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  1. Thank you for your purchase. 🤣
  2. Got my heated grips put in my Grom.
  3. Not yet, still all stock. Right now I can hit a pretty constant 53/54 and the wife can hit 60 no problem.
  4. I wish. We actually leave tomorrow for Bryson City, NC and are coming back on June 1st.
  5. https://throttlemeister.com/ Relief on that right hand allows you a bit more mobility on the bike. Add in a better seat and it will be like a different bike. After my friend took at bike trip with me to the dragon last summer, he ordered a new seat for his GSXS1000 and loves it. Edit: also, long frame sliders made excellent highway pegs. ?
  6. I've got my last K&N on my FZ09 now from a bulk pack I bought a few yrs ago. I'm not worried about it because I bought them a yr before all the issues popped up. But I guess after this 3k, I'm switching to Yami filters. The Groms don't have filters and the CB300F has a cartridge, so no worries there.
  7. The FZ09 and CB300F both got heated grips today.
  8. When we first started looking at bikes for her, she debated on the Grom or the CB300F. I got her the CB300F for her birthday 3 yrs ago. Then Honda came out with the highlighter yellow Grom and she had to have it...
  9. Yea, she's tiny at 5 ft and 110 lbs. Grom is perfect size. Her CB300F is lowered so she can touch easier.
  10. Ever since Honda brought out the highlighter yellow, the wife has been drooling over it. And her having one is no fun if I don't have one too... so for our 1 yr wedding anniversary, we got some twin toys! Also, where can I get some Ohio Riders decals? The wife wants a hot pink one.
  11. Everyone said the same thing about the FZ09 and that was my exact thought. "Can't be as bad as my SV1000S." My friend has a GSXS1000 and loves the thing. It's a nice piece of machinery.
  12. Most cagers don't understand that a regular truck pulling a trailer needs extra space to stop.
  13. I've done one day at Putnum with my old SV... can I get in on this?
  14. Yea, 14 years of building All Terrians and Mud Terrains isn't hard on the body at all...
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