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  1. One of our outside cats... I guess it's hot out
  2. ^^Source does not have reliable data. Problem is, too many people believe what they are told and never look into the data and facts... Or check for how the data was collected and the test groups used or the amount of time tested. It is close to impossible when something is less than a year old. Truth is we still have no real data to prove long term or short term. Everything is an educated guess based on little knowledge and little testing. The only exceptions are what has been tested to kill the bug. Even then there are consequences on how the treatment will affect the person, surface (materials), air quality and equipment. Real science and studies take time, otherwise we would have the cure for other illnesses already (Hepatitis B, HIV, etc.). All we can do is practice good hygiene, clean like our grandmothers (bleach, vinigar, ammonia), and practice common curtousy (cover mouth/nose when sneezing or coughing).. Oh, and chew your food with your mouth shut. This is like walking down a dark cave with no light, you don't know what is at the end until we get there.
  3. Wonder what the stats and charts showed for the first flu, or the measles, or scarlet fever... Or even syphilis? At some point we will all be exposed and we need a vaccine now. I think the increase is for multiple reasons. A couple of the reasons... I do think protesters help spread it, and so did everyone at the local bars. Both sides are responsible for helping the spread. They were not wearing mask and not distant while looting and screaming. More testing is also to blame. You can't tell me to wear a mask in public because I could get it and then say protesters did not spread it when they clearly did not follow CDC guildlines or other laws. Even the protesters that were nonviolent were not following CDC. Just my .02. I really don't believe the numbers, everyone lies and fudges them, especially the media. We will never know the true numbers or reasons. No need to argue about what we can't control or prove (not enough accurate, reliable and published data). ....back to sammiches
  4. I made burgers on the grill today. Due to covid we had to eat them all... Tomorrow is steaks... Again we will eat them all...alone. Well, with some grill veggies, so not alone.
  5. 1 month back and I can feel it. Glad to be back at the gym, now to toughen up my hands again.
  6. Welcome back. Not much has changed...
  7. Until, some one is sited for wearing one and looking intimidating. They should veto the law disallowing mask.
  8. It was put in place because of a KKK rally that was denied. So, the KKK has a lawsuit against the city. The city then made the law, then Covid came to town. So, now if you wear a mask and look intimidating you can be sited and arrested. We have had several robberies with people wearing mask since then. The protesters and other people not wearing mask can use this as a reason to not wear one.
  9. So, an issue in Dayton.... It is illegal to wear a mask in Dayton while committing a crime, intimidating others or if you look threatening. This is a new law too.
  10. Looks good, but can't that bike out run cold weather?
  11. I disagree. Some crotch rockets are bigger than others. Some can go for miles and miles, some use all their gas fast. Some have short shifting some long shifting, some go mach retard some just retard.... Some are white, some yellow, some black, some mixed... Not all crotch rockets are the same. That's like saying all Mustang's are the same.
  12. Fall would be a good time, better odds of getting people. We only show up to cancelled rides, too.
  13. @redbarron77 has all the images. Gist of my understanding of ORdN. Don't use real names or call people by them Leg hump until the girl leaves or toughens up... or Stay in the kitchen until given a pass Go 1.80 on the highway doing a wheelie and flipping the bird It's Dads fault All sales are GLWS LBTS No thread is permitted to stay on topic Hookers and blow Gen got peni and left CBR girl requested a few to leave... And they are gone If your ex-boyfriend has your bike, don't play with midgets First one to pass out gets the hotdog photo .... There are more rules but this will get you started... Last one... Nothing is to be taken serious on the internet ORdN will protect, help and share all they can in real life to help someone... They are all a little soft on the inside...
  14. snot

    Anyone else looting?

    Short bread will be next.... Then French bread... Where will it end? The best qualify should get the job, no more tax credits for minorities. The best essay, athletes, gpa, etc. should win the scholarships. Grants should not rely on race, sex, or if you have kids. Just income.
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