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  1. 600cc or 1000cc for starter bikes?

    I wouldn't buy that one. Judging by the pics, it's had a rough life. The CBR250 or Ninja500 would serve you better for that price range.
  2. Need tires

    I ran Roadsmart 2s for street use on my ZX14 for years, but rarely got better than 4k out of them. Maybe the RS3s are better? The Angel GTs have been wonderful on my Sprint so far, and at about 4k miles they still look great and show little wear. I went standard spec on mine, SprintGT only weighs about 590 wet, so the A-spec may be even more tolerant. They've got an elliptical profile so there's more of a footprint on the highway, but tip in doesn't feel negatively affected to where I dislike them. I'd compare the tip in feel of a 55 profile Angel GT to a common 50 profile tire, so if you're a 55 or 60 fan just beware these wont feel quite as good...but they still perform excellent imo.
  3. Tribute Ride for The Kentucky Kid Monday 5/29 @ 12

    Awesome turnout, wish we could've made it down there.
  4. Here's the best source I've found for covered bridges around Ohio is this site... https://www.coveredbridgemap.com/oh/
  5. Cool piece of gear

    I can see the value with solar if I'm going to be without a power source for weeks or more, but I usually rely on my bike/truck/powerpack for my phone and gps charging. But the solar pack would definitely be good for SHTF preparedness
  6. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    Thought IP was agnostic?
  7. Ringo Re intro

    Da'fuq? Winter already?!
  8. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    @RidersDiscount, thanks Mike for the free din din! ...now I almost feel obligated to buy something else from him...almost...
  9. I want to see your OR stickers

    I dont listen, ask my wife Thanks man, pm inbound
  10. I want to see your OR stickers

    I'd like more of the decals if there's a source for these still.....free is good, but I'll pay if need be
  11. My 2015 GT Mustang twin turbo build

    Nice! Looks real ROWDY
  12. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    Wow....horrible news. Simply tragic - RIP Nicky and deepest condolences to the Hayden family
  13. Oil on the track

    Wow.....I be the pits were hoppin like crazy. Was it far enough in the race that they called it, or was there a restart after this?