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  1. thanks guys. it's been long, slow and steady process getting her back on the road where she belongs. I've finally got her to the point where she'll run much longer than my arse can handle it. We've done a few 100+ mile trips already together this summer. And while I'm not (yet) ready to take her cross country, every single run has been better and better. that said, if you (likely) see me wrenching on her along the side of some ohio back-road don't be shy - feel free to stop! --e
  2. I don't have a Ural, but I ride / wrench vintage BMWs and wouldn't mind a hack so that's fairly close Much of the tooling / scars / lessons learned overlap so if my limited experience can help in any way let me know.
  3. nice! my lift (plus chock) was by far the most useful investment of any tool i've bought to work on my bike. I suspect you'll find its the same for you as well. For next months toy budget allocation, I recommend picking up the harbor freight heavy duty chock. It can be found (with coupon) for about $50 but even at their 'regular' price its a heck of a deal and makes lifting your bike a one person (rather than two) job. I've seen more than one bike fall trying to use the stock chock. Its a tough lesson to learn congrats again! and best of luck. --e
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