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  1. snot

    From Kent, OH here

  2. snot

    Tonight at 12 AM....

    I will be sleeping.... Gotta make sammiches tomorrow.
  3. snot

    Starter Bike for Wife

    good luck. If she doesn't like it, have her try the ninja 250 or 300. I hated the heavy intruder and almost gave up on riding. Then, I got the 250 and fell in love.
  4. snot

    What do YOU need?

    Thank you!!
  5. I have to use my kitchen passes for the gym, so I don't get out as much... Work, school, gym and chores eat up a lot of time. We do get out on the bicycles when the weather is nice too.
  6. Just get a big enough place so we can camp out in the yard. We will be there every June.
  7. snot

    Pick my tattoo.

    I knew it, you're an ass man!
  8. snot

    Pick my tattoo.

    Is that a butt?
  9. snot

    What do YOU need?

    Can I have a quote for Sena dual pack either 20S Evo or 30K?
  10. snot

    Dream Bikes

    I am still in love with my tiny ninja 300. But...... I might jump to the 650 in the next year or 2. I will never settle like I did on my first bike again.
  11. snot

    Happy birthday to me.

    Happy Birthday Here is your sammich 🥪
  12. snot

    Ramblings of a free man (SV650?)

    Put up an add.... Need temporary sammich maker with a fast bike
  13. snot

    Google Fi

    Anyone using spectrum? They use Verizon's network.