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  1. I was tagged lol I am loving the Cee Bailey windshield but you really need to be mindful about windgusts and speed causing stress on the brackets. Mine broke but I managed to fix it with the help of a friend. @durk I have the Corbin seat with the rear backrest as well an its a bit on the stiff side. I'm wanting to get a new seat and will probably go custom like Tim did. I need to get to Ohio for him to install my Roadsmarts I had shipped to his house for me too lol
  2. I bought a bike today :D An logged in for the first time in years.
  3. TheBrown57


    I love the stuff. Bought it in bulk too, can be mixed at 4:1 or 2:1. I use it at 4:1 and it works great
  4. TheBrown57


    I use a Harbor Freight Dual Action Orbital. I replaced the 6in backing plate with a 5in due to preference. The IronX I linked in my previous post will make quick work of Rail dust. Can be used in cleaning wheels as well. I usually don't cause the wheel cleaner I have does a great job on brake dust (Meguiars Hot Rims) This is my step process for when I use it. 1. Wash the car 2. Spray IronX on entire car and let sit for about 5-10 mins, just don't let it dry completely then rinse off 4. Wipe car down with a damp microfiber towel to completely remove any
  5. TheBrown57


    Using a clay bar alone can make a difference in some cars. It is used to get contaminates that are stuck in the clear coat off. Things that a normal wash will not remove. If you think your car might need to be clayed do the baggie test. Take a sandwich bag and put your hand in it and run it over the paint. Does it feel rough and have little bumps in it or is it smooth? If it's bumpy a clay bar will get those things out. You can use traditional clay or a Nanoskin style clay. I have the Nanoskin brand and it is amazing and highly recommend it, main thing is if you drop it you can rinse it off an
  6. I was summoned. I myself have not used a foam cannon/gun but the general thing I see on r/autodetailing is that the cheaper Amazon ones work just fine but the name brand ones can be worth the extra money sometimes for warranties and such. Check out the subreddit sometime, full of information.
  7. I've switched gears recently to a bulking diet to put on some more muscle. Going to keep it up until November then switch to a cutting diet and begin the rotation as needed. Heavy lifting 4-5 days out of the week with some cardio on the rest days while taking in around 4300 calories comprised of mostly protein and carbs with low fat.
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