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  1. Piqua Bike fest 09/15/2017 - 09/16/2017

    FB link... https://www.facebook.com/PiquaBikeFest/ Ohio.org link... https://www.ohio.org/events/piqua-bike-fest their dedicated website hasn't been updated, but it's.... https://www.piquabikefest.com/
  2. Trailer Build Help - Securing Ramps for travel

    That's what I do as well when I use my truck to haul bikes. 2 ramps, 1 for the bike and the other for me to walk up beside it.
  3. Trailer Build Help - Securing Ramps for travel

    I'd use some channel on either side of the top deck to stand those ramps up on their sides - sort of like short walls. Drill the ramps in a few places to pin them into the channels - they would help to keep debris from the trailer's tires away from the bike too. Side note - You just strap those ramps together? I would be afraid they would fold in on the tires once the weight of the bike is on 'em. If it were me, I'd hinge them together underneath so they bottom out against each other under load.
  4. Trailer Build Help - Securing Ramps for travel

    Do you have a pic of your trailer so we can all see what you're working with? If you have room under the trailer, this is a fairly cheap setup. I'd use lengths of that perforated steel angle down both sides of each ramp so you can slide the ramps into it from the back end. Could drill the lock straps to accommodate padlocks too, so they're secure
  5. Motus MST Demo Ride

    The SDGT is top of my list, but they've still got some electro-gremlins to work out yet. I demo'd the SD-R at MidO's Vintage Days last year and loved the engine, seating position, and overall feel of it.....just needed those touring extras to complete the package
  6. What did you do to your bike today?

    Good deal man. Like we'd discussed, it's definitely a new design compared to my 3 yr old classic, but at least they're making it right. So, NoMar still equals winning
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    What did you think of that thing? This was on top of a short list of bikes I was eyeballing season before last......just couldn't swallow that price tag
  8. My Battle with K&N

    There's truth to that since they've not redesigned their product, even though there's been a lot of claims paid out for failures of their current design. Glad to hear @DerekClouser is getting paid back for his losses, but had there been medical bills involved......I'm curious whether or not they'd offered a settlement as quickly as they did?
  9. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    The wife and I are definitely out for this ride, just too much going on this weekend. Rip, ride, and roar safe everybody!
  10. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    Maxton was the primary home to ECTA's LSR racing until around 2010? 2011? Wilmington was booming as soon as it started up, but not sure where they're going to end up next. There's some talk about staying at Wilmington, but haven't seen or heard anything concrete about that. Texas hosted LSR as well, but that's under another sanction I believe, and if you're going THAT far.....may as well head to Bonneville? Good luck on the build, I really dont know all of the class rules but they should be available on their website - that would clue you in to the best platform to compete with. I'm sure they will eventually find a new place to host events on this side of the States.....just a matter of when/where
  11. Glad to see you chime in, and good to hear the tumor is gone.....hopefully things continue to improve and you bounce back on that bike soon
  12. My track bike conundrum.

    http://www.600riders.com/forum/track-tech-and-riding-techniques/21005-fz6-trackbike.html?s=f4ca12861791b5df5160bafe356a2676 it's a dated read, but still some info
  13. My track bike conundrum.

    I think the FZ would suffice nicely for quite some time once the suspenders are setup proper and a few ergo items are added to help get you in "the pocket". Jim, you get off the seat a bit more and the ground clearance will surely improve since the bike will corner more upright. Then once better bp becomes muscle memory, the lean angles and corner speeds climb as your confidence increases, all relative to your form. I'd say you're better off to keep it, upfit it, and track it for a bit
  14. Tire Changers (in the market)

    Good choice Tim. I love my NoMar classic, but Goldwing tires can be a challenge. I did end up stacking washers on either side of the bead breaker shoulder bolt to shim it in and keep it from wanting to "waller out" the pivot point where the bead breaker bolts to the breaker bar - I did this for A spec tires especially......other than that, it's done plenty of tire changes without issue. Enjoy saving money on tire changes, I know I have!!
  15. Congrats @what and @jacobhawkins on the bump up! And that's quite a statement against K&N. Maybe NOW they'll step up and look into their design flaws?