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  1. snot

    OMRL Bike For Sale

    Pot..... Kettle?
  2. snot

    Funny picture thread.

    @Tonik your Tesla is trying to help you replace what you lost.
  3. snot

    Lettuce discuss washing

    I use a wet washcloth with a very mild soap for mine. Then I use a wet washcloth to remove the soap, then air dry. Then, I use mink oil on them. Soap is Dove or Oil of Olay (body wash). I don't use laundry detergent. Sometimes I use Lexol leather cleaner.
  4. snot

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Going back to the gym on Tuesday!
  5. snot

    Ride tales - Share your rides!

    With a stock seat! But, my butt did just fine with all the excess padding in it. Not sure mine qualifies as hybrid, there is no suspension on it. I don't know much about bicycles.
  6. snot

    Ride tales - Share your rides!

    Helmut and I went on a ride yesterday morning. One area was flooded but we got through. Due to a time constraint we cut the ride short, our goal was 40 miles. However, this is the longest ride we have taken. I need new tires before we do it again. I have over 1200 miles on my tires and they are now slicks.
  7. snot

    Accountant looking for work

  8. snot


    This is ORdN, there are no wrong threads. All threads are hijacked and off topic at some point.
  9. snot

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    George makes me laugh everytime I hear him.
  10. snot

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Tomorrow is the 11th not the 12th... Just saying
  11. snot

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Ok... So.... It must be said.... Could this be the antidote? I can imagine all the men would be willing to let women test it.... Back to the kitchen I go.
  12. snot

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    My gym is different. Crossfit is structured classes at specific times. We DO clean after every workout. I need weight training! I was going 6 days a week. I will go the first day it opens up.
  13. snot

    Mini prepping. (Covid-19 thread)

    Or you are doing it right.... Open the gyms! We stay a barbells length away from each other and we clean everything after every workout.
  14. snot

    new house, neighbors from hell...WTF

    The mornings after my neighbor has loud parties, I like to run chainsaws, the bike, or pressure wash my house... The side next to his.
  15. snot

    new house, neighbors from hell...WTF

    So, when are you moving again? We decided when we find our next place we are going to scope it out better, we have a few bad neighbors.