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  1. Has anyone lived in TN?

    My mom is in Hillsboro TN. She loves it! Our plan is to move to TN or NC in the future.
  2. First bike, hello Ohioans

  3. I will pray for Jerry and his family. Jerry, stay strong.
  4. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    We did good riding today. Felt like my legs were going to explode... But we picked up the pace. Our diet is going well.
  5. What did you do to your bicycle today?

    New water bottle holder.....one time use only.
  6. New Rider

  7. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Almost 10 down.... You would think I would sleep better....not the case. Still working on what to eat. Fruit veggies and lean meat. Staying at 1200-1400 calories a day.
  8. part WANTED: Left grip for 2012 Ninja 650

    Aqua net is not the same super glue formula it was in the big hair days...
  9. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    Dan, good luck and be yourself. Tell your journey in your own words.
  10. 16 Year Old from NE Ohio!

  11. Random Track Talk

    We went to G & J today. Had fun and did pretty good. Hellmutt is at less than 50 sec lap times I am at under 60. I worked on my turns and shifting. Down side was I had an issue with the bike on the last lap (throttle stuck - could of been me and not the bike). Overloaded the front and washed out. No damage to the bike (just the stickers) and my boots and visor are trash. Slow speed wash out since I was slowing down.
  12. Piqua Bike fest 09/15/2017 - 09/16/2017

    Harley might have Duc's by then....
  13. Piqua Bike fest 09/15/2017 - 09/16/2017

    1st year was the best, last year was just ok. They are changing things up this year, suppose to be really good again. Tons of bikes and people, live music, contest, good food...