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  1. AndonD454

    What do YOU need?

    Do you guys have 14t front sprockets for Groms? Thanks -AD
  2. I actually just sold mine. Might have to buy something else before the test n tune, or run the grom haha
  3. I might be interested in this, depending on the weather
  4. AndonD454

    Who's been to COTA GP race?

    General admission is the way to go
  5. AndonD454

    I just purchased the slowest new bike on OR

    Doubt it's slower than the grom! Very cool though
  6. AndonD454

    SV650S with GSX-R Front End Swap and more

    Sold, lock 'er up
  7. No-haggle CR price of $3100, won't go any less, too much invested in the front end swap & parts. Good shape overall, small dent on left side of tank, runs like a champ. Not in a hurry to sell, just interested in new toys. CL ad with pics below. Thanks! Andon http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/5956981528 .html
  8. AndonD454

    Starter bike for the wife

    Try to avoid the Cycle Co, I hated my buying experience there
  9. AndonD454

    Any Sig Sauer enthusiasts here?

    I haven't bought one yet, because I'm afraid that once I start, I wont be able to stop. They seem like great guns from what little experience I have with them.
  10. AndonD454

    Bassin Assassin

    Nice fish! Never been to Apple Valley Lake
  11. AndonD454

    Harley and the Davidsons

    Cool show, makes me appreciate the company a bit more.. but also wonder how they got so far away from their roots of being innovative, race-bred, go-anywhere machines. I'll watch the 3rd one tonight either way.
  12. AndonD454

    Standing desks

    I use a Vari-desk system at work, it allows you to switch from seated to standing in about 3 seconds.. works very well, though I'm just a tad tall for the highest setting when standing on the mat (mat is a must have to prevent fatigue when standing). www.varidesk.com
  13. AndonD454

    Looking to get my second bike... Hmm..

    Just do that ^
  14. AndonD454

    Sturgis, SD

    I went out there when I was younger and was amazed by everything. Pretty sure I was there the week before bike week as well, still thousands of bikes. I have been wanting to go back ever since. Did you catch a lot of BS out there for riding something other than a Harley
  15. AndonD454

    The OG Guess the bike thread

    Impressive vid and bike