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  1. snot

    Ducs are attention whores

    Kawasaki owners don't need to yap about thier bikes, we know they are the best. It comes in small sizes for small sammich makers.... And big sizes for sammich eaters...
  2. snot

    AMA 2019 Vintage Bike Week this weekend

    What a mud pit! But it was fun... My dad saw some racing for the first time at Mid Ohio. He got to ride in the dirt/mud for the first time and see the wall of death in person. It was great seeing some of you and thank you Kevin for helping us load the bike in the rain.
  3. snot

    AMA 2019 Vintage Bike Week this weekend

    We will be there hopefully Sat. We are bringing my dad for his first time.
  4. snot

    Funny picture thread.

    😂 yep... This is me
  5. snot

    OMRL 2019 Season

    It was nice to catch-up a bit. I wish we had more time and less rain. Are you coming to G&J at the end of the month?
  6. snot

    OMRL 2019 Season

  7. snot

    2019 Gap Trip.

    I saw something I never want to see again on our trip. Tuesday after going to the falls we were headed to Blood mountain. There was an old Chevy Tracker in front of a jeep in front of us. All of a sudden he starts going toward the left side of the road... I yelled at Helmut to slow down. Then the tracker went in the ditch (3 foot drop)... The guy woke up and hit his brakes and jerked the wheel, turning him sideways in the ditch then flipping over 2xs before stopping on all 4 tires up against a tree. He did not have his belt on. He was ejected most of the way through the drivers window, he hung by his leg before falling to the ground. The guy in front of us had to go call 911 (no service). The guy in the tracker was alert and of sound mind (knew what happened and where he was). A kid in training to be an EMT (level 2), showed up right after it happened an a nurse from the local hospital. Guy was lucky. Guy was a third shift worker and still in uniform...it was 2 in the afternoon.
  8. snot

    Hello from Loveland, Ohio

  9. snot

    2019 Gap Trip.

    A few pics from our trip. Only rained Monday, rest was near perfect.
  10. snot

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Bald River falls...
  11. snot

    Random Thoughts thread

    Thank you... But my sammiches are so much better....
  12. snot

    Funny picture thread.

    God creating DNA