OHLINS STREET TWIN SHOCKS in the subject line along with the model and year of your machine and we’ll get back to you right away.
  11. RidersDiscount

    Arai Quantum-X Xen Red Frost Helmet

    The integrated exhaust vent is specifically designed for road going speeds. Another great shot of the Quantum X Xen in red, call Mike to order yours today!
  12. RidersDiscount

    Shoei Neotec II Splicer Modular Helmet

    The Neotec II is a complete overhaul of the original Neotec. It features an all-new aerodynamic design and interior resulting in an incredibly quiet helmet. Now it's available in the new Splicer graphic. This modular helmet gives you the convenience of an open-face helmet with the safety of a full-face helmet. In addition to a multi-position face shield, this helmet has a QSV-1 sun shield built in. It also comes equipped with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system. Shoei's Neotec II has a high-quality ventilation system to provide maximum comfort. The expanded 3-position upper air intake vent allows air in while the all-new exhaust outlets expel unwanted warm air. Additional ventilation is found on the inside of the helmet, with several funnels built right into the EPS. The interior of this helmet is completely removable, replaceable, and washable. The Neotec II incorporates Shoei's new 'Noise Isolator' cheek pads, which deflect wind and reduce unwanted noise. The Sena SRL Communication System (sold separately) was created specifically for the Neotec II. This helmet has a patent-pending 100% stainless steel interlocking mechanism, making putting on and removing the helmet quick and easy. MSRP $799.00 The Shoei Neotec II Splicer Modular Helmet is available in sizes XS-XXL. If you have any questions about this product or would like to place an order, feel free to give Mike a call at 866.931.6644 ext. 818. Is email more convenient? Send us a private message through this forum or write to us at FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM and we'll get back to you right away!
  13. RidersDiscount

    Alpinestars Faster Airflow Leather Jacket

    There are few leather jackets with this much ventilation, making it an ideal choice for any street rider that wants the protection of leather without giving up much in the way of cooling comfort. Perforate all over the front and back, the leather panels allow cooling air to flow over the body and out the back while you ride, taking heat and moisture with it. Stretch panels too, aid in this feature and also, provide the kind of comfort not possible in an all-leather jacket in terms of fit and movement. Under the outer-facing shell, you’ll find CE-certified elbow and shoulder armor and provisions for fitting a back protector and chest pads as well. The jacket itself is cut to accommodate all of these items without becoming an ungainly affair for street riders. Available in a range of sizes, be sure to get the correct one to fit you by calling Mike on 866.931.6644 ext. 818, send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com with ALPINESTARS FASTER AIRFLOW JACKET in the subject line, or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.
  14. RidersDiscount

    Happy birthday to me.

    Happy Birthday.
  15. Slovenia craftsmanship for your 2020 German beast – nobody does it like Akrapovic. This muffler easily bolts in place of the stock unit in minutes, saves you 3.3 pounds of mass and delivers boatloads of street cred, too. Of course, when you’re ready, you can add a set of headers for maximum exhaust flow improvement. Boasting an all-titanium construction, from inlet to outlet, and everywhere between, the construction of this muffler is simply artful. The welds are perfectly sewn and even the screen on the outlet side is made of titanium. All you need to do is add your 2020 S 1000 RR and you’re all set! Available for the 2020 BMW S 1000 RR, give Mike a call on 866.931.6644 ext 818 to get this, or any other Akrapovic component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too!