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  1. Sweet, nothing wrong with a good ol fictional movie!!!
  2. Me on the other hand, am a big f'n whiner! And I ain't going anywhere!!!!
  3. Yes to all the above. You got me. What shall I ever do now, everyone knows. Thanks for spilling the beans..........
  4. So, it's interesting to you, that I would make that analogy? You are correct, it does speak volumes. Open the closet door. Go ahead, it's okay..........
  5. Feeling pissed off at the world. Damn I need to get out of this slump.............
  6. Just think of the time and money he could have saved by keeping his imaginary friends out of the write-up! I mean seriously, you'd be okay with the exact same write-up, but instead of imaginary friend references, he slipped in references of his fantasies of licking dick and balls? Just the same, doesn't belong with the teaching of motorcycle maintenance. But like I said, to each there own. I have as much right to "complain" about it, as you put it, as he has the right to type it.
  7. Looks good! Well, all but the religious reference bullshit. I don't need an imaginary friend to work for, or to do my best. To each there own I guess.
  8. I wonder what those millions and millions of indians that were slaughtered by "christians" would say about this thread? Hmmmmm............
  9. Yeah, I was that way with "50 Shades of Grey". Once I picked that sucker up, I couldn't put it down!!!!!!
  10. I have a small pecker, therefore, there is no god. And if there is, I'll be cussing that son of a bitch out someday!!!!!!!!!
  11. Personally, I don't label myself as anything other than a good human being. I'm not a christian or an atheist. I believe in right over wrong and treating others the way I want to be treated, and if that's not good enough, for whatever is waiting for me, if anything, after I die, then I'm okay with that. I will die knowing that I did the best that my gut instinct told me to do. I do believe we belong to something much larger than our universe, and the closest example I can use to explain it, would be the ending to the original Men in Black movie.
  12. You're all a bunch of fucktards! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart!
  13. Good work man! Are you doing this all yourself? I wouldn't have a clue where to start. I'd be the idiot using mdf!
  14. I just stay out of large populated areas and I can run all the damn red-lights, flappin my arms, that I frick'n want too!
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