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  1. Ricer1 in trouble

    That's great to hear! Welcome back John!
  2. Ricer1 in trouble

    Awesome. Hopefully he stays on the mend and comes out just as functional as before.
  3. Well, add the wife and I to the list of quitters. Her Mom is now scheduled for knee replacement surgery that weekend, so Jen is heading to TN to help out around the house the whole week. I'm trying to get more time off so I can go as well, but we're definitely out for this....sucks, but family is always first. You all enjoy and speed safely!
  4. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Being this bike is going to be a completely different feel to you Jim, there's really no bad choices outside of Shinko and ContiMo's. I've seen guys run good pace at trackdays on Angel ST/GT, and I'd done my first trackday on my ZX14 using Dunlop Roadsmart 2's. You'll be fine with most all options listed, just pick one and go with it. You've got some adjustment time with the bike anyway, and most all of the tires recommended will be confident inspiring enough while you adapt. I pick the Pirelli Angel GT's over the Roadsmart 2's.....but haven't tried the new RS3's yet to know if they're any better. Let @RidersDiscount hook you up for now, then once you're more savvy on the FZ....tire swap for something more befitting your style next year?
  5. Ricer1 in trouble

    Thanks for the update @DerekClouser, and thanks @whaler for taking time to check in on John. Hoping for the best possible outcome.
  6. Tim and Justin's New England Trip

    Happy the damage wasn't worse Tim. Obviously could've been much worse. Hoping that was the only glitch for this mission
  7. Ricer1 in trouble

    Horrible to hear this. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Hopefully he pulls through this ok. Will watch for updates here.
  8. Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio

    Nice! You guys were killing it out there. Congrats man, that's some good riding
  9. Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio

    Stopped at Bdubs for dinner with the wife just north of home. Good hanging with @whaler @what @jacobhawkins @Danimal Good job @Moto-Brian on two 1st place finishes. Dominated that class. Had a blast, cant wait until next year!
  10. Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio

    We'll still be there noon'ish Friday, but wont undeck the bikes because of the rain. Plan to stroll around the swap meet tomorrow, then ride about the rest of the weekend during the races....pending it's not a mud pit in the infield. Hopefully see some of you folks at some point, will chime into this thread now and then to see who's where, and maybe schedule up a dinner meet somewhere local and tastey Saturday or Sunday
  11. Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid Ohio

    Haven't made any dinner plans. We'll get to MidO before noon, and probably head towards the hotel about supper time to get checked in. I had the wrong Quality Inn in mind, apparently Belleville was booked when I reserved our room so we're in Mansfield @ Rt30 and Trimble Rd....so, we'll eat around that part of Mansfield. Shoot me a text once you know for sure man, and we'll try and synch up
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    I was hoping to break that trend and get through it with minor drippage, even took my sweet time, but the cartridge cover gasket dilemma had my OCD pinging bigtime since I'd torn the old one, did a little anaerobic sealant rebuild on it, reinstalled....THEN I found the spare you gave me. Which, in "anal bastard" is code for tear it down and replace it again LOL....so by then, all my fucks were used up and I got careless with cleanliness Hit me up once you get to the track man, wife and I will be there all 3 days
  13. Wow, that was a quick 30 minute guessing game! Good pick Dan, bulletproof beasts
  14. clutch master cylinder zx7

  15. What did you do to your bike today?

    I believe KTM did this to allow a smaller crankcase on the old bigbore. Not sure the later model SMC's share the same design or not, but I'm not a fan - just more leak points in my opinion.....but I only have to change it every other season, so it's not a deal breaker