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  1. Wtf is Dumpster? All the threads are from different categories... But this is ORdN so I guess if it doesn't make since then it is "fixed".....
  2. Quoted for future reference..... I am sure @Pauly or @Tonik will need it later.
  3. Not like the chatbox was used a lot...
  4. Working now, thank you
  5. You probably filmed it.
  6. Odd... This is what I see when I try to open it Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  7. Cant see my old message either. Ok, tried to send @Tonik a message and recieved an error instead.
  8. Now none of message are coming up.... I have a notification but can't open my email. Not like I get anything other than spam.
  9. Already done and in Fridge, so.... And @Pauly make some bacon!
  10. I am offended because there is a lack of offensive women on the forum... This kitchen shit has got to go.
  11. You are hoarding tampons and chocolate, then sit back and watch.... Women in diapers without chocolate pissed for no and every reason.
  12. Go to a cycle shop, the will help you find what is good for you.
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