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  1. snot

    My wife’s knee replacement

    My mom was on a nerve block + pain meds. Extreme pain lasted a week or 3.
  2. Bump... Need parts for OMRL project
  3. snot

    2006 KTM 625SMC & 2009 Kawasaki KLX250SF

    Some one needs to buy these.... They are both great bikes. The KLX has been great to me. But she needs someone who is going to ride her more.
  4. snot

    Hi there!

  5. snot

    Iron Legacy MC

  6. snot


  7. snot

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    Congrats. @Pauly is jealous because you ride both of your bikes.
  8. snot

    Ride tales - Share your rides!

    30.2 miles today, longest ride I have taken.
  9. snot

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Ok, so yesterday I felt like I needed to move a lot... So this is what I did: 7am boot camp until 8 11 mile bike ride at 930am Hour walk at noon (2.7 miles) Mowed grass (1.4 miles) Total cal burn 1065 by 230pm. Good end to the week. With school starting I am worried about gaining.
  10. Have fun and stay safe
  11. snot

    Random Thoughts thread

    2 semesters left.... Classes start in 2 weeks, I am taking 3 to get this over with. So, I might not post much in the next few months
  12. snot

    Emergency Contact Info

    I bring mine with me on rides, but I added him. Hopefully, never needed.
  13. snot

    2003 Honda vfr800

    @Darian937 This would be a great upgrade...
  14. snot

    Ride tales - Share your rides!

    Just quick rides lately, but I am planning another long ride in a couple of weeks before school starts