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  1. didnt dump em on her... she didnt help regardless oh well i only know the one side also. guess ill just go back to calling her ugly and fat. I know thats truee.
  2. The whole situation is fucked up but not turning the heat up so little puppies can survive is a little fucked. Then ratting someone out for "harboring puppies" little low.
  3. Ringo


  4. Ringo


    id glady beat his ass
  5. Ringo


    Roomate is looking for trades for his ar-15 dont know the exact specs but if anyone is interested let me know and i can get a list, sight,surefire lightetc.
  6. OH hi gen, and if you really wanna talk shit to me lol. Since everyone here loves pets so much why dont you tell everyone here what you did when my good friend was living with you and had his puppies at the house.
  7. Ringo


    REPOST im on the other thread
  8. idk man trolling here isnt as fun anymore people are actually pretty cool..
  9. dude your gonna get throttled you cant be like me. . . you have a girls bike
  10. Its actually listed ceo for a while. i just took off the zoombezi thing cause i forgot about... dk how to prove this but its the truth.
  11. good fucking idea. but no i would rather partake.
  12. I actually do run high 10's i cant remember what bullshit i posted on here that i said i actually ran. That run i was messin with my buddy eric who just got his fz1. Even though now hes totalled it and just started walking again
  13. dude whatever problems we have idc i now like you.
  14. i get unbanned on the 3rd and i plan a comeback
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