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  1. If you want to get laid at 70 without $$ dont do it. Wear your bald head with pride, a lot of women like it. Besides, you are not the one looking at it all day (unless you are standing in front of a mirror). 50 is not old btw.
  2. Wear a hat. Head tats are painful. You are stuck with the color in to your golden years. Dark hair on older men make them look even older. Microblading might be something to look into, it last a few years but is meant for eyebrows. If you are single, just say no.
  3. Try ninjette.com too I did share the link with one person in KY that is looking. https://www.ninjette.org/forums/showthread.php?p=1283377#post1283377
  4. Learning to ride Riding with my family Earning my degree at 40+ Marrying a man that gives endless out of kitchen passes.
  5. And today's question?
  6. Tonik - donuts Pauly - made my hubby crawl up a hill Helmutt - my better 2/3 Ninja Doc - Dream/epic rides
  7. Hush hush sweet Charlotte Tales from the Dark side Creepshow Cats eye * all answers have zero to do with any of my security questions*
  8. I am North of Dayton.... It is all flat up here. We go south and east to ride.
  9. But sometimes it is the doctor that is crazy. There are too many different rules. For instance in Ohio a felon can not vote, but they can in other states, why? The rules should be the same from state to state.... Otherwise we are not "United" but divided. Same for taxes, some states dont have state tax, just sales tax (TN). If weed is legal in one it should be all. If murder = death in one it should all.
  10. Or tournament style, make them fight in the ring...
  11. I am proposing news that would be fun to watch...... Imagine what it would have been like if Bush would have been vice to Obama or Hillary vice the last 4.... In truth it might force them to actually due what is best for the US and not their own agendas and parties.
  12. Do it like we did in high school.... Most votes = pres. 2nd = vice pres..... Could you imagine if Trump was vice to Biden....lol
  13. Or... Tell them it was in storage and they will not charge the fee. As for paper.... Your new ID is mailed. Hope you dont have issues with mail theft in your area.
  14. Why not go to the track? Fewer critters, no cops, lots of competition, and you are not putting others at risk (who didn't ask it). The big question I have... Can you do more than 1.80 doing wheelies and flipping the bird?
  15. I bet most don't even know why they are protesting. They just follow, and may not even know who or why. Another different in BLM vs MAGA, capital was not burnt to the ground. The building can be repaired, more lives lost with BLM riots than MAGA. But it does not matter, both are wrong and neither know what they would do if the other side agreed to sit down and talk. It has to stop or everyone will suffer more than they have.
  16. Waiting for the civil war to start... We are getting closer. China's virus sure did help drive the dividing line in the US. Isolating everyone and stopping production (ie. Growth) showed weakness. Now we are attacking each other. I bet the terrorists and China are watching us destroy ourselves. Just my .02
  17. Could always do things like sit-ups, squats (to a chair for her), yoga, and seated presses w/ dbells when you can't go for walks.
  18. Pull-ups are harder when you're heavier.
  19. Ok... Deadlift 1×2 @ 305; back squat 1×2 @215 I also hit 110 on my shoulder press for 1×2.
  20. snot

    MSF Range Bikes

    Why not use the z300 or cb300r? The course by us uses them.
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