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  1. If you haven’t already put a nice muffler on your BMW, this is the one for you! Made on the same continent as the BMW, exceptional craftsmanship is apparent in this exhaust. From tip to tail, the exhaust is fabricated entirely using titanium. This material is only interrupted by the stainless steel bolts that hold the included carbon fiber heel guard in place. You, or rather your right boot – will appreciate the carbon fiber panel too, as it’ll keep the burnt rubber off your exhaust. That annoyance is not to worry here. It bolts straight up to the stock headers on your machine; there’s no custom fabrication work here. Speaking of custom work, have a look at the exhaust’s outlet! A titanium mesh screen comes fitted as standard. You’ve seen that on GP bikes, and now, you can add it to your own. Its purpose? Probably something you’ll never experience on your BMW, but it’s there to keep valvetrain components from blasting out of the exhaust and hitting whoever’s behind you. Again, not something you’re likely to experience with this bike, but the added security is a nice touch. Like all Akrapovic exhausts, craftsmanship is second-to-none and everything fits just as right. Inside the shipping carton, you’ll find a full set of instructions with pictures along with all of the required installation hardware. Available for all 2017 and 2018 S 1000 RR models, give TJ a call on 866.931.6644 ext 817 to get this, or any other Akrapovic component sent straight to your door. Of course, forum@ridersdiscount.com or a PM works, too!
  2. RidersDiscount

    What do YOU need?

    Sending PM now
  3. RidersDiscount

    ICON Airmada Helmet Sauvatage Deux

    With the discontinuation of the original Sauvatage ICON helmet, apparently – it didn’t go over so well. People wrote, called, and emailed threatening letters to ICON (maybe), in an effort to see this paint scheme on the shelves again. Well, your threats suggestions worked! The familiar leopard print with a set of teeth strewn across the chinbar will get attention wherever you go. This of course, covers ICON’s standard polycarbonate shell with an integrated ventilation system. You get six intakes on the front side of the helmet that compliment four exhausts on the aft side of the lid. The whole affair channels air through a series of corridors built into a comfortable, HydraDry interior liner (which is fully removable!) to keep you cool on those sunny days. You know the route, let TJ know you want this helmet - and don’t forget to add a dark-colored shield to your helmet order! The visors are easy to swap out, so there’s no excuse not having one in your arsenal. For exceptional fit guidance and fast shipping or, if you have any questions or would like to order please contact TJ on the phone at 866.931.6644 ext 817, via email; forum@ridersdiscount.com with ICON SAUVETAGE HELMET in the subject line or just send a PM right here and we’ll get back to you right away!
  4. RidersDiscount

    ICON Airflite Quicksilver Helmet

    It’s SHINY! In fact, it’s probably the shiniest helmet that’s been through the Riders Discount command post in ages. Bright finish aside, the street-oriented Airflite helmet is fitted with the familiar full-face flip-up faceshield under which, hides the chinbar found on your normal full-face helmet. A louvered design on the chin allows cooling air to get at your face. Further up top on the front, adjustable intakes are fitted just above the forehead. On the back of the helmet, an array of exhaust vents are carefully positioned to move air through the helmet while you’re moving along. As with all ICON helmets, a removable Hydradry liner can be found inside. This well-made material pulls moisture off the skin while at the same time keeping the helmet properly positioned on your head. Channels built into this liner that work with the shell’s ventilation system so that you feel air moving across your scalp as you ride down the road. And you can leave the spare faceshield at home! Inside the helmet, you’ll find ICON’s DropShield system with a tinted visor fitted as standard. All it takes is a swipe of the large lever on the left side of the helmet deploys or retracts the DropShield. If you like to travel light – this system alone is worth the price of admission for this shiny helmet! For exceptional sizing guidance and fast shipping or, if you have any questions or would like to order please contact TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, via email; forum@ridersdiscount.com with ICON QUICKSILVER HELMET in the subject line or just send a PM right here and we’ll get back to you right away!
  5. RidersDiscount

