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  1. I built the decking for mine during the height of the lumbar price hike. I'm thinking about re-doing it just on principal.
  2. Diesel in a place of regular gasoline isn't detrimental. Drain it and replace the filter. Now put gasoline in a diesel and things go boom.
  3. zx3vfr

    WTF did I do?

    not to bad. Nearly died in a car accident with the kids in December but we're all ok now. Busy with work as always. How about you?
  4. You said gravel roads. Be interested in something a little more than gravel? I’m usually in that area every other weekend and I’ve got a pretty sweet route.
  5. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    Because they don’t have to sell that many. To keep up with their business model. I’m not arguing Honda doesn’t sell bikes, at least in the rest of the world but I have a hard time believing they sell that many units of street bikes. Now throw in SxSs and the CRF line it becomes more believable.
  6. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    They could always be pulling a Wells Fargo. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    I already know. Just wanted you to say it.
  8. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    Who is number one?
  9. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    I always use this story to help people comprehend because you are spot on. I worked at a Dodge and BMW dealer through the Great Recession. Dodge came in and yanked their franchise. The owner never could figure out why and told everyone it was because he didn’t want to convert to CDJR branding. We all know the real reason. What average middle class soccer mom is going to drive 45k Durango when there’s an X5 right next to it for just a little bit more, or even less due to BMWs fantastic lease programs.
  10. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    You didn’t outright say it.
  11. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    That either they or their dealers never budge on price. it’s sad really. I 100% get that the American motorcycle market is shit compared to the rest of the world but just stop already. Sell the Gold Wing, Africa Twin, CRF line, grom and a couple SxS’s no CBRs, no cruisers don’t even bother with middle weight naked sport bikes. So many better options. I test road my dads crf250l and that crap is more softly sprung than my Vulcan. My KLX might be a 15+ year old bike that hasnt changed other than FI but at least I don’t feel like I’m going to flip over the front handle bars from fork dive when I touch the brake.
  12. zx3vfr

    Let them die.

    What has Suzuki done that’s been innovative in the past 15 years?
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