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  1. jdonn

    Returning Ohioan

    Well, I have a baby shower to go to at 2:30 sunday for my neighbor. Might be able to do something little though..... Have to play it by ear. Excuses... Psh...
  2. jdonn

    Returning Ohioan

    Yo Mike - Kieth works /w me... You should take him under your wing... Get it... Wing.. As in gold wing
  3. jdonn

    Returning Ohioan

    Welcome - Lots of folks ride around Columbus throughout the year. Also, get back to work....
  4. jdonn

    From Kent, OH here

  5. jdonn

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Quick question - My new bike has an aero seat tube... what bags would y’all recommend?! Thanks in advance.
  6. jdonn

    Training in Winter

    You got rollers! What else you need?!?! LOL
  7. jdonn

    Training in Winter

    What’s everyone’s paincave like and what indoor equipment do you use? If none, what cold weather do you use? I personally have a Wahoo KICKR and use a GEN3 Apple TV with Zwift. I try to get at least 70mi a week... some days are easier than others. The suffering is real!
  8. jdonn

    Christmas Shindig December 22nd

    Nice to see y’all. It’s been too long. Here’s to a (sooner?) get together. Great times and as always, Casper, Idk how your wife does it. <3
  9. jdonn


    Who wants to go for a ride tomorrow!? Leaving out from Pataskala and going towards SEO... total mileage will be around 125 mi. If you have a good route, please advise.. otherwise, we will ride de through hocking. Text me if you need directions. (419-902-9166). See you tomorrow!!!!
  10. Gotta agree with the "no ride" advise... I went to Manhattan a couple months ago and rented a car. Parked it at the hotel (valet) and turned it back in the next day. People drive (and walk) like they're insane in that area... PLUS - All the damn construction.
  11. jdonn

    Smoker's Get In Here

    I waited till it was 195... just happened to take 18 hrs. Normally, I've seen butts aroun 7lbs... this one over 9. Maybe that had something to do with it. I didn't wrap it in foil till it was 175... normally I would have done it at 160.
  12. jdonn

    Smoker's Get In Here

    That looks amazing... nice job! I smoked a Boston Butt this past weekend. 9.5 lbs @235 for almost 18 hours. It was amazing.
  13. jdonn

    Smoker's Get In Here

    Turned out great... It's a fatty piece of meat though.
  14. jdonn

    Smoker's Get In Here

    Smoked a pork Belly yesterday. 10 hrs at 235... turned out amazing!!!
  15. jdonn

    Smoker's Get In Here

    Looks great... I see the bone so it should be a Boston. They also have what's called a picnic roast without the bone. Personally, I like the Boston more than the picnic. Best way to know when it's done is to pull a little on the bone... if it slides out super easy, it's done. Enjoy the smoker and try different cuts. It's a lot of fun.