    HJC RPHA 70 ST Wolverine X-Men Helmet

    A sporty, street-focused helmet from HJC, the RPHA 70 ST allows you to place a comfortable, feature-filled helmet around your head … in Wolverine’s style! A reinforced carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fiber shell provides the shape of the helmet in which your head is protected from all angles. Light, strong and safe, the shell spreads impact energy over a larger area to the EPS liner that’s fitted right below. HJC’s effective Multicool interior liner finishes off the helmet’s construction by providing a cool, comfortable fit for the user. These elements work with the carefully designed intake and exhaust vents to keep you cool on the hotter days. Straight on top, front and center – the prominent air intake means business and, you’ll notice when it’s open! The usual vents on the chin and the back of the head further enhance cooling performance. Speaking of performance, check out the integrated sunshield that’s fixed inside the eyeport. You’ll only need to bring one shield with you when you hit the road, no matter what time of day you head out. Of course, other shield colors are available, if you so desire, but the convenience of the flip-down visor cannot be understated. It’s a really, really nice feature to have for the road-going rider. Outside of the shell, HJC engineers fitted a range of intakes and exhaust ports to move air over the skull while you ride. Check and forward-facing intakes can all be adjusted easily with a gloved hand. And for the cool-weather rider, a removable chin skirt is also included with the RPHA 11 Pro helmet. It’s a really nice touch that allows you to stay comfortable in a wide range of riding conditions. If you’re a Wolverine fan and a street rider that likes to travel light, this is the helmet for you! Available in a range of sizes, give TJ a call for exceptional sizing guidance and lightning fast shipping. 866.931.644 ext 817 is the number. You can also send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com with HJC WOLVERINE XMEN HELMET in the subject line or PM us right here so we can get you dialed in.
  6. RidersDiscount

    Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves

    Good shot of the finger bridge and knuckle armor on the GP Pro R3
  7. RidersDiscount

    ICON Airflite Krom Helmet

    Built on the street-oriented Airflite helmet, the Krom comes with nifty flip-up faceshield in front of a standard chinbar design. The faceshield itself has vents in front of the mount, and user-adjustable intakes are fitted just above the forehead. All of this is complimented by an array of exhaust vents carefully placed on the back of the helmet to keep you cool on hot summer days. Fitted inside the shell you’ll find a removable Hydradry liner that pulls moisture from the skin while at the same time keeping the helmet properly positioned on your head. This liner is shaped in a manner to work hand-in-hand with the shell’s ventilation system so that you feel air moving across your scalp as you ride down the road. Inside the helmet, is ICON’s DropShield system with a tinted visor. In this way, you needn’t carry an extra visor as part of your loadout. A simple swipe of the large lever on the left side of the helmet deploys or retracts the DropShield in an instant. You’ll find it an extremely nice accessory to have at the ready on sunny days. For exceptional sizing guidance and fast shipping or, if you have any questions or would like to order please contact TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, via email; forum@ridersdiscount.com with ICON KROM HELMET in the subject line or just send a PM right here and we’ll get back to you right away!
  8. RidersDiscount

    ICON Timax Short Gloves

    Gloves with an attitude, and plenty of metal to back it up – ICON’s TiMax Short Gloves pack a punch all their own. Starting with a leather and goatskin foundation, titanium plates are fitted on the phalanges allowing for easy articulation while the knuckles are crowned with a single, massive piece of titanium. It provides a unique, unmistakable look. Hopefully, you’ll never need all that titanium armor, but it’s there, just in case. Don’t let all that metal fool you, the gloves are rather comfortable without being overbearing. A short-cuff wrist enclosure uses hook-and-loop material that’s easily tightened to your liking. It slides under a jacket’s cuffs without feeling bulky. Most of the glove is made with traditional bovine leather, but the palm is built using goat skin. This material, while just as tough as cowhide, is thinner and significantly more supple so your feel at the bars isn’t compromised. And of course, dexterity isn’t inhibited. That is to say, your range of motion won’t be limited with these gloves! To order yours, in a wide range of sizes, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817 or send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com with ICON TIMAX GLOVES in the subject line or PM us here and we’ll get back to you shortly.
  9. RidersDiscount

    Shoei X-Fourteen Power Rush Helmet

    Starting from within, each X-Fourteen helmet is fashioned around a highly-engineered, fully-removable comfort liner and cheek pads. These pieces effectively pull moisture off your head and keep you cool while you make way through the apex, or the toll booth. The (now-standard) emergency quick release system EQRS cheek pads allow for, not only a secure fit of the helmet, but also a faster, safer removal of the lid should the rider need careful attention after a crash. All of this is snuggled inside a dual-layer, multi-density EPS foam liner that absorbs impact energy in a fall, while effectively aiding in the delivery of cooling air straight to the scalp. For maximum safety, helmet sizing is critical, that’s why Shoei employs four different shell sizes in the X-Fourteen range to fit extra-small to XX-large heads. The shell itself, which uses six layers of hand-laid, varying materials, provides the right mix of rigidity and flexibility not typically seen in a fiberglass helmet, or that of a plastic shell. The result is a SNELL-approved helmet that almost certainly looks like it’s been developed in a wind tunnel (it was!). The shape is carefully engineered to provide effective rider ventilation without calling into question safety. Riders that spend a lot of time at the track will appreciate the minimal buffeting at speed in a helmet that doesn’t push the head around as much as lesser designs. Each helmet ships with extras: a lower air spoiler, Pinlock visor cover, breather guard, chin curtain and helmet back. For expert sizing guidance and lightning-fast shipping, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext. 817, send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com SHOEI X14 POWER RUSH in the subject line, or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.
  10. RidersDiscount

    Alpinestars Tech Aero Motorcycle Backpack

    Versatility for the road, that’s what you get when you pack up an Alpinestars Tech Aero backpack. The bag is specifically built for the road-going rider. In this way, you can haul all of your accoutrements; laptop, change of clothes, books &etc. in a comfortable manner, at any speed. Starting with sizing, the adaptable bag can be configured in either, a 16 liter or 26 liter size with the pull of a zipper. Space won’t be an issue with a large loadout, and items inside won’t flop about when you’re packing a load that’s on the near side of lithe. Purpose-made pockets adorn this bag, too – a laptop sleeve can be found inside that also includes a separate pocket for the power cable making for a tidy arrangement, and of course, preventing the more expensive things from clamoring about on, or off the bike. Higher up, on the outside of the bag you’ll find the goggles/glasses pouch which is fitted with a soft lining to protect your shades. For those of you that don’t like to leave your helmet with the bike, a built-in helmet carrier is fitted as standard. Simply unzip the compartment, put your helmet in its place, close the anchors and head out on foot. Even with the helmet attached and a full loadout, the bag stays comfortably in place on your back thanks to the well thought-out shoulder straps, waist and chest straps. All of which are adjustable for a perfect fit. The shoulder straps are large swathes, especially up top and include a bag carrying handle that provides a balanced carry when the bag is off your back. You’ll also notice zippered pockets on either side of the waist strap: keys, a mobile phone, earplugs and other small items go here. There’s even room, and conduit – for the installation of an optional hydration pack. For long distance, or hot-weather riders, having some fluid ready at hand is a really nice touch! And speaking of fluids, the entire bag is built using a 600/1200 denier coated poly fabric that’s water resistant. For a drizzling rain, it’s sufficient for keeping everything inside dry. And for the heavier weather, a built-in rain cover is fitted at the bottom of the bag to cover the whole plot, helmet or not, quickly and easily. These features are all built into a bag that’s comfortable for the everyday rider. Once the straps are adjusted correctly, it stays put and won’t wallow in the wind. This feature alone reduces rider fatigue. That, and its ability to carry a load balanced perfectly on your back is a nice touch! These bags are not available on our website. Order yours by calling TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com with ALPINESTARS TECH AERO BACKPACK in the subject line, or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.
  11. RidersDiscount

    Rick’s Motorsport Electrics Charging System Components

    Sending PM now
  12. A charging system malfunction can sneak up on without notice. A night after a nice ride, you head out to the bike to head to work, thumb the starter and … nothing. While you were whizzing about, something in the charging system failed, the stator, regulator/rectifier – or both. And when that happens, your bike’s electrical system drains the battery to keep everything up and running. And like the example here, you don’t find out until you go out for another ride. Fortunately, Riders Discount has exactly what you need to service your machine’s changing system from Rick’s Motorsport Electrics. For most bikes, stators come with OEM-type connectors, making installation a snap, literally. And where required, a grommet that fits between the stator cover and the engine case is fitted as standard. All your need is a gasket, we have those, too. Each stator is tested in-house by the Rick’s team before they’re boxed up and sent to us to be sure you get a stator that works right out of the box. Which brings us to the next point, the voltage regulator function of the charging system … Usually, when the stator fails on your machine, the regulator/rectifier (R/R) steps in to take up the lack of power output from the stator, which then overheats the R/R and, over a short time, damages the circuitry within. So, you’ll replace the stator, only to continue having charging issues. For this reason, we always recommend replacing both items at the same time to be sure of a completely up-to-spec charging system. To order yours, call us on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send a note to TJ via email; forum@ridersdiscount.com with RICKS CHARGING SYSTEM in the subject line or just send a PM right here along with the exact model and year of your machine and we’ll get back to you right away!
  13. RidersDiscount

    Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

    A helmet for the everyday rider, the GT-Air II is one of the most versatile full-face helmets available today. Based on what used to be one of the most versatile touring helmets, the original GT-Air, Shoei studied ways to enhance that design for maximum comfort and additional functionality. The goals, simple as they were, are not easy to achieve when you’ve already got a stellar helmet design. The biggest improvement available is for those that don’t like to travel incommunicado – the GT-Air II is ready for near seamless integration of SENA’s SRL2 communication system. You’ll find ready-made channels for plugging in the device as well as all the related components; headphones and microphone boom. With the SRL2 components properly fitted, there won’t be any wires flopping about or odd pieces of plastic/rubber pushing on your skull. And you don’t need to add this kit right away to get the most out of the helmet … Wind noise and buffeting were addressed in the new helmet’s design, too. Hours of wind tunnel work created a shell shape that’s compact, comfortable and pleasing to the eye. When examining the helmet, you’ll notice strakes and small ridges molded into its shell. These shapes direct air around the helmet in as linear of a manner possible, even the actuator for the internal sun shield (more on that later), has appointments fitted fore and aft, that prevent whistling or other strange sounds from annoying your left ear. Which leads us to ventilation performance; there are three intakes and five exhausts vents built in to this helmet. Again, wind tunnel testing played a major role here because, if they were shaped in an ideal manner only to avoid creating wind noise, they’re be almost impossible to operate with a gloved hand. Shoei made sure the intake could be easily operable and also, deliver tons of cooling air to your skull. On cool nights, you can easily seal up the helmet, and add the included chin skirt to avoid a freezing face but by warm day, open it all up for a comfortable blast of wind. Shoei’s refined 3D Max-Dry internal liner, which is fully-removable, works with these vents to keep you comfortable in all climates. Multiple layers of material are used, particularly on the cheek and skull portions to keep the helmet perfectly in place, for safety – but also, to pull moisture away from your skin. Comfort is not an issue here! Then there’s the matter of having to carry a spare visor with you on long-distance trips. This age-old problem has been handily solved with via the QSV-2 sun shield system. At the flick of you clutch-side finger (gloved or not), you can deploy the smoked lens to eliminate squinting and have a clear view of the road ahead on sunny days. This ANSI Z80.3-2010-spec shield is carefully integrated into the helmet’s multi-layer EPS liner so as not to compromise impact protection for the sake of convenience. Now, we understand you may want to have a smoked outer face shield, too and that’s not a problem since swapping that out takes, literally, two seconds using the CNS-1 baseplate system. Not only do these baseplates allow for quick, tool-less shield swaps, but also – ensure a windproof and waterproof seal of the visor. And when you lift that visor to let in more air while at speed, it won’t violently flip all the way open thus avoiding that kind of distraction. Every GT-Air II helmet ships with a removable lower chin curtain, Pinlock Evo visor cover, breath guard and helmet bag. All workmanship is backed by a 5 year manufacturer warranty. These helmets are not yet available on our website. Clearly, this helmet was designed with the practical rider in mind. Check it out for yourself and then let us know what size you need! To get yours, along with expert sizing guidance and lightning-fast shipping, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext. 817, send a note to forum@ridersdiscount.com, or just shoot us a PM and we’ll get back to you right away.
  14. RidersDiscount

    Alpinestars Missile 1-Piece Leather Suit

    This has been one of our best selling suits so far this year. Great perforation front and back.
  15. RidersDiscount

    Zero Gravity SR Series Windscreen

    Getting you a PM shortly.