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  1. Good to hear. No matter the reason for the inspiration, just matters that you're inspired to be healthier buddy. Took me a long time to finally get on board full time, but it's paying off. Racing with OMRL drove me to begin my regiment, and it's stuck for 2 years now...so far so good, but it does eat up about 12 hours or more each week. Between that, work, and chores, I dont have nearly the internet time I used to...especially since working out puts me to bed at an earlier hour. Keep it up brother, get fit 👍
  2. Helmutt

    Check Ya Nuts

    Jim, good to hear you've got through it all ok. I definitely need to get to my doc about some recent concerns, and some other not so recent issues finally dealt with. Never thought I'd say this to another man, but....your testicle has given me inspiration?
  3. Helmutt

    OMRL 2019 Season

    Good to see you made it out too, sorry we didn't get to hang much - practice day was obviously a rain out, and race day was crazy busy as usual
  4. Helmutt

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Diet change since January got me off the plateau. Weighed in at 238 this morning putting me exactly 70 pounds down. Stronger than ever, and keep getting better. Keep up the good work everyone 💪
  5. Helmutt

    2019 Supercross Season

    I'm watching intently, thinking that Tomac and Roczen would be the pair to beat....but Cooper Webb is playing spoiler, taking advantage of Roger's expertise and doing pretty well. Ahhhh, Kenworthy's. Miss the old days at the Pro Ams. My Dad actually talked me into racing C class amateur back in 1987 and got to hang out with Ricky Johnson a lot that weekend. Worst racing experience of my life LOL, but one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life too. That was a fun track.
  6. Helmutt

    2019 Gap Trip.

    @NinjaDoc, will be a stretch getting to the Gap by the 9th. Jen and I planned to be there late on the 10th-14th. We're likely going to move around to a couple different rv campgrounds with the new toy hauler to take in some areas we've never ridden before. New type of adventure for us this year
  7. Helmutt


    Pm sent on the EU3000 gen
  8. Helmutt

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    We've been paleo for a year now, but needed to change it up. Was getting sick of eating red meat almost everyday, so we're doing a lot more fish/chicken now. My weight has plateaued again the last couple months, so I'm swinging in more veggies and less meat - which might deem a need for some sort of low cal protein supplement if it affects my stamina too much. You still planning to try out the Cross training? I'm a firm believer, but it can be gruelling sometimes.
  9. Helmutt

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Good start man! Stick with it, we'll all be faster racing next season!
  10. Helmutt

    700x32 tire recommendations

    We planned to go with the Gatorskins, but without any prior experience with them I just wanted to make sure we're not setting ourselves up for failure. Just wanted input from those who've run them before and get some real world feedback about them or similar brands
  11. Helmutt

    700x32 tire recommendations

    Wife and I have worn out our OEM tires and we're looking for something similar to Conti Gatorskins ( some puncture resistance ) since our city bike path tends to offer random glass shards from local, ill-behaved, non-cycling fucks. Any insight on these tires, or other brands/models that you cyclists are liking better? I'd like to stick with OEM width. Nothing too soft since we rarely ride in the rain, want some longevity, and only asphalt path rides.
  12. Helmutt

    2019 deals gap dates

    subscribed without input lol
  13. 2006 KTM 625SMC & 2009 Kawasaki KLX250SF. NO TRADES. Prefer to sell as a pair, but will seperate. $6500 firm for both bikes. Local pickup only Can either PM me, or message me at 9Three7-Four17-78eleven 2006 KTM 625SMC. Clean title in hand. 11,232 miles. Runs amazing! Meticulously maintained. Bought 3 years ago with 10k miles on it, so I've ridden it less than 400mi/year. Oil and filters changed with new air filter every season. Bike is currently safety wired with catch cans installed to pass tech for OMRL ( OhioMiniRoadracingLeague ). Raced some supermoto rounds with OMRL ( all cart track asphalt, no dirt sections ), but I'm a slow guy so it was never beat on or crashed. The only blemishes are some scuffs across the rear fender from my leathers getting on/off the bike, and a battery leak last year stripped a little of the finish ( pictured ) from the swingarm ( since replaced with a proper AGM battery ). Other than that, in excellent condition for an '06. I did not cut any wiring or plastics when I race prepped it, so it's a simple plug-n-play to put back to street legal form and comes with all lamps ( and then some ) to do so. Mods done by the PO are... *KTM Hardparts racing front rotor *Gutted stock exhaust system *JD jet kit *LED rear turn signal mod ( tail tidy ) *690SMC OEM Handguards Mods I've done... *R&G axle sliders front and rear *Muffler sliders *SXC front number plate Bike has a fresh 160/60-17 ContiAttackSM rear tire mounted, a 120/70-17 Dunlop Q2 front with some life still in it, but also comes with a brand new 120/70-17 ContiAttackSM front tire. Includes quite a few spares... *OEM SMC headlamp *OEM SXC headlamp *690SMC headlamp ( modded to fit this bike ) *OEM KTM stock front rotor *Spare new sets of EBC HH sintered brakepads ( not pictured ) *RaceTech rear shock spring ( currently installed - 250lb rider ) *OEM KTM rear shock spring ( not pictured ) *Spare OEM KTM nylon fork spacers *Spare water pump rebuild kit *Rear passenger pegs w/brackets *OEM KTM kickstand ( not pictured ) *Spare KTM OEM coil ( not pictured ) *Original KTM Owners briefcase kit with manuals ( not pictured ) **Bike stand and wheel chock pictured are NOT included with sale** $4750 OBO if sold seperately from the KLX -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2009 Kawasaki KLX250SF Clean title in hand. 5717 miles. Runs great. Wife has hardly ridden it since buying 3 years ago, less than 400mi/year. Oil and filter change every year, no matter the mileage. A few scuffs on the right side from a slow tip over, but overall in really good condition. I lowered the bike 2" and shaved the seat, so this will easily fit short riders @ 5ft tall. Bike also comes with a Seat Concepts gel gripper seat. Mods are... *FMF Powercore slip on ( done by PO ) *LED tail lamp, integrated ( done by PO ) *Devol rear lowering links *Shaved stock seat *New chain/sprockets 2017 *New Pirelli Diablo Corsa2 tires 2017 *MSR low bend handlebars $2750 OBO if sold seperately from the KTM
  14. Helmutt

    Hi there!

    Welcome fellow Trumpeteer!
  15. Wife is selling her beloved, LIKE NEW, early 2000s, Joe Rocket, Nicky Hayden Ltd Edition riding jacket. Size 40. 3/4 waist pant zipper. Elbow, back, and shoulder padded. Rare silver/black version of this edition - very hard to find. She's only ridden in it a couple of times and always cleaned/conditioned it with Luxol leather care products after every ride. $150 shipped