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  1. Why are you not outside today!
  2. snot

    Near miss

    I would have needed new pants.
  3. snot

    OMRL 2020

    It would be nice to finally meet you. All of ORdN should come out and play with us...
  4. Ok.... I have thought hard about this... The only solution to this madness is for @Casper to bring back the NSFW subforum. Then, give @redbarron77 free access to post at will. Make it members only and watch post go down, views go up and membership will also go up.... No one will care about this shit show thread after they see red's post.
  5. snot

    OMRL 2020

    @DerekClouser will know the answer...
  6. Wonder if Al the shows will move to the convention center in cbus?
  7. Someone stole the knobs.... It's like a train wreck, you can't look away.
  8. Every time I try to seal the deck it rains. Last year there was a 10% chance on the day I did it, it rained when I was almost done.
  9. snot

    OMRL 2020

    Once round left in 2 weeks. It will be one for the books. The riders can and some will be wearing Halloween costumes while racing.
  10. Where is @Tonik and @Casper? When they are around we make fun of them making fun of each other. Where is @SpecialEd to correct our english or punctuation?
  11. People don't follow the basic rules now, do you really think Americans would follow more rules? I don't, I think people would push back and there would be protest against more restrictions. If we would follow basic rules we would not be in the mess we are. My grandparents taught me to wash my hands and cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough... I never stopped doing this.
  12. snot

    OMRL 2020

    Bump.... This Sunday
  13. https://www.mcmaster.com/respirators/half-face-respirators/ Again, they MUST be donned correctly and OSHA REQUIRES a medical exam PRIOR to use in the business sector. You MUST complete training and a fit test annually as well. They are NOT meant for "airbourne diseases". What you are filtering matters. So, to his point they do exist. But so does bunker gear and level A hazmat suits. To your point, they are not meant for the general public just because you can buy them. It is extremely dangerous to use them if not worn correctly, trained or have a medical evaluation allowing the use. I prefer cotton mask in public because I can wash them and it is enough for what I am doing in public. Other wise I use the required type at work for the hazards I am working with per OSHA. When making sammiches I use a quality food grade. When I am on a face... Wait wrong thread.
  14. So as an EHS specialist in will add the following: Mask - depends on the income but yes there are mask that do seal 100% to your face when don correctly. However, a medical evaluation is required in the business sector prior to use per OSHA (there are cases where people fail the evaluation and are NOT permitted to wear them for health reasons). Mask do have a life span, cloth face coverings are not "mask" defined by OSHA. The fibers you can breath in from disposable paper mask (wearing past life span or incorrectly) could be harmful (need more research). In certain industries and environments mask can cause a hazard (heat, welding, electric, food, machining) if the wrong kind is used. In general public areas where no other physical hazards are present: face coverings can help prevent spit from landing in your mouth from others. Try spotting into someone's mouth when you are wearing a mask. This is the and of my .02
  15. I have never been "blown" on a face. I have .....NVM. That would be a different thread.
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