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  1. zx3vfr

    Recommendations: Moving Companies

    2 men and a truck were the best price we could find when moving a 1300 square foot house. About $800 from yhe copley house to 10 miles nortth but I moved all the furniture from the old house into the garage so I saved a good 2-3 hours labor
  2. zx3vfr

    Helping a returning rider.

    Obviously it’s an underpowered bike issue. Only solution is BMC air filter, fuel Yoshimuri exhaust system and an Ivan’s tune.
  3. zx3vfr

    New job - new toy budget.

    Focus hatch with manual. Not horrible in the backseat. Fold the seats down and you pretty much have a pick up. Reasonabley fun to drive. Great fuel mileage and cheap parts abound. I’ve hit almost 50k on my 1.0 and besides a battery failure covered under warranty it’s been flawless.
  4. zx3vfr

    Trackday Sandbagging

    He didn’t even show for the riders meetings.
  5. zx3vfr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Absolutely nothing and it kind of pisses me off. Busy with car stuff and the fairlane is about ready to drop the throw out bearing and needs the rear springs done ASAP which is happening next week.
  6. zx3vfr

    July 18 in memory of

    fallen solider that I went to high school with. Ya it’s not Mach retard but a nice chill ride with a bunch of Vets.
  7. zx3vfr

    NEO riders...

    And I remember why I don’t ride on holiday weekend. I was coming back from a car show Saturday night around 10 and a black car passes me at 45-50mph on a flat. Guy drives about 2 miles and hits a res light. Amazingly stops at the red light and then doesn’t go. I go to check on him and he’s passed out. I figure either drunk or overdosed. Cops show up and when they finally get him out of the car the whole street fills with the smell of booze and he can’t even stand up.
  8. Kawasaki Vulcan
  9. zx3vfr

    NEO riders...

    Drunks and Cops mean I’ll be caging it all weekend. Proabably wont even take the fairlane out in fear of a ticket for cruising with the historical tag
  10. Lol Rick Roush sold me a bike with a leaking gas tank.
  11. Ya I saw 1 that was dead and it was huge. Wasn’t sure if I passed a second one or a tire tread but damn.
  12. zx3vfr

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    Lots of ibuprofen the night before and morning of long rides. I actually felt good all day long on the Vulcan minus an odd pain in my neck I’ve never experienced before on a bike. When I had Gumps 599 I’d use the crash protectors as highway begs. On the Suzuki I didn’t have that option and the Suzuki was the most painful bike ever.
  13. Home safely thanks to the red Volvo I followed averaging 90-110mph
  14. It’s going to be 72 and Sunny all day