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  1. zx3vfr

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    Oh I know. I posted about a wrecked Ninja 300 a while ago. I got called a kid who would kill himself. I got told I'd outgrow it after 3 laps. I was also told just to get a 600 as a 300 is slow and would just piss other riders off.
  2. zx3vfr

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    Just trolling.
  3. zx3vfr

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    I'm not buying it. Correlation does not mean causation. ABS costs more and is usually found on higher end models. People who have money to spend on higher end models typically may have a higher income, along with better education. Meaning someone onan ABS bike may have been acting in a more careful mannor to begin with. Not saying but just saying.
  4. Passed some fool last night. He was on some giant lifted BMW. Helmet ADV jacket flip flops and short shorts. Fuckdr almost merged into my car.
  5. zx3vfr

    How not to ADV

    Her voice is really annoying. I was really hoping she pushed the bike all the way back to find out she never turned the petcock on. But when she got back and started talking about oil I turned it off.
  6. zx3vfr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Sony music entertainment. He used a copy righted song and now it's blocked
  7. Lots of middle age guys run around with shorts on when riding their AdV. Not going to lie. Always helemt and gloves but not always a jacket. If Ima crash I'ma crash.
  8. zx3vfr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I cleaned it. Would be riding this weekend but going to Pocono for Indy cars and the person I'm going with just had shoulder surgery and he can't ride.
  9. zx3vfr

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode my dad's cb650f to work yesterday and order the akra full exhaust from RD
  10. zx3vfr


    I hear all the following a great neighborhoods for a family to hang out in Buena Vista Heights Cumberland Gardens College Heights-Clifton Jones-Buena Vista Hadley Park Southside Osage-North Fisk Talbot’S Corner Woodycrest Elizabeth Park
  11. zx3vfr

    What do YOU need?

    Akropovich Full Titanium exhaust 2018 Cb650F
  12. zx3vfr

    Recommendations: Moving Companies

    2 men and a truck were the best price we could find when moving a 1300 square foot house. About $800 from yhe copley house to 10 miles nortth but I moved all the furniture from the old house into the garage so I saved a good 2-3 hours labor
  13. zx3vfr

    Helping a returning rider.

    Obviously it’s an underpowered bike issue. Only solution is BMC air filter, fuel Yoshimuri exhaust system and an Ivan’s tune.
  14. zx3vfr

    New job - new toy budget.

    Focus hatch with manual. Not horrible in the backseat. Fold the seats down and you pretty much have a pick up. Reasonabley fun to drive. Great fuel mileage and cheap parts abound. I’ve hit almost 50k on my 1.0 and besides a battery failure covered under warranty it’s been flawless.
  15. zx3vfr

    Trackday Sandbagging

    He didn’t even show for the riders meetings.