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  1. New from Cleveland, Ohio

  2. New(ish) to Columbus

  3. New guy here

  4. I'm ready for the dentist tomorrow!

    After my ordeal I was knocked out for the last 2.... Lesson learned.
  5. I'm ready for the dentist tomorrow!

    I'll raise you.... Wisdom tooth pulled out from the side of my jaw (caught under my jaw bone and had to come out)... No drugs or novicain. Dentist didn't numb me before he sliced my gum open....1st and last time...lots of drugs after it was done. Just say yes to drugs....
  6. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    Black rat snake
  7. An addicts Story of a costly Costly gap trip

    FTFY So you will just add to the collection instead?
  8. An addicts Story of a costly Costly gap trip

    Need a poll.... Guess how many bikes doc has owned in the last 5 years... Congrats on the bike.
  9. Random Thoughts thread

    You let her out of the kitchen?
  10. It will be Nice to see her. Is she going to ride her bike?
  11. Fontana Thread

    The woodpecker pecking the cabin was a little odd... But the cabin had a lot of carpenter bee holes. I just want a clean bed with a clean bath room and a frig.
  12. So, @Casper are we staying at Fontana next year? Or do we want to find somewhere else?
  13. Mt. Mitchell

    From the album or meet