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  1. The @ function is not working.... I flagged your post to get @caspers attention.
  2. Angel soft is better than Charmin. Kawasaki is better than Suzuki. .... You all are arguing about shit you can only change at the polls... Or when politicians stop lying.
  3. I do but with CBC instead and they do not.
  4. We use nightowl. They have wired and wireless.
  5. Really? Wow, I would have thought it was. I will pray for a speedy recovery for her.
  6. Oh, and ask the hospital for the transcripts from the original surgery. It will tell you everything they did and didn't do.
  7. Are they using a larger size? My father-in-law had an infection in his replacement and had to have it removed and then replaced later (after 6 weeks of healing) with a larger size replacement (part that is put into the bones).
  8. I remember @TimTheAzn making it difficult for me to walk my other half up a hill to go to bed.
  9. How many times has @marlboro man got the hotdog at the gap?
  10. 1 and 1 quick smoke..
  11. @Tonik. Might be able to help you with the first and last part.
  12. We have had some classic thread's from feeding trolls. If you go through the ranting section you will find some of them.
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