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  1. RidersDiscount

    Competition Werkes GP Race Slip-On Exhaust

    We miss the good old days of stink wheels, that two stroke odor aside, the exhausts were works of art, especially the expansion chambers. Successive conical pieces of metal tubing welded together, when done by a skilled tradesman, created beautiful pipes which were worthy of admiration. GP Race exhausts from Competition Werkes certainly show there’s a good bit of reverence for the same in their R&D department! Check out those link pipes. Each muffler is built using stainless steel link pipes that are expertly welded together to recreate the looks of the aforementioned two-stroke pipes of yore were made. The large diameter pipes ensure optimal, unrestricted exhaust gas flow all the way through the large muffler opening. The muffler itself provides for the minimalist look while being made of high-quality metals for long-lasting good looks. It’s all welded, by hand, by skilled craftsmen to accommodate the good looks of any bike its bolted to! You know the routine - give Mike a call on 866.931.6644 to get this, or any other Competition Werkes component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too, just be sure to include the model and year of your machine so we can get you sorted out proper!
  2. RidersDiscount

    HJC RPHA 11 Pro Fesk MC-5SF Helmet

    The air intake and exhaust on the RPHA-11 does a great job of keeping your head cool and dry.
  3. The Racing Line Exhaust from Akrapovic, when fitted to your Kawasaki ZX-10R will not disappoint in looks, performance or quality. The exhaust itself weighs 8.5 lbs. less than stock, while at the same time, delivering an additional 16 horsepower in terms of peak power output. The biggest – and most noticeable differences in engine power occur between 5,000 and 10,000 RPM, right where you’ll notice it most! That, the dopoff in power around 7,000 RPM is eliminated, too. Like all Akrapovic exhausts, craftsmanship is second-to-none and everything fits just as right and this particular exhaust ships with an expertly-crafted carbon fiber exhaust hanger for pukka race good looks! You know the routine, give Mike a call on 866.931.6644 to get this, or any other Akrapovic component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too!
  4. RidersDiscount

    Bell Star MIPS DLX Tantrum Helmet

    One for a rider then. Give me your monies.
  5. RidersDiscount

    What do YOU need?

    PM headed that way.
  6. RidersDiscount

    Bell Star MIPS DLX Tantrum Helmet

    Always good to have a back up, just saying.
  7. RidersDiscount

    Bell SRT Modular Helmet

    A simple slide lever drops the sun shade. Call 866-931-6644 to order today!
  8. RidersDiscount

    Bell Star MIPS DLX Tantrum Helmet

    As you can see from this picture the Bell Star MIPS helmet has plenty of exhaust points to flow air around your skull. We are processing and shipping orders. If you need something, give us a call. 866-931-6644
  9. RidersDiscount

    Bell Qualifier Helmet Matte Black

    The 4 exhaust ports move air over the skull while you ride.
  10. RidersDiscount

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    I hate buying toilet paper and paper towels all the time so always have at least a few months supply in stock at all times. Turns out that worked well for me in these times , even payed it forward.
  11. RidersDiscount

    I have MS

    Sorry to hear about this as well. Hang in there and reach out if there is anything I can do to help. Glad you have decent insurance as well, that will help for sure.
  12. RidersDiscount

    Attack Performance GP Triple Clamps

  13. RidersDiscount

    Attack Performance GP Triple Clamps

    Arguably one of the most cost-effective handling upgrades you can make to your machine, suspension aside – is a set of triple clamps … and the best triple clamps you can buy come from Attack Performance. Designed and manufactured in-house at Attack Performance’s headquarters in Huntington Beach, California, GP Triple Clamps can be found on some of the fastest motorcycles racing the USA, today. Each set is built using top-quality aluminum that is CNC-machined in a way to provide lightness, strength and targeted flexibility so as to substantially increase front end feel without making the bike nervous or otherwise ill-handling. It’s all held together using top-shelf hardware which makes for a sound installation, too. And for the consummate tuner, additional inserts are available which allow you to adjust offset with ease. Available for a wide range of bikes, you know the routine, give Mike a call on 866.931.6644 to get this, or any other Attack Performance component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too!
  14. RidersDiscount

    Shoei RF-1200 Variable TC-5 Helmet

    A premium full-face motorcycle helmet, Shoei’s RF-1200 combines a myriad of features specifically aimed at the road-going and trackday rider. It’s lighter, more compact (to the eye at least), better ventilated and yet, more protective than all other RF series helmets to come before. Its evolutionary design is worth your attention, especially if your current helmet is a little long in the tooth. Ventilation is addressed with a wind-tunnel shell; four intakes and four exhaust vents draw air through the helmet and straight to the scalp. Enhancing exhaust flow is an integrated wing on the back of the helmet that creates a low-pressure area right behind the helmet, but in a way that doesn’t cause buffeting or whistling. The result is a passively enhanced cooling action that you’ll be happy with on hot days. The RF-1200’s shell uses Shoei’s AIM+ six-layer design that’s of a proprietary configuration. The material is hand-laid by skilled Japanese craftsmen before being molded into shape. Four different shell sizes are used to accommodate the entire size range. This is done to insure that these DOT and Snell-approved helmets are as safe and light as possible. The safety aspect of each helmet is aided by two separate, multi-density EPS liners that fit between the comfort liner and the outer shell. The foam itself absorbs energy in the event of an impact but also, aids in ventilation with carefully engineered ports that allow air to pass through to the rider and back out of the exhausts. That brings us to the 3D Max-Dry interior liner. This fully-removable and washable liner works with all of the ventilation channels to keep you comfy. When correctly sized (TJ is an expert at this!), the helmet fits just-right snug. And with that, keeping the helmet properly positioned on your head, sees to it that maximum safety is achieved. With the RF-1200, you get a light, safe and comfortable helmet suitable for a wide range of riding conditions. Each helmet ships with extras: a lower chin curtain, Pinlock Evo visor cover, breath guard and helmet bag. All workmanship is backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty. For expert sizing guidance and lightning-fast shipping, call Mike on 866.931.6644 ext. 818, send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com, or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.
  15. This nifty little part will make cruising through heavy traffic significantly easier on your clutch hand. Upon installation of AIM’s Light Force clutch slave cylinder, you’ll notice a 40% decrease in clutch lever effort on your hydraulic-clutch equipped Harley-Davidson. In addition to that, clutch feel will change, too – you’ll notice initial bite is closer to the handlebar, and also, a wider friction zone. So, in addition to easing the work required to pull the clutch lever, you’ll find it easier to modulate it too! All you have to do is install this behind the factory transmission end cover, bleed it and you’re all set. Installation is easy with no permanent modifications required! These parts are not yet available on website. To order yours, call 866.797.2113 and speak with Mike on ext. 818. You can also PM us here, or send an email to forum@ridersdiscount.com (be sure to tell us what you’re riding!) and we’ll get back to you in no time.