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  1. Can't we all just get along? I was on 480 as well, it is what it is. You wear your gear and he will wear his, take it from someone who has been down... If you don't where your gear, stupid hurts!
  2. this is insane, my old fender has rash in the front, i am thinking to just shave off the rash and remount the fender just for the inspection...
  3. Levers and mirrors donated from someone on a msg board. Fender from eBay and brake pedal as well
  4. You have probably seen I wrecked my bike back in April, finally I have it back together and am ready for inspection by the highway patrol to get them to pass it so I can get a rebuilt title so I can actually ride it. Anyhow I have bought mirrors, levers, front fender and a Kurt brake pedal from people othe board to fix the bike up. Unfortunately the trooper I talked to said that I had to have receipts and or vin numbers from the bike the parts cam off of. Do you have any experience in this or any suggestions? I don't have much time til my inspection so... Let me know your thoughts
  5. riding gear from accident = jacket and glasses
  6. no question, if it wasn't for my jacket i would have been far worse... Helmet, boots, gloves and jacket from now on. I am thinking of getting a textile jacket for the summer..
  7. cant see the thread... what do i need to do?
  8. an appeal? As far as my condition, 5 stitches in head road rash on face, broken nose, bruised ribs, bruised knee severely sprained ankle and road rash on legs back and right foot as the bike kept my shoe when i laid it down as it got crimped between the engine and floorboard. I feel much better now..
  9. bike truly isn't that bad in my opinion, dealer quoted 5600 to fix it. i can fix it up and sell it and that is kind of my opinion. i'm just not sure if i return it to stock and sell off the aftermarket parts or what... Yes i have an extra policy rider for the paint <3K> and the accesories <5k> and did provide every recipet to them..
  10. SO my Insurance comapny has deemed that my motorcycle needs more than 70% of it value to fix it and they want to total it and try to settle with me. They are offering: 4875.00 for my 02 vtx1800r w/ 13K miles <which is NADA> 2500 accessories 571.56 in tax to total 7946.56 minus 500 for my deductible=7446.56 The bike has a laundry list of items on it: T/S Bezels <Kuryakyn> - $79.97 Progressive fork springs – 79.90 PC 3 USB / Vance and Hines Exhaust / Barons Big air Kit – 982.33 Dyno Tuning after install of PC 3 / Pipes / Air Kit – 431.34 Switchblade Windshield and mount / National Cycle Cruiseliner Hard Bags and Mounts – 1354.34 Kuryakyn Laydown Plate – 61.89 Ultimate Seat P/N: 15040 – Ultimate Big Boy Rider Seat plain – 350.00 Ultimate Seat P/N: 11040– Ultimate Big Boy Passenger Seat plain – 210.00 P/N: P9800A Paladin back rest and pad – 150.95 P/N: P9900 Paladin Luggage Rack – 99.95 P/N: P9BR010A Mounting Hardware – 299.95 Also just put on new tires on front and back last May 2010, do you want those receipts as well? Custom Paint BD’s Custom Paint – 3000.00 This nets over $7K in accesories and i have a 8K rider for accesories and am only recouping 2500 for all. Something just dosen't seem right, but it gets better. The offer above is the 5th offer so far and started as low as 5500 in totality. I asked about buying the bike back and they told me 1800, then later i asked them to call their junk yards to get an accurate number and then he said that he got everything from 400 to 1800 as an estimate so they landed at 1500 as a final offer with the above total offer. They said that the final offer is 7446.56 after deductible and if i want to buy it back it would be 1500 for it. They said that the estimate does not include my riding gear which they have not estimated and apparently they have a seperate bodily injury person that still has yet to call me and it has been 3 1/2 weeks since the accident... Not sure what to do, i feel the bike offer is a slap in the face. i still have all of the stock take off parts as well at home, i was thinking about buying it back putting it back to stock and sell off the aftermarket parts and then maybe even the bike. What are your thoughts as this is my first time dealing with an ins company and a loss..
  11. id play with y'all... MikeTsunami : live id..
  12. I have a cruiser that has custom paint on it and i was just in an accident 2 weeks ago where i got some rash on my front fender hard bags and my tank. I am looking to have the paint redone any good painters out there?
  13. thanks everyone,seems like alot of crotch rockets on here.. I feel alone... Anyhow it is nice to see a local site as i have been curious about some of the shops around and of course having my custom paint redone after my accident 2 weeks ago... JRMiii- love the anecdote!!
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