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  1. Ah, the good ol days. I remember that particular ride @durk. When I first started leading group rides I was getting the biggest bite of the entire group since it was the most common pace. Couple of those Epic Rides in taught us to keep group size down to 10 between me and my sweep. Much easier to manage, and less of a hassle to turn 10 riders around when I'd blow past a route change LOL.
  2. Please PM me a price for a 2011 Triumph Sprint GT and a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
  3. Good to hear. No matter the reason for the inspiration, just matters that you're inspired to be healthier buddy. Took me a long time to finally get on board full time, but it's paying off. Racing with OMRL drove me to begin my regiment, and it's stuck for 2 years now...so far so good, but it does eat up about 12 hours or more each week. Between that, work, and chores, I dont have nearly the internet time I used to...especially since working out puts me to bed at an earlier hour. Keep it up brother, get fit 👍
  4. Helmutt

    Check Ya Nuts

    Jim, good to hear you've got through it all ok. I definitely need to get to my doc about some recent concerns, and some other not so recent issues finally dealt with. Never thought I'd say this to another man, but....your testicle has given me inspiration?
  5. Good to see you made it out too, sorry we didn't get to hang much - practice day was obviously a rain out, and race day was crazy busy as usual
  6. Diet change since January got me off the plateau. Weighed in at 238 this morning putting me exactly 70 pounds down. Stronger than ever, and keep getting better. Keep up the good work everyone 💪
  7. I'm watching intently, thinking that Tomac and Roczen would be the pair to beat....but Cooper Webb is playing spoiler, taking advantage of Roger's expertise and doing pretty well. Ahhhh, Kenworthy's. Miss the old days at the Pro Ams. My Dad actually talked me into racing C class amateur back in 1987 and got to hang out with Ricky Johnson a lot that weekend. Worst racing experience of my life LOL, but one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life too. That was a fun track.
  8. Helmutt


    Pm sent on the EU3000 gen
  9. We've been paleo for a year now, but needed to change it up. Was getting sick of eating red meat almost everyday, so we're doing a lot more fish/chicken now. My weight has plateaued again the last couple months, so I'm swinging in more veggies and less meat - which might deem a need for some sort of low cal protein supplement if it affects my stamina too much. You still planning to try out the Cross training? I'm a firm believer, but it can be gruelling sometimes.
  10. Good start man! Stick with it, we'll all be faster racing next season!
  11. We planned to go with the Gatorskins, but without any prior experience with them I just wanted to make sure we're not setting ourselves up for failure. Just wanted input from those who've run them before and get some real world feedback about them or similar brands
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