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  1. FIJI-9-Brother

    Riders Insurance FTW

    id like to check this out for sure, i pay way to much for my two bikes im sure of it.
  2. FIJI-9-Brother

    Need help finding a trailer!!

    My in laws are moving tomorrow and it would seem as though we are full on the truck we rented. Wondering if anyone has an enclosed trailer they would be willing to rent out for a week? Or know a place that rents one ways at a moments notice? Looking for a decent size but nothing crazy, 6 x 8 maybe or a little bigger? Thanks for any help guys! Z
  3. FIJI-9-Brother

    8 arguments for impeaching the president

    I think its about time we stop saying what other presidents didnt get in trouble for, or what they didn't follow through with, or whatever bull shit previous presidents did. All it does is distract people. So much talk in this country and no one does shit.
  4. FIJI-9-Brother

    Anybody using Untappd?

    add me -- fijibusa
  5. FIJI-9-Brother

    2013 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    i started off strong with 6-0 but went 0-4 since then, hoping for a w tonight to get back on track...
  6. FIJI-9-Brother

    Bass guitar and amp wanted.

    go ahead, sorry bout that
  7. FIJI-9-Brother

    Bass guitar and amp wanted.

    Hartke 4x10 cab with a crate amp, have a schecter c4 xxx, let me know if you are interested
  8. FIJI-9-Brother

    Two Wheel Weekends - Sw Ohio - Dayton

    ive been looking for a reason to get back to dayton and take my lady with me, now we can get froyo and have dinner at the pine club!
  9. FIJI-9-Brother

    Been A While Ride... Anyone Wanna Go This Week?

    i dont work... and i just got the bike back, well will have as of tomorrow. i can most likely swing it
  10. FIJI-9-Brother

    2013 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

  11. FIJI-9-Brother

    Google Search Gets You A Visit From The Feds

    democrat/republic, different friggin mask on the same face
  12. FIJI-9-Brother

    Clutch Slippage Question

    had a clutch issue, or so i thought, turned out to be a hydraulic issue and was FREE to fix, so before you go and buy all the clutch parts id check that as a scenario first like hellmutt is suggesting
  13. FIJI-9-Brother

    2013 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    ill go
  14. FIJI-9-Brother

    Central- Weds Or Thursday

    Nvm, just woke up... Have funs guy!
  15. FIJI-9-Brother

    Central- Weds Or Thursday

    im gonna try to make it tomorrow, havent ridden with hutch for a while. hope to see you guys